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Fae Tactics Pichon Character Guide

This Fae Tactics Pichon Character Guide will teach you everything you need to know about using Pichon in Fae Tactics.

If you’re playing Fae Tactics, you’re probably wondering which party members to use, what bonuses each character gets as they level up, and what each character’s weapons do. This Fae Tactics Pichon guide will teach you all that you need to know about Pichon.

There are 10 available characters in Fae Tactics, called ‘leaders’. In Fae Tactics Pichon is one of your available characters. Pichon is one of the earliest companions you acquire and is a fast melee attacker with a high evasion rate.

fae tactics pichon

Recruitment – Fae Tactics Pichon

Pichon is acquired early on from story missions in Doro.

Abilities – Fae Tactics Pichon

Ultra Skills

Like every other leader character in Fae Tactics Pichon gets both an Ultra Attack Skill and an Ultra Assist Skill. For Pichon, these are:

  • Ultra Attack: Chin Curry Chicken
    A knockout blow that lowers Def. -10 Def on hit.
  • Ultra Assist: Focus
    Sharpens Acc and enchants with Assist Enchant.

EX Skill

Like other leaders in Fae Tactics Pichon can use a portion of his ultra orbs to perform an EX skill. For Pichon, the skill is:

  • Dunk: Combo finisher with a 2 space push. (Costs 2 Ultra)

Passive Bonuses

Like most characters in Fae Tactics Pichon has a variety of character-specific bonuses that he gets regardless of which weapon he’s using. For Pichon, these are:

  • 40% chance to Taunt nearby enemies

Weapons – Fae Tactics Pichon

Pichon’s available Fae Tactics weapons are the Worn Gloves, the Colonel’s Mitt, and the Hand Wraps.

Worn Gloves

fae tactics weapons guide worn gloves
  • +20% Reaction Chance
  • Recovers 15% Mb when Evading
  • Wait Skill: Sprint
  • How to Unlock: Default Weapon

Review: Pichon’s default weapon is nice, but it’s totally outclassed by the Hand Wraps, which are pretty much a straight-up upgrade. The only thing they have that could be considered worthwhile is the Sprint wait skill, which is definitely useful, just not useful enough to justify equipping the Worn Gloves.

Colonel’s Mitt

fae tactics weapons guide colonel's mitt
  • Fire Element
  • Triple Hit Combo
  • Cripple on Hit
  • Wait Skill: Reflex
  • How to Unlock: Unlocked via a story mission early on in Doro.

Review: If you’re specifically in need of a fire elemental melee character… you should probably use Chico. Pichon, as a character, relies on high evasion and the Parry reaction skill. The Fire gloves don’t get Parry, they get the drastically inferior Counterattack, which doesn’t avoid damage.

The triple combo is nice, but compared to the Worn Gloves, Pichon loses out on the movement range from Sprint and the vastly superior Parry reaction skill. Reflex would be a great wait skill… if these gloves had Parry.

Hand Wraps

fae tactics weapons guide hand wraps
  • Whirlwind
  • +100% Crit Damage
  • Pierce
  • Wait Skill: Agility
  • How to Unlock: Unlocked via a story mission in the middle of the game.

Review: Once you unlock these (which is a real pain, by the way), there’s no reason to ever equip Pichon with any of his other weapons. These deal the most damage, grant him the highest evade, and can attack multiple targets via the Pierce property.

Whirlwind grants Pichon 100% crit chance after every evade, which synergizes well with the 100% crit damage bonus on this weapon.

If you’re having trouble with the battle that unlocks this weapon, here’s a tip: he always tries to attack Pichon from behind, so make sure your back is facing away from the water when his ultra is up so he doesn’t knock you off the platform.

Traits – Fae Tactics Pichon

fae tactics pichon traits

In Fae Tactics Pichon, like every other character, has 3 options when allocating Trait Points: Offense, Defense, and Special.

The bonuses he gets from each line are:

  • Offense: Chin Curry Chicken Dinner
  • Defense: Focus +Acc
  • Special: Reaction +Atk

Since Pichon is primarily a damage dealer, obviously you’re going to want to invest in the Offense line, but you might think about investing in his Special line first purely because the bonuses there are so useful.

Pichon’s Special Line increase both his attack (by increasing combo crit) and his defense (by increasing his parry chance), unlike most characters who get a bonus to some character-specific utility and a reaction skill that’s less central to their playstyle overall.

Whether you invest in his Special line or Offense line first is up to you, but you’ll surely want to max out both of those lines before investing points into his Defense line. The Defense line’s end-of-line bonus is terrible, since Pichon’s Ultra Assist is terrible. Meanwhile, the end-of-line bonuses for both his Special and Offense lines are pretty good.

Chin Curry Chicken Dinner, despite having no real in-game description, seems to increase the overall damage of Pichon’s Ultra Attack by about 20%.

Scroll Options – Fae Tactics Pichon

Pichon is a fast attacker who relies on evasion and his Parry reaction skill to avoid being immediately flattened by enemies. With that in mind, here are some great scroll choices for Pichon:

  • foresightscroll Fae Tactics Pichon Character Guide Foresight Scroll: +X% Reaction Chance
    Foresight is the go-to scroll for Pichon. At Rank 5 it increases his Reaction chance by 20%, bringing it to 80% when combined with a maxed out Special Trait. Between that and his naturally high Evasion, Pichon won’t be taking much damage.
  • untouchablescroll Fae Tactics Pichon Character Guide Untouchable Scroll: +X Evd
    Once you unlock the Hand Wraps, an Untouchable scroll is arguably more useful. Evasion works against ranged damage, and it also activates the Hand Wraps’ passive 100% crit chance bonus following any successful evasion.
  • warlordscroll Fae Tactics Pichon Character Guide Warlord Scroll: +X Base Atk for all melee allies
    While not as good as the previous options, you might consider just tossing a Warlord Scroll on Pichon since all of his weapon options are melee. At Rank 5 it increases base attack for all melee allies by 8, which is not much lower than the attack bonus of the Warrior scroll, which only affects the user.

Conclusion – Fae Tactics Pichon

Pichon is a pretty cool character and is actually a fairly decent physical attacker. Because his physical attack is a combo attack, he generates ultra orbs fairly quickly. Unfortunately, his ultra requirement is pretty high (12), and his ultra has no additional effects besides bonus damage.

He feels exceptionally powerful when you first get him, but he quickly tapers off. He’s nowhere near as strong as Red, and his elemental choices (Wind and Fire) aren’t as strong as Chico’s (Fire and Electric).

Pichon is fast and has good movement range, but this tends to mean he tends to bite off more than he can chew and dies a lot. His defense is bolstered by high evasion and a good chance to parry attacks, but if he gets surrounded, which he tends to, it’s still lights out for him. Bosses love to one-shot Pichon.

All-in-all, Pichon tends to be more of a liability than he is an asset. He’s not like Red who can manfight half the map and come out of it with full HP and +150 extra attack from his ultra. Pichon, instead, will run into a group of enemies, get one to half HP, and then die.

But he’ll look good doing it. In my opinion, he has the coolest battle animations of all the Fae Tactics characters.

That about covers it when it comes to the Fae Tactics Pichon Character Guide. Be sure to check out the Games Section or the Main Page for more guides like this. Click here for more content related to Fae Tactics.


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