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Fae Tactics Tom Tildrum Character Guide

This Fae Tactics Tom Tildrum Character Guide will teach you everything you need to know about using Tom Tildrum in Fae Tactics.

If you’re playing Fae Tactics, you’re probably wondering which party members to use, what bonuses each character gets as they level up, and what each character’s weapons do. This Fae Tactics Tom Tildrum guide will teach you all that you need to know about Tom Tildrum.

There are 10 available characters in Fae Tactics, called ‘leaders’. In Fae Tactics Red is one of your available characters. Tom Tildrum is one of the hidden characters in Fae Tactics and is the game’s premiere tank.

fae tactics tom tildrum

Recruitment – Fae Tactics Tom Tildrum

In order to unlock Tom, you have to finish the questline assisting the bakery owner in Igneton so you have sweets unlocked in your camping minigame.

Once you’ve done that, you need to get multiple perfect scores on the match-2 minigame in Smaragden. First you’ll see a camping scene where Peony offers seconds to Chico only to find the leftovers are missing, and then you’ll get a second scene where Tom appears and runs off.

Once you’ve seen both scenes, you’ll have a battle option available where you save Tom Tildrum from being attacked, the last of the Fae Tactics hidden characters will join your party permanently.

Abilities – Fae Tactics Tom Tildrum

Ultra Skills

Like every other leader character in Fae Tactics Tom Tildrum gets both an Ultra Attack Skill and an Ultra Assist Skill. For Tom Tildrum, these are:

  • Ultra Attack: Toss
    Damage and knock back a small area in front of you.
  • Ultra Assist: Frost Armor
    Increases a target’s Mb/Def.

EX Skill

Like other leaders in Fae Tactics Tom Tildrum can use a portion of his ultra orbs to perform an EX skill. For Tom Tildrum, the skill is:

  • Fishing: Unavoidable attack that throws the target to the space behind you if possible. (Costs 2 Ultra)

Passive Bonuses

Like most characters in Fae Tactics Tom Tildrum has a variety of character-specific bonuses that he gets regardless of which weapon he’s using. For Tom Tildrum, these are:

  • Devouring: Recovers some Hp upon defeating an enemy unit.

Weapons – Fae Tactics Tom Tildrum

Tom Tildrum’s available Fae Tactics weapons are the Gourmet Fish, the Truffle Shovel, and the Elven Cleaver.

Gourmet Fish

fae tactics weapons guide gourmet fish
  • +50% Healing
  • Splash
  • Wait Skill: Snack
  • How to Unlock: Default Weapon

Review: Snack is a surprisingly useful skill and, thanks to the Splash effect, this weapon will be inflicting Freeze on enemies left and right. A pretty decent weapon, but it doesn’t have the Protector wait skill which means Tom’s tankiness totally goes to waste.

Truffle Shovel

fae tactics weapons guide truffle shovel
  • Burrow
  • +1 Move
  • -10 Def on Hit
  • Wait Skill: Protector
  • How to Unlock: Story mission in the later portion of the game if you’ve been using Tom regularly

Review: Between the Truffle Shovel’s Burrow skill and it’s Protector skill, Tom’s defense tends to hover around 200+ with this weapon equipped, making him capable of shrugging off onslaughts from enemies no other character could hope to survive. On top of that, his counterattacks have a high chance to freeze opponents. Definitely Tom’s best weapon.

Elven Cleaver

fae tactics weapons guide elven cleaver
  • +5 Def/Res on Kill
  • +25% Chance to Taunt Enemies
  • Cascade
  • Wait Skill: Snack
  • How to Unlock: From a story mission after unlocking Ikaido

Review: Cascade makes this weapon slightly more offense oriented than his other weapons, and it sort of splits the difference between them. He’s not as good of a healing with his Snack skill as he is with the Gourmet Fish, since he gets no healing bonus.

He’s not as tanky as he is with the Truffle Shovel because the Def/Res on kill pales in comparison to the defense from Burrow and Protector. This is sort of a jack of all trades, master of none weapon and as a result it’s probably his weakest weapon overall.

Traits – Fae Tactics Tom Tildrum

fae tactics tom tildrum traits

In Fae Tactics Tom Tildrum, like every other character, has 3 options when allocating Trait Points: Offense, Defense, and Special.

The bonuses he gets from each line are:

  • Offense: Toss +Range
  • Defense: Frost Armor +Mb/Def
  • Special: Shield Aura

Even though Frost Armor is one of the more terrible Ultra Assists in the game, you’re still going to want to max out Defense for Tom before anything else. Since the end-of-line bonus for the Defense line isn’t very attractive, you may want to take it about halfway or 3/4 of the way to the end and then switch over to Offense.

Tom doesn’t have amazing attack power, but the Weapon Curse and the +Range for his Ultra Attack are both very good bonuses. Once you get his second weapon, which gives him the Protector ability, it’s awesome to watch him retaliate against any enemy attacking your party by freezing them. Additionally, the +Range on his ult essentially makes it hit an extra time, boosting its damage significantly.

The item stealing from his Special line is kind of interesting, but ultimately not very useful. If you make a habit of picking up items, you’ll max out all your devices by the end of the game no problem, making stealing items with Tom a luxury, not a necessity. Shield Aura is also a great bonus but it’s not huge. I’d advise you save his Special line for last.

Scroll Options – Fae Tactics Tom Tildrum

Tom Tildrum is primarily a tanking character that’s also capable of disabling enemies and supporting allies. With that in mind, here are some great scroll options for Tom Tildrum:

  • regenscroll Fae Tactics Tom Tildrum Character Guide Regen Scroll: +X Hp regen
    The amount of HP a Rank 5 regen scroll provides is actually fairly high. With Tom’s exceptional defense, it will most likely top him off every round, even if he took a beating from the entire enemy team the previous round. The regen really helps him as a tank.
  • healingscroll Fae Tactics Tom Tildrum Character Guide Healing Scroll: +X% Healing
    If you’re not going to use Tom as a tank, you might want to consider equipping him with a Healing scroll to increase the effectiveness of his Snack wait ability.
  • cursedweaponscroll Fae Tactics Tom Tildrum Character Guide Cursed Weapon Scroll: +X% Curse on Hit
    A Rank 5 Cursed Weapon Scroll will increase Tom Tildrum’s Freeze chance from 40% to 80%. Whether you’re using one of his AoE weapons or his tanking weapons, that results in a dramatic increase in frozen enemies.

Conclusion – Fae Tactics Tom Tildrum

Among the 3 hidden Fae Tactics characters, Tom Tildrum may seem like a bit of a joke character at first, but he is by far the tankiest character you have at your disposal. When equipped with his second weapon, he’s capable of covering your entire team with the Protection wait skill.

His HP and defense are both exceptional and although his attack power is fairly low, the counterattacks he performs when guarding allies are capable of freezing enemies, which is one of the most useful curses you can apply to enemies because it takes them totally out of the fight.

He’s not a lost cause offensively either, because his ultra is powerful and is almost always available due to its low orb cost and the rate at which Tom accumulates orbs while protecting.

Tom’s special ability unleashes a cascade of icicles that bounce enemies backwards and can hit up to 3 enemies multiple times. It outright kills most enemies in the game if you use it at close range and the enemies aren’t immune to knockback.

Finally, Tom has an aura that unlocks as he levels up that permanently increases all nearby allies’ defense, including his own, by 3 every round, even further increasing his tankiness.

In Fae Tactics Tom Tildrum is definitely a good choice for a teammate, especially on maps where enemies are weak to Ice.

That about covers it when it comes to the Fae Tactics Tom Tildrum Character Guide. Be sure to check out the Games Section or the Main Page for more guides like this. Click here for more content related to Fae Tactics.


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