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Instagram Models Wish They Were Lauren Chen

Lauren Chen is a political commentator on YouTube… which is not the main thrust of this article at all. This is not a political site, and I’m not here to review her opinions. I’m here to review her channel as a whole and her as a host. Why? Because Lauren Chen is probably the single most attractive woman on YouTube, regardless of her controversial political leanings.

Lauren Chen is stunningly beautiful, intelligent, cute, and doesn’t have even a hint of that Patreon eGirl vibe so many female content creators are reliant on to bring viewers into their streams. I’m not saying she doesn’t have her fair share of male followers who follow her channel because she’s gorgeous, but she doesn’t do anything to encourage that behavior, as far as I can tell.

There are a lot of ways in which a woman can be physically attractive — beauty, cuteness, sexiness — and a variety of ways a woman can be attractive in terms of traits and personality, and what Lauren brings to the table is simply top tier. Her beauty is a 10, her cuteness is a 10, her sexiness is a mystery (a positive, which lets me imagine that it’s also quite high), and the personality she showcases on her channel and in interviews is intelligent, polite, honest and sociable. She’s a strong communicator who’s able to express and defend her opinions whether or not you agree with them. She has an incredible fashion sense and sense of style – I have yet to see anyone else who can rock the qipao look and the hot librarian look and the A-student class president smart girl sitting at the front of the class look quite as well as her.

In a lot of ways, I wish she ran a less controversial channel, because from what I can tell, she actually started out with two channels: Roaming Millennial (about politics) and Roaming Media (about entertainment), and she stuck with the politics channel as it grew and abandoned the other one as it failed to catch on. This is disappointing because I think that politics is a messy game and a hostile environment that slowly begins to consume a person’s personality and inflict callouses and battle scars on it that thicken and grow more numerous with every Twitter battle. It doesn’t seem like a… calm existence.

And it seems from the outside that her passion for politics comes more from the environment of today’s political landscape, which is temporary, and her intelligence that makes her well-equipped to contend with it, rather than natural interest or passion. She has that sort of lawyerly zest for debate which lends itself naturally to politics, but truth be told, I sense the lack of joy in her that you get from people who are doing something that really aligns with their sense of meaning and purpose. I sense more stress than joy. I suspect she’s the type of person who gets joy from things like planning a family trip or watching a movie with people close to her, but that’s not something that comes through in the natural course of her job.

That said, I think Lauren’s assertiveness and willingness to defend her positions is part of what makes her attractive. But I also think there begins to become an air of tribalism that is… how to put this. Boring. It’s just not very interesting to hear someone express the same opinion as everyone else in their group or their field without having some kind of unique take or spin on it or. Even if an individual story is a “scoop” and no one else has covered it, if I can accurately assume exactly what’s going to be said about the topic before ever clicking on a video, what’s the point in watching one?

I think for a while Lauren began trying to sort of segue into content related to dating and a bit into entertainment, but it wasn’t much different due to it all coming from a kind of traditionalist right-leaning perspective. And what I mean by that is, first, that there are so many people doing this and their opinions are so similar to one another to the point of tribal consensus, diving into some debate between MRAs and Feminists, or Right/Left takes on the news story of the day — at one point maybe that was avant-garde, but now it’s sort of old hat. The mine’s been picked clean. Dave Rubin has been defining Leftists vs Liberals for half a decade at this point.

Politics and corporate media have sort of lost ground in the public consciousness, and I feel like that era symbolically came to a natural conclusion when Avengers Endgame released. That was a 2010s thing. Now we’re onto the 2020s, and this is going to be some wacky decade where everything’s a little more upbeat but also the planet is constantly on fire. People kind of want to just enjoy things these days. At least that’s how it seems to me. People aren’t interested in the greater Israel vs. Palestine-esque world of shot for shot political punditry. A lot of people have flipped from that reality TV show, and all its actors, onto something else. Like The Midnight Gospel, which everyone should totally watch.

To date, I think Lauren’s actual most compelling videos, the ones that really stand out, are not her weekly political news updates, but videos like this one, which talks about being Eurasian. Not necessarily because of the subject matter, because it seems to have emerged from her instead of in reaction to the news or in agreement with the people with whom she’s affiliated. I think she needs to get centered and find out what she really wants to talk about, whether it’s faith, or family or entertainment, or whatever she likes (key word), and hopefully find some way to get that spark of joy that I was talking about.

Anyway. Lauren Chen is hot. This article kind of went on too long. Click here for more YouTuber reviews.


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