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FULL Yakuza Like a Dragon Barmaid Job Guide

This Yakuza Like a Dragon Barmaid Job guide will teach you the class overview & review, best weapon, all skills and the unique accessory for the Barmaid job.

If you’re playing Yakuza Like a Dragon, you’ll quickly grow attached to the bold and brash barkeep, Saeko. If you’re planning on using Saeko in your party, you’re going to want to learn all about her unique Barmaid job.

This Yakuza Like a Dragon Barmaid Job Guide will give you an overview of the job itself, a review of how well the Yakuza Like a Dragon Barmaid job stacks up against the other jobs in the game, the locations for the unique Yakuza Like a Dragon Barmaid job equipment, and a list of all skills the Barmaid job gains access to.

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So, without further ado, here is the Yakuza Like a Dragon Barmaid job guide.

Overview & Review- Yakuza Like a Dragon Barmaid Job

yakuza like a dragon barmaid

Saeko’s Yakuza Like a Dragon Barmaid job is not particularly good. It’s generally advised that you change her to another job fairly quickly once you unlock the ability to do so.

In terms of classic RPG archetypes, Barmaid is most similar to a Fighter/Mage.

Barmaid’s skillset is pretty confusing. It’s all over the place, and none of what it offers is particularly compelling. Barmaid gains a ton of passive Magic stat bonuses, but it only has one magical spell available to it, which is only a mid-level single-target Fire spell.

Other than that, Barmaid is full of weak self-target only stat buffs and extremely mediocre physical attacks that affect single enemies or small areas. It’s just not good.

None of her class bonuses actually help her class. Like, Barmaid’s best weapon gives a bonus to healing skills. What? Barmaid only learns one garbage-tier self-only healing spell.

The best thing about Barmaid would probably be all the Magic stat bonuses it grants, but unfortunately females in Like a Dragon make terrible mages. They have no access to the Electric element, which is arguably the best element of the three, and all of their classes are focused on physical damage except Hostess, whose spell selection is very limited and only has single-target abilities.

Since Barmaid’s character skills are not worthwhile either, your best bet with Saeko is really to move her to a different job ASAP.

Yakuza Like a Dragon Barmaid Best Weapon

yakuza like a dragon barmaid best weapon

The best weapon for the Yakuza Like a Dragon Barmaid job is called the Jeweled Bag EX EX. Like all the best weapons, it’s obtained by upgrading a low level base weapon at the Romance Workshop in the Commercial District in Ijincho.

The base weapon you need is the Casual Bag, which you can buy at Hustle Boutique west of Survive Bar for 2,500 yen.

To finish upgrading the weapon, you need a Leaden Bag, which can be won from Floor 15 of the Sotenbori Battle Arena or bought in Le Marche in Kamurocho for 10 million yen.

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Yakuza Like a Dragon Barmaid Accessory

yakuza like a dragon barmaid accessory mysterious blush

The Yakuza Like a Dragon Barmaid unique Job Experience accessory is the Mysterious Blush, which is the reward for Substory 19. Unfortunately, Barmaid is one of the Yakuza Like a Dragon jobs that can’t boost its experience growth to 2x, since there’s only one Mysterious Blush available in the game.

Character Skills – Yakuza Like a Dragon Barmaid Job

Every job in Yakuza Like a Dragon has two specific Character Skills, which, once learned, can be used by that character no matter which job class they’ve been assigned.

For the Barmaid job, the character skills are:

Beautician’s Favor: Saeko fixes her makeup, raising her Defense and renewing her image.

Yoga Meditation: Enter a state of relaxation to recover HP and also heal burn and bleeding.

Neither of the Barmaid Character Skills are any good. Spending a turn raising defense is almost never a good use of a turn, especially when other jobs, like Breaker, are capable of attacking and buffing defense at the same time. Yoga Meditation is a mediocre self-heal, which pales in comparison to the single-target heal Character Skill you learn from Idol at job level 4.

Yakuza Like a Dragon Barmaid Skills

Here are all the skills that the Yakuza Like a Dragon Barmaid job gains access to, as well as the levels learned and the effects:

Job LevelSkill NameDescription
1ClobberbagDamages an enemy with a handbag, which may leave them stunned.
1Boxercise BlowDamages an enemy with a punching technique learned from boxercise classes.
1Sharp PerfumeSaeko raises her Attack by applying a rather aggressive perfume.
2Magic +5Permanently boosts Magic by 5.
4Beautician’s Favor(Character Skill) Saeko fixes her makeup, raising her Defense and renewing her image.
6Powderpuff PressDamage an enemy by driving a powderpuff into them, which may lower their Accuracy.
8MP +10Permanently boosts MP by 10.
10ClobberwheelDamage a single enemy as well as any enemies around them by spinning around a handbag.
12Tweezer TossDamages an enemy by tweezing and throwing them silly. May leave the enemy afraid.
14Magic +5Permanently boosts Magic by 5.
16Yoga Meditation(Character Skill) Enter a state of relaxation to reocver HP and also heal burn and bleeding.
18Branding BlowDamage an enemy with a red hot curling iron. May burn the enemy and seal their skills.
20MP +10Permanently boosts MP by 10.
22Curler ThrowDamage an enemy by throwing them with an eyelash curler. May lower the enemy’s Accuracy.
24Essence of Handbag HurricaneA powerful skill where Saeko swings her handbag with all her might, dealing heavy damage to a single enemy.
26Magic +20Permanently boosts Magic by 20.
28Essence of Facial Gone WrongA powerful skill where Saeko uses a facial massager to throw the enemy, dealing heavy damage. May debuff the enemy.
30MP +40Permanently boosts MP by 40.
35Magic +5Permanently boosts Magic by 5.
40MP +10Permanently boosts MP by 10.
45Magic +5Permanently boosts Magic by 5.
50MP +10Permanently boosts MP by 10.
55Magic +5Permanently boosts Magic by 5.
60MP +10Permanently boosts MP by 10.
65Magic +5Permanently boosts Magic by 5.
70MP +10Permanently boosts MP by 10.
75Magic +20Permanently boosts Magic by 20.
80MP +40Permanently boosts MP by 40.
85Magic +20Permanently boosts Magic by 20.
90MP +40Permanently boosts MP by 40.
95Magic +20Permanently boosts Magic by 20.
99MP +40Permanently boosts MP by 40.

That about covers it for the Yakuza Like a Dragon Barmaid Job Guide. Be sure to check the Yakuza Like a Dragon section for more Yakuza guides, check out the main page for more guides for a variety of games, and feel free to check out my Yakuza Like a Dragon review on YouTube.


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