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XCOM Chimera Squad Terminal Abilities Guide

This article will show you all of the XCOM Chimera Squad Terminal Abilities.

If you’re playing XCOM Chimera Squad, you’re going to want to know what skills Terminal can learn when she levels up so you can make an informed decision about whether or not you want to have her in your active squad or keep her on the bench to go on Spec Ops or speed up the Assembly.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the skills Terminal gains in XCOM Chimera Squad.

XCOM: Chimera Squad Agent Ability Guides:

Terminal Overview – XCOM Chimera Squad

xcom chimera squad terminal

Terminal is your go-to healer throughout the game, and she’s pretty good at it. She’s able to case her signature heal Safeguard every in addition to taking another action.

Like all other characters in XCOM Chimera Squad Terminal can rank up 5 times, and gets a permanent talent choice at ranks 2 and 4 and additional training options at ranks 3 and 5.

Rank 1: Deputy Agent – XCOM Chimera Squad Terminal


Description: The GREMLIN heals all allies at their breach point for 2 HP. One use per mission.

As far as the single-use breach moves go, this one is actually OK. It’s not a huge bonus, but it does give a nice little refresh in between difficult encounters. Out of all the single-use breach moves in the game, this is probably the one I got the most use out of.

Rank 2: Field Agent – XCOM Chimera Squad Terminal


Description: If Terminal takes enough damage to begin Bleeding Out, she is instead reduced to 1 HP and immediately enters Stasis for one turn. One use per mission.

This actually comes in handy, because there are a fair amount of cheap shot kills in this game and because of the way medkits automatically restock after each mission and upgrade to be fairly potent, Last Stand gives Terminal an easy way to get back in the game if she goes down. This is huge for Terminal, because she’s your main healer. If she dies, everyone else is probably going to go down soon after.

Pin Down

Description: Terminal shoots non-damage suppressive fire at a target to push their turn down the Timeline. 2 turn cooldown.

This move isn’t horrible, but it’s not very good either. There are a handful of especially dangerous enemies that you’d want to crowd control, but keep in mind this move isn’t a stun, it just delays their turn. Other characters have legitimate stuns, and Torque can permanently take an enemy out of the fight entirely. So it doesn’t measure up to the crowd control options that other characters get, and it’s not as good as Sustain is, in my opinion.

Rank 3: Special Agent – XCOM Chimera Squad Terminal


Description: Terminal coordinates with a nearby unimpaired ally to grant them an immediate bonus action. Cooperation has a 3 turn cooldown.

This move is actually really good. It doesn’t take up Terminal’s turn to use it, so you can use it every cooldown to give your strongest party members an extra action. This, somewhat counter-intuitively, makes Terminal one of the strongest offensive characters in the game — because she gives bonus turns to characters like Zephyr, Blueblood, and Torque. You can also use this move to get a character out of a bad situation. Just an all around great move.

Rank 4: Senior Agent – XCOM Chimera Squad Terminal

Armor System

Description: Upgrades Safeguard to provide +1 Armor to the protected unit.

Takes an already great skill and makes it better. You won’t notice the armor bonus that much, but it’s a nice little extra bonus. The main issue with this skill is that it only affects one party member at once and it transfers to whoever you healed last. So it’s +1 armor on one character and it’s not always the character you want.


Description: Terminal heals up to full at the end of every encounter.

This is an alright skill that ensures you never need to top off Terminal at the start of a fight. While this bonus isn’t huge, neither is Armor System, so it’s a bit of a toss up which one is better than the other. Personally, I think Resilience is a little bit better.

Rank 5: Principal Agent – XCOM Chimera Squad Terminal

Second Wind

Description: Terminal sends the GREMLIN to all allies, restoring 4 HP, cleansing Burning, Acid and Poison effects, and stabilizing allies who are bleeding out. One use per mission.

This is one of the better ultimate abilities. It’s a full team heal and it can really turn a battle around in some of the more difficult 3rd encounter boss fights.

Training Bonuses – XCOM Chimera Squad Terminal

Guardian (Rank 5): Overwatch abilities trigger for multiple enemies as long as ammo is available.

That about covers it when it comes to XCOM Chimera Squad Terminal Abilities. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more content like this, and click here for more content related to XCOM Chimera Squad.


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