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Fae Tactics Chico Character Guide

This Fae Tactics Chico Character Guide will teach you everything you need to know about using Chico in Fae Tactics.

If you’re playing Fae Tactics, you’re probably wondering which party members to use, what bonuses each character gets as they level up, and what each character’s weapons do. This Fae Tactics Chico guide will teach you all that you need to know about Chico.

There are 10 available characters in Fae Tactics, called ‘leaders’. In Fae Tactics Chico is one of your available characters. Chico is one of the earliest companions you acquire and is useful both as a tank and an attacker.

fae tactics chico

Recruitment – Fae Tactics Chico

Chico is available from the start of the game.

Abilities – Fae Tactics Chico

Ultra Skills

Like every other leader character in Fae Tactics Chico gets both an Ultra Attack Skill and an Ultra Assist Skill. For Chico, these are:

  • Ultra Attack: Blood Fang
    Powerful bite that heals for a portion of the damage dealt
  • Ultra Assist: Rally Howl
    Increases Atk of all allies for the duration of the battle.

EX Skill

Like other leaders in Fae Tactics Chico can use a portion of his ultra orbs to perform an EX skill. For Chico, the skill is:

  • Mame: Adds Cripple to attack. Damage increases the lower the target’s Hp is. (Costs 1 Ultra)

Passive Bonuses

Like most characters in Fae Tactics Chico has a variety of character-specific bonuses that he gets regardless of which weapon he’s using. For Chico, these are:

  • Devouring: Recovers some HP upon defeating an enemy unit
  • +Atk if an ally is defeated

Weapons – Fae Tactics Chico

Chico’s available Fae Tactics weapons are the Collar of the Pack, the Cinderhund Harness, and the Tide Leash.

Collar of the Pack

fae tactics weapons guide collar of hte pack
  • +5 Def
  • +20% Back Attack Damage
  • Wait Skill: Protector
  • How to Unlock: Default Weapon

Review: The Collar of the Pack is Chico’s tanking weapon, and it’s extremely useful during the early parts of the game, especially before you unlock better tanks like Tom Tildrum or the Dust Lute summon.

It’s non-elemental so there are no situations where Chico can take extra damage as a tank. It’s an extremely solid, no-frills weapon. Use it if you need a tank and don’t have Tom or a Dust Lute.

Cinderhund Harness

fae tactics weapons guide cinderhund harness
  • Attacks gain Fire Element
  • Burn on Hit
  • Isolated
  • Wait Skill: Wrath
  • How to Unlock: Drops off the Barghest enemies in Grunhold

Review: Good for a more offense-oriented Chico. The main thing that makes this weapon strong is the Isolated trait, which causes it to deal significantly more damage to enemies that have no nearby allies.

It causes burns and Wrath is a pretty decent wait skill, allowing Chico to snowball offensively. It’s Chico’s go-to weapon against Ice and Earth enemies, and the weapon you’ll generally have equipped to him until you unlock the Tide Leash.

Tide Leash

fae tactics weapons guide tide leash
  • Stormwulf
  • Chain
  • Wait Skill: Exploit
  • How to Unlock: Story mission to defeat Dr. Simon. Unlocked after beating the Earth boss by regularly using/defeating enemies with Chico.

Review: This is Chico’s best weapon against anything except Earth and arguably Ice opponents (which are weak to Fire). The main reason it’s so good is it has an innate Chain property, which means every attack from Chico chains to up to 4 enemies.

Stormwulf grants Chico 40 resistance that’s not listed in the in-game description, making him slightly sturdier with this weapon equipped.

Traits – Fae Tactics Chico

fae tactics chico traits

In Fae Tactics Chico, like every other character, has 3 options when allocating Trait Points: Offense, Defense, and Special.

The bonuses he gets from each line are:

  • Offense: Blood Fang Wave
  • Defense: Rally Howl +Atk
  • Special: Share Devour

All of Chico’s bonuses are useful. Blood Fang Wave adds the Cascade effect to Chico’s ultra, which makes it deal damage to enemies behind the initial target in a line. Rally Howl is exceptionally useful on boss fights because you can continually stack Atk on your party. Sharing Devour is a great way to help keep your team healed.

I’d say the way to go with Chico in general is to begin the game by focusing on his Defense while you’re still using him as a tank and then, around 40% of the way through the game, transition him to an attack role by pulling all of his points out of Defense and pouring them into Attack.

Then, once you’ve finished the Attack line, you can start adding points back into Defense. Alternatively, you can just keep boosting Defense and start putting points into Attack once you’ve competed that line.

I’d save Special for last because although sharing Devour is a nice bonus, the bonuses you get from the line aren’t particularly worthwhile. +2 Jump Height is basically a non-factor and Chico’s reaction skills aren’t great to begin with.

Scroll Options – Fae Tactics Chico

Depending on which weapon you’re using for Chico, you’re going to want to boost either his defense or his offense. With that in mind, here are some great scrolls that work well on Chico:

  • predatorscroll Fae Tactics Chico Character Guide Predator Scroll: +X% Damage to Isolated Targets
    Chico’s Fire Elemental weapon comes with +50% damage to isolated targets as a passive bonus and this scroll helps capitalize on that. Since you’ll be using the Fire Elemental weapon throughout the midgame if you’re treating Chico as an attacker, the Predator Scroll is a great option that Chico uniquely benefits from.
  • ambushscroll Fae Tactics Chico Character Guide Ambush Scroll: +X% Back Attack Damage
    Chico already gets a bonus to Back Attack Damage through his Traits, so this Scroll increases that bonus even further. A great option regardless of which weapon Chico is currently using.
  • protectionscroll 1 Fae Tactics Chico Character Guide Protection Scroll: +X Base Mb
    If you’re using Chico as a tank or want to increase his overall survivability, you might consider equipping him with a Protection Scroll, which will give him an Mb bar, allowing him to be healed by various Mb regeneration effects that would otherwise have no effect on him, like Payachin’s aura.

Conclusion – Fae Tactics Chico

Chico is one of your starting Fae Tactics characters and he remains decent throughout most of the game. He’s the only tank you have through much of the game and he’s useful purely for that reason for a long time.

Once you have other (better) tanks available in the form of Tom Tildrum or the Dust Lute summon, Chico remains fairly capable as a damage dealer, especially once he gets his hands on his Lightning elemental Stormwulf weapon.

Lightning is a fairly rare element to have access to and it give Chico a niche he wouldn’t otherwise have, but ultimately it’s difficult to think of a reason why you’d ever want Chico in your party.

If you’re looking for a tank, Tom Tildrum is almost always better except on Fire-heavy maps, in which case Dust Lute is better since its counter hits 4 times.

If you’re looking for a damage dealer, it’s hard to make a case for Chico over Red unless it’s a map with lots of Arcane or Robotic enemies, in which can Matilda is probably the stronger option.

Out of all the Fae Tactics characters, Chico lands somewhere around the middle. Not great, not horrible.

That about covers it when it comes to the Fae Tactics Chico Guide. Be sure to check out the Games Section or the Main Page for more guides like this. Click here for more content related to Fae Tactics.


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