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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Barret Weapons Guide

If you’re playing Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you’ll want to know where to get all of the weapons for Barret and which ones are worth using. Some are balanced, some are more geared toward magic, and a few have unique abilities. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about weapons for Barret in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

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Gatling Gun – Final Fantasy 7 Remake Barret Weapons

final fantasy 7 remake barret weapons gatling gun


The Gatling Gun is Barret’s default weapon. You get it automatically as soon as Barret joins your party in Chapter 1.


Focused Shot – Takes both of Barret’s ATB bars to cause a moderate amount of damage and a fairly large amount of Stagger.

Focused Shot is a fairly decent ability for early game. In late game it’s totally outclassed by Maximum Fury in every way. The amount of Stagger that Focused Shot generates really isn’t super impressive. It’s about the same as a single Focused Thrust from Cloud, but it takes two ATB bar segments to activate.

You master this ability by staggering enemies with it. Just stagger a couple of weak enemies early on with it.


The Gatling Gun is a very balanced weapon. It gives decent attack, decent magic, defense and magic defense bonuses, 950 HP, a fair amount of MP bonuses and a 10% bonus to Overcharge damage. It doesn’t get anything particularly special, but its stats are solid. Its stats are so solid that you kind of have to pick and choose which bonuses to get because you’ll want to take every node and you won’t have enough SP. Just a very solid weapon throughout the game.

Light Machine Gun – Final Fantasy 7 Remake Barret Weapons

final fantasy 7 remake barret weapons light machine gun


You get the Light Machine Gun automatically through the story in Chapter 6.


Lifesaver – This skill causes a percentage of damage to your party to get redirected to Barret.

This is actually a fairly useful tanking skill. It takes advantage of Barret’s high HP pool and the relative safety he has as a ranged party member to more evenly distribute the damage your party receives. Not a bad skill at all.

You get a proficiency bonus for this skill whenever a party member takes damage after casting it. It’s very easy to master.


If you’re trying to use Barret as a mage, your choice is this or the EKG Cannon which are… basically exactly the same weapon. This weapon gets slightly more attack power and a nice defense bonus (it gets +13 defense, I just don’t have the nodes unlocked in the screenshot above), and the EKG cannon has lower attack but crit and crit damage bonuses and more health. Up to you. Neither are ideal for a mage, especially in hard mode, since they don’t have MP regeneration or MP reduction nodes. Those nodes are on the Steel Pincers for Barret for some sadistic reason.

Big Bertha – Final Fantasy 7 Remake Barret Weapons

final fantasy 7 remake barret weapons big bertha


You can buy Big Bertha from the weapon shop in the Sector 6 Slums (the playground) in Chapter 13.


Maximum Fury – Takes both ATB bars to deal a ton of hits and a lot of damage to a target. Barret ignores hitstun while you’re using this skill.

This is not only Barret’s best skill, but it’s probably the best attack ability in the game, all things considered. Not only does it output a huge amount of damage, but it also makes Barret immune to getting knocked down for the duration of its cast time. That means Barret can stand toe-to-toe with aggressive bosses that are constantly knocking down your active character, like Bahamut. Fantastic skill. Learn it right away and use it often.

To master this ability, simply kill an enemy with it, which is fairly easy since it puts out a lot of damage.


Big Bertha is Barret’s best weapon in my opinion. It’s his highest attack power ranged weapon, it gets decent magic damage, 5% elemental damage reduction, and a ridiculous +1250 HP. It’s his best weapon offensively and defensively, and it gets his best move. That said, it doesn’t get any MP nodes, so the Gatling Gun might be better overall if you use Barret as a mage often. Then again, none of Barret’s weapons get MP bonuses except the Gatling Gun and the Steel Pincers, and Gatling Gun doesn’t get any MP reduction or regeneration, so making a great mage out of Barret is sort of an uphill battle no matter what weapon you pick.

Steel Pincers – Final Fantasy 7 Remake Barret Weapons

steel pincers


You can buy this from the Moogle Merchant in Sector 5 in Chapter 14. If you need more Moogle Medals, just do Whack-a-Box a few times.

Ability – Final Fantasy 7 Remake Barret Weapons

Charging Uppercut – Deals a decent amount of damage and refills Barret’s Overcharge meter.

Refilling Barret’s Overcharge meter is fairly nice, but getting close to enemies with Barret is not ideal. Once you’ve learned this move, you probably won’t use it very often.

To get the proficiency bonus for this ability, use it when Barret’s Overcharge meter is about 60-70% full so that the ability tops it off.


The Steel Pincers are, for some reason, Barret’s most magic-oriented weapon, but they’re extremely bad. Giving up Barret’s ranged attack for his melee attack string is a gimmick at best. It can be sort of fun to watch Barret charge around the battlefield like a bull for a while, but it’s not really that effective. Steel Pincers is the only weapon Barret gets that has both MP and MP regeneration bonuses, but they’re weak. Only a piddling amount of MP and only 10% MP regeneration. This weapon is whack. Its magic power is not even as high as the Gatling Gun. Basically, between this and the Gatling Gun, you give up Barret’s ranged attack for 10% MP regeneration. Not worth it.

Wrecking Ball – Final Fantasy 7 Remake Barret Weapons

wrecking ball


Wymer gives you this ability for completing his Side Quest in Chapter 14. You can find him in the Sector 6 Slums (the playground). He sends you back into the underground lab area.


Smackdown – Barret slams the ground and deals damage to all nearby enemies.

This does a fair amount of damage but it’s not as good as Maximum Fury and, like with Charging Uppercut, you don’t want to be up close to enemies with Barret. It’s good only if you’re using one of Barret’s melee weapons which… why would you ever do that?

To master this skill you have to hit 3+ enemies at once with it a few times. You have to kind of go out of your way to make this happen.


Like I said for the Steel Pincers, Barret’s melee attack is a gimmick. His ranged attack is super good, and his melee attack is… wacky. This weapon does get a lot of attack power so it does hit hard, but that’s about all it does. You’d expect this to have a lot of health and defense, but it does not. It’s almost entirely attack nodes and then 10% increase MP regeneration for some reason. You won’t use this weapon except to learn its ability, I promise you.

EKG Cannon – Final Fantasy 7 Remake Barret Weapons

final fantasy 7 remake ekg cannon


After you talk to Domino in Shina HQ, make sure to talk to Hart outside of his office twice before moving onto the next floor. You pay him 10,000 gil and he gives you this weapon. It’s super easy to miss this.

Ability – Final Fantasy 7 Remake Barret Weapons

Point Blank – Deals a fairly significant amount of damage at the expense of all of your ATB bar.

This does more damage than Charging Uppercut, so it’s good in that sense, but it’s another close range Barret move that just doesn’t have that much situational utility. Maximum Fury is better 99% of the time. Even mastering this move is kind of a chore.

You master this skill getting the killing blow with it on a few enemies.


This is sort of an interesting weapon, because it’s magic focused in terms of stats, but it has crit and crit damage nodes, attack damage and overcharge damage nodes, and no MP or MP regeneration nodes. If it had MP and MP regeneration nodes instead of some of its more useless situational nodes, it’d be a contender for one of Barret’s best weapons, but since it doesn’t have those things, it’s not. Your choices for Barret’s best weapon tend to be between Big Bertha (for physical attack and defense) or the Gatling Gun (for overall balance). That said, this thing’s not bad. Crit chance on Barret is actually pretty good since he hits so often.

Best Weapons Rankings

If I was going to rank Barret’s best weapons in Final Fantasy 7 Remake from best to worst, here’s what I’d say:

  1. Big Bertha
  2. Gatling Gun
  3. EKG Cannon
  4. Light Machine Gun
  5. Wrecking Ball
  6. Steel Pincers

That about does it for the locations and best weapon reviews for all of the weapons for Barret in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more content like this, and click here for more articles and game guides related to Final Fantasy 7 Remake.


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