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YouTuber Review: Lana Blakely

I’m surprised I took this long to review Lana Blakely, who, overall, I think is a top tier YouTuber. She’s extremely intelligent. She strikes me as the type of person who probably could climb the corporate ladder or give speeches at the UN or something along those lines. She seems quite put together and very disciplined. Seems like a very AP class, lots of extracurriculars kind of person, but also seems endearingly vulnerable and introspective. She has a ‘what does it all mean?’ bent and an awareness that workaholism, status and material advantage probably don’t buy that much happiness in the end.

So I really like her attitude and I think she’s aiming herself in a good direction philosophically. She’s also an avid reader, which I like. She seems a little overly invested in Jordan Peterson, which I find, how to put this, somewhat calculating and slightly disingenuous. Like she decided, from a female perspective, that she’s going to help men (a perfectly noble motivation), and then worked backward from there to some conclusion like “men respond well to Jordan Peterson, thus I will associate myself with Jordan Peterson in order to increase my marketability to men aged 18-35.” I don’t find that offputting; if that’s the case that’s actually quite savvy. But it is curious and very aquariuan (she’s an aquarius I looked it up.) But, how to put it, it’s kind of a slytherin move; not a ravenclaw move. Not that I don’t like slytherins; just goes against my initial first impression.

She’s very attractive. Especially, she has one video, I’m not sure which one, where she’s in running gear/workout clothes. That’s definitely a super hot look for her. She has a definitive elegance and poise that comes along with this somewhat controlled/disciplined demeanor, her style of dress, and certain physical features like her long neck. She’s also got that waif-like petite, slender body type which, taken in a vacuum, is my personal favorite.

She’s got kind of this underlying depression/melancholy that’s just Sylvia Plath enough to be attractive without coming across as terminally mopey. In more recent videos I feel like she’s finding her plan to appeal to lonely men is maybe a double-edged sword; I would imagine she’s being inundated with lost men bombarding her with their projections of a nightingale relationship fantasy because she appears somewhat exhausted/exasperated. Like a mom who hasn’t had a full night’s sleep in who knows how long.

I like Lana quite a bit. She has a very similar philosophy of life to me and I think there’s a great deal of compatibility both spirituality and personality-wise, especially contrasting my freewheeling intuitive approach with her sort of steady, disciplined learning approach as they relate between two introverts.

Lana Blakely… 4.9 stars. Nah, fuck it, 5 stars.


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