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How to Get All 4 Bravely Default 2 Growth Eggs

This Bravely Default 2 Growth Eggs Guide will tell you how to get all 4 Bravely Default 2 Growth Eggs as soon as they become available.

If you’re playing Bravely Default 2, you’re going to want to get your hands on enough Growth Eggs to equip them to your entire party. In Bravely Default 2 Growth Eggs double the amount of EXP and JP that you gain after each fight, so they’re an absolute must-have when it comes to grinding levels or leveling up your jobs.

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To make things even better, in Bravely Default 2 Growth Eggs stack with the JP increasing abilities that the Freelancer job gets access to. With a Growth Egg and the JP abilities of Freelancer, a single Giant JP Orb will get a job from level 1 to 12, and 2 will max it out at 15.

There are two quests in the game that reward Growth Eggs, and both become available towards the end of the game in Chapter 6.

Bravely Default 2 Growth Egg Location 1: Mag Mell

The first quest you’ll get for Bravely Default 2 Growth Eggs becomes available in Mag Mell after you see the credits for the second time. It’ll be a quest to find 20 Oberon Gems given by a fairy in the northwest part of Mag Mell.

bravely default 2 growth eggs quest
The quest giver will be around here

The quest will tell you to farm them from Umbra Elements, which you can find in the dungeon below Musa, but that will take forever. The Umbra Elements don’t drop Oberon Gems as often as you would like, that dungeon area is large, they don’t respawn particularly quickly and those fights will be slower than you’d want at that point in the game.

I have a better tip for you. You can steal Oberon Gems from the rare monster Leannan Sith, which can be repeatedly encountered northeast of Halcyonia.

bravely default 2 growth eggs quest oberon gems

Not only can you steal them from Leannan Sith, she also drops them commonly, so there’s a pretty good chance you’ll get 2 from your encounters with her.

bravely default 2 growth eggs leannan sith

Leannan Sith is a very easy encounter by that point in the game so you should be able to acquire those Oberon Gems very quickly.

Bravely Default 2 Growth Egg Location 2: Serpent’s Grotto

By the time you have access to the Oberon gems quest, you should be able to pick up the second Bravely Default 2 Growth Eggs quest, which is available from Martha in the Serpent’s Grotto.

bravely default 2 growth eggs martha
You’ll receive the quest from Martha here

Martha’s Growth Egg quest is fairly straightforward. Gwylim is injured and needs calmagrass to heal his wing.

You’ll find the calmagrass in the boss area of the Frosty Forest in the northern part of the Rimedhal area. Once you get there, you’ll need to fight a fairly easy boss.

bravely default 2 growth egg martha boss

The boss is named Xolotl and it’s weak to… so much. Daggers, axes, fire and light. It absorbs dark and takes half damage from ice and lightning. It hits pretty hard, but you shouldn’t have any difficulty dispatching it and getting your hands on the calmagrass that’s between you and your fantastic, fully complete collection of Growth Eggs.

Once you’ve completed the task that Martha set out for you to collect the calmagrass from the Frosty Forest, simply return to Martha in order to complete your collection of Bravely Default 2 Growth Eggs.

That about covers it when it comes to the Bravely Default 2 Growth Eggs Guide. Be sure to check out the Main Page for more game guides, the Bravely Default 2 section for more guides for this game and the Quizzes section for fun quizzes related to RPGs and pop culture.

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