octopath traveler

11 Best Octopath Traveler Support Skills

In Octopath Traveler you have the opportunity to equip support skills that you learn from each of .the different classes to your characters, and you’re going to want to use the best ones. This guide […]

wordpress site speed

Improving WordPress Site Load Speed

So you’ve been working on a WordPress site and want to improve the load speed. You’ve come to the right place. I’ve spent the last three days reading all sorts of articles on this subject […]

mqdefault 1 YouTuber Review: Witch of Wonderlust

YouTuber Review: Witch of Wonderlust

Olivia (Witch of Wonderlust) is a YouTuber who mostly makes videos focused around tarot, paganism and ‘witch’ related topics. She seems like quite a cool girl, and has a very pretty smile. Overall, what strikes […]

This Is How Long It Takes To Read The Whole Dictionary 509582812 Billion Photos FB e1574101045824 Self Publishing vs Traditional Publishing

Self Publishing vs Traditional Publishing

The decision between self-publishing vs. traditional publishing can be difficult for any burgeoning writer to make. Having done all the research and experienced it myself, let lay out the pros and cons for you in […]