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BEST Octopath Traveler Sorcerer Therion Build

This Best Octopath Traveler Sorcerer Therion build will teach players how to make the ultimate Sorcerer in Octopath Traveler using Therion.

If you’re playing Octopath Traveler, toward the end of the game you’re going to unlock the Sorcerer class, and you’re going to want to know how to put together the best, most OP, insane Octopath Traveler Sorcerer build possible.

Sorcerer is an amazing class and probably the most useful overall class in terms of the way it can just clear every random encounter in a single turn. It’s second only to Runelord Tressa in terms of its ability to destroy bosses.

You’re definitely going to want one on your team and this guide will teach you why Therion is the way to go when creating your go-to Octopath Traveler Sorcerer.

Character Selection

You have several options when it comes to your Octopath Traveler Sorcerer, but only one of these is the best, and that’s Therion.

Why? He gets access to both Daggers and Swords as a Thief/Sorcerer, which allows him to equip both fire boosting weapons for a double bonus. Tressa, Alfyn and H’aanit are the only other characters who can double up on elemental bonus damage and each of them are much better in other classes.

octopath traveler sorcerer therion build
This is your guy

Therion’s speed also comes in handy since so much of what makes the Octopath Traveler Sorcerer great is destroying random encounters.

With Therion’s speed (and this devastating build), he almost always goes first and just wrecks every encounter before anyone else ever gets a turn.

Finally, Thief’s MP Steal skill comes in handy on Sorcerer which is a huge MP hog; it lets you deal a little bit of damage and potentially 2 hits of dagger break when you need more MP instead of just healing MP with an item.


Sorcerer Therion can equip daggers, swords and staves. Your endgame equipment should look like this for optimal damage output:

  • Sword: Harald’s Sword (Increased Fire Damage)
  • Dagger: Heathcote’s Dagger (Increased Fire Damage)
  • Staff: Battle-tested Staff (Elem Attack + 399)
  • Shield: Force Shield
  • Head: Adamantite Hat (Elem Attack +88)
  • Chest: Sorcerer’s Robe (Elem Attack +50)
  • Acc 1: Elemental Augmentor (Elem Attack +100)
  • Acc 2: Mental Belt (Elem Attack +65, Elem Defense +50)

That gives you a staggering +702 elemental attack. If you begin edging up toward the elemental attack limit (999), you can switch out the Battle-tested staff for the Knowledge staff, which gives +99 speed, and switch the Sorcerer’s Robe for a Crystal Vest to get more defense.

Support Skill

Here are the 4 support skills you’re going to want to maximize the damage potential of your Sorcerer:

Elemental Edge (4th Runelord Skill)
– Augments elemental attack power and defense during battle.
Elemental Aid (3rd Sorcerer Skill)
– Elemental attacks deal increased damage for double SP.
BP Eater (3rd Starseer Skill)
– Boosted skills deal additional damage.
Surpassing Power (4th Warrior Skill)
– Increase maximum damage to 99,999.

This build is about big hits. To blow away any random encounter, just use your starting BP and cast basically any spell, aiming for weaknesses if possible.

You could swap out Elemental Aid for Augmented Elements (4th Sorcerer Skill: 20% bonus elemental damage) if the MP consumption of Elemental Aid bothers you.

I’ll let you know that Stronger Strikes (2nd Sorcerer Skill: increased damage when hitting enemy weaknesses) is not very good; it’s about a 20% damage bonus and doesn’t work if an enemy is broken.

Conclusion – Octopath Traveler Sorcerer Therion Build

This Octopath Traveler Sorcerer Therion build is amazing. Once you’ve achieved this setup, no random encounter will last beyond the first turn, and bosses will absolutely melt.

In all my playthroughs of Octopath Traveler Sorcerer Therion has been my favorite overall unit. The utility of being able to quickly dispatch even the most high level random encounters is indispensable.

That about does it for the best Octopath Traveler Sorcerer Therion build. Be sure to check out the Octopath Traveler Section for more game guides for Octopath Traveler, check out the Games Section for more articles like this, and check out the main page for even more content.


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