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Persona 4 Golden Naoto Skills & Best Build

This Persona 4 Golden Naoto Build Guide will teach you which skills are worth keeping on Naoto and which you should forget in Persona 4 Golden.

If you’re playing Persona 4 Golden, now available on Steam, you’re going to want to know which of Naoto’s skills are worthwhile and which ones you can feel comfortable forgetting. You’re only allowed to keep 8 skills on any given character, so you’ll want to know which Persona 4 Golden Naoto skills are really worthwhile.

This Persona 4 Golden Naoto Build guide will teach you just that. It will also list all the possible skills the Naoto is capable of learning so you have everything you need in order to customize it to your own liking.

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The Build – Persona 4 Golden Naoto Skills

By the end of the game, the build you’re going to most likely want on Naoto, out of all her normal leveling skills, her available social link skills and her optional bike skills, is this:

GarudyneMind Charge

Naoto’s skillset is a little tough because she learns way more than 8 great skills. This is probably her most typical build, which allows her to hit every elemental weakness and use a charged up Megidolaon for boss fights.

Still, Shield of Justice is a very competitive skill and you may very well want it for your build. If you want to use Shield of Justice, you’re going to have to cut one of Naoto’s other skills. As much as I hate to say it, the skill to cut is probably Mahamaon/Mamudoon or Mind Charge, depending on whether Naoto’s elemental coverage or her damage potential in boss fights is more important to you.

Or, you could just not cut anything and not use Shield of Justice, which is my personal preference. Shield of Justice is only truly useful in one place in the game (the Reaper fight) and even then, only if you’re severely underleveled.

Naoto also learns some decent high-end physical skills like Vorpal Blade and Myriad Arrows. As good as those skills are, you just don’t have the room for them. Leave the physical attacks to Kanji and Chie and let Naoto do what she really excels at, which is elemental variety.

Leveling Skills – Persona 4 Golden Naoto Skills

Here are the skills that Naoto learns as she levels up:

NameLevel LearnedDescription
Tempest SlashDefaultHeavy physical damage to all enemies 1-2 times
AgidyneDefaultHeavy fire damage to one enemy
GarudyneDefaultHeavy wind damage to one enemy
MudoonDefaultMedium chance of instant death to one enemy (Dark)
HamaonDefaultMedium chance of instant death to one enemy (Light)
DeathboundDefaultHeavy physical damage to all enemies
Tetrakarn56Reflects a physical attack one time for one ally
Makarakarn58Reflects a magical attack one time for one ally
Mudo Boost64Increases chance of instant death (Dark)
Hama Boost66Increases chance of instant death (Light)
Mamudoon68Medium chance of instant death for all enemies (Dark)
Mahamaon70Medium chance of instant death for all enemies (Light)
Vorpal Blade73Heavy physical damage to all enemies
Megidolaon75Heavy almighty damage to all enemies

Social Link Skills – Persona 4 Golden Naoto Skills

These are the skills that Naoto can learn as she increases her social link (Fortune).

NameSocial Link RankDescription
Invigorate 12Restores 3 SP per round
Mind Charge4Next magical attack deals 2.5x damage
Invigorate 26Restores 5 SP per round
Heat Riser8Increases Attack, Defense, Accuracy and Evasion for one ally.
Invigorate 310Restores 7 SP per round

Bike Skills – Persona 4 Golden Naoto Skills

These are the Bike Skills available to Naoto in Persona 4 Golden. For more information on Bike Skills, check the Persona 4 Golden Bike Skills Guide.

NameBike RidesDescription
Bufudyne1Heavy ice damage to one enemy
Ziodyne2Heavy electric damage to one enemy
Tetraja3Blocks instant death once for one ally
Myriad Arrows4Heavy physical damage to all enemies 1-3 times
Angelic Grace5Doubles evasion against all magic attacks

Unlike most other characters in Persona 4 Golden Naoto gets a great assortment of bike skills. Bufudyne and Ziodyne are the best skills she gets access to. With those skills, Naoto becomes capable of hitting any elemental weakness, which makes her the most useful party member outside of the protagonist when it comes to random encounters.

Tetraja and Myriad Arrows are just ok and Naoto’s skillset is very competitive, so there’s no room for just ok skills to be found. Even very good skills have a hard time finding a spot in Naoto’s skillset so Tetraja and Myriad Arrows just don’t cut the mustard.

Angelic Grace happens to be a very good skill, but it also has trouble competing for a spot on Naoto’s skillset against all the great skills that Naoto naturally learns, so it’s unlikely you’re going to want to cut one of Naoto’s existing skills to make room for it.

Unique Skill – Persona 4 Golden Naoto Skills

Each character’s unique skill is earned when they receive their 3rd Tier Persona. This happens in January when you spend an afternoon hanging out with a party member that has already achieved its 2nd Tier Persona by reaching their level 10 Social Link.

Naoto’s unique skill is Shield of Justice, which blocks a single instance of damage one time for every party member. This spell is actually decently useful, although it does have a very high SP cost (150). It may very well be worth equipping a Chakra Ring on Naoto purely to spam this spell against powerful foes like the Reaper.

That about covers it when it comes to the Persona 4 Golden Naoto Build Guide. Be sure to check out the Games Section and the Main Page for more game guides, and click here for more content related to Persona 4 Golden.


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