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How to Unlock Fae Tactics Hidden Characters

This Fae Tactics Hidden Characters Guide will teach your how to unlock all 3 secret characters in Fae Tactics so you can have access to the full roster.

If you’re playing Fae Tactics, you may or may not know that there are 3 completely missable characters available for you to add to your party. It’s important to know ahead of time when and how to unlock these characters because one is impossible to go back and recruit and the other 2 may not be recruited until much, much later than when they first become available.

You’re going to want these Fae Tactics hidden characters because all 3 are generally considered to be fairly powerful, to having them available in your roster is going to be very helpful in completing the game.

The 3 secret characters in Fae Tactics are:

  • Red: A fast, resilient melee character capable of buffing his own damage and health
  • Matilda: A cyborg faery with long-range beam weapons and a devastating special attack
  • Tom Tildrum: A beefy ice-elemental tank with huge health and defense stats

Unlocking Red – Fae Tactics Hidden Characters

fae tactics hidden characters red

The first of the Fae Tactics hidden characters, Red, is a powerful melee attacker who also represents an homage to Wyatt, one of the playable characters in Valdis Story.

He has three elemental weapons available: Fire, Ice and Electric.

Red’s special attack is a powerful single-target nuke that permanently buffs his health and attack for the duration of the battle.

Red can be unlocked as soon as you’ve crafted the level 3 motorbike and unlocked the Ashen Plains map, both of which can be accomplished fairly early in the game.

To unlock Red, visit the Ashen Plains on a Monday (Fire Day) with a level 3 motorbike or higher. You’ll come across an unmarked story mission to rescue a character wearing a red robe. Complete this mission and you’ll unlock a follow-up story mission on the Ashen Plains.

In the second Ashen Plains mission, the enemies will be attempting to summon the “Crimson King” using a ritual device in the middle of the map. In order to unlock Red, move Peony to the southeast side of the device and interact with it. Red, the “Crimson King,” will appear and join your party. From then on, he’ll be available to use in your party.

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Unlocking Matilda – Fae Tactics Hidden Characters

fae tactics hidden characters matilda

The second of the Fae Tactics hidden characters, Matilda, is a cybernetically enhanced Faery that can be easily missed — permanently — if you don’t follow the steps to unlock her.

All 3 of her weapons are unlocked as soon as she’s recruited. They’re all beam weapons of various elements: Arcane, Wind and Electric. Beam weapons pierce through enemies and can attack multiple enemies in a line.

While her attack power is fairly low, it can be boosted by equipping scrolls.

Matilda is capable of producing the attack-absorbing elemental totems that you regularly encounter as enemies throughout the game. This is a powerful defensive tool.

Additionally, Matilda’s special attack is incredibly powerful, dealing high damage across multiple hits to every enemy in a huge area.

In order to unlock Matilda, the first thing you have to do is when asked to meet Croix-Mer in the woods in Rohwan, you have to go alone. That means you need to manually remove all members of your party except Peony. If you bring additional party members to this story sequence, Matilda will be gone for good.

With just Peony, your summons and assistance from Croix-Mer, you need to beat a series of story fights during which you’ll save a dying faery.

Continue directly with the Rohwan questline. If you don’t repair Matilda within 10 days of rescuing her in the woods, she’ll be gone forever. Once you’ve defeated Dagon and Mirrar, a story event will appear where you can repair Matilda.

To complete the story event, you need: 10 Scrap Metal, 5 Mana Crystals, 5 Copper Wires and 2 Rune Stones. You should have those, but you might want to hold off on upgrading any devices throughout the Rohwan area just to make sure you have these materials available.

Once you’ve repaired Matilda, she’ll join your party permanently and you’ll be free to play the rest of the game as normal.

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Unlocking Tom Tildrum – Fae Tactics Hidden Characters

fae tactics hidden characters tom tildrum

The last of the Fae Tactics hidden characters, Tom Tildrum, is an ice-elemental tank and support character who’s also capable of freezing enemies and dealing significant damage with his special ability.

All of Tom’s weapons are ice elemental. What differentiates them is their wait skills and AoE options. Tom’s 1st and 3rd weapon have the wait skill ‘Snack’ which feeds a free food item to the lowest health adjacent ally. His 2nd weapon gives him the Protection wait skill.

Tom’s special ability launches a cascade of icicles in a cone in front of him that bounce enemies backwards and can hit the same enemies multiple times. This can be highly potent.

Additionally, at higher levels, Tom has an AoE defense-boosting aura that permanently buffs all nearby allies’ defense by 3 every round.

In order to unlock Tom, you have to finish the questline assisting the bakery owner in Igneton so you have sweets unlocked in your camping minigame.

Once you’ve done that, you need to get multiple perfect scores on the match-2 minigame in Smaragden. First you’ll see a camping scene where Peony offers seconds to Chico only to find the leftovers are missing, and then you’ll get a second scene where Tom appears and runs off.

Once you’ve seen both scenes, you’ll have a battle option available where you save Tom Tildrum from being attacked, the last of the Fae Tactics hidden characters will join your party permanently.

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That about covers it when it comes to recruiting the Fae Tactics Hidden Characters. Be sure to check out the Games Section or the Main Page for more guides like this. Click here for more content related to Fae Tactics.


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