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Juliana Spicoluk aka Boho Beautiful Interview

I recently had an opportunity to interview Juliana Spicoluk aka Boho Beautiful, who reached out to me after she read my review of the Boho Beautiful YouTube channel. During my conversation with Juliana Spicoluk aka Boho Beautiful, I was able to learn a little more about her, like her interests and zodiac sign, her channel, and what the life of a major YouTuber is really like. Check out the interview with Juliana aka Boho Beautiful below.

The Boho Beautiful Interview

First of all, thanks for taking the time to answer some of these questions. You’re my second interview ever for this site, so it’s an honor to have such a well-established YouTuber take the time. Hopefully other people will follow your example and flood my inbox.

Awe thanks so much! I’m glad to be part of the beginning of something great. 🙂

A lot of people who come to my site are trying to figure out what your zodiac sign is. Can you enlighten us, and do you pay attention to those things?

I’m a Taurus and yes I’ve lately been doing a lot of deep diving into astrology of the soul. It’s so fascinating to me. But yes, I’m stubborn Taurus 😉

You were a dancer as well, I believe. Looking back, are there things you miss about dancing and acting that you don’t get from YouTube?

Before I decided to dedicate myself 100% to the Boho Beautiful Youtube channel, I had many different careers. Dancing was something I pursued after I retired from a long career of being a professional athlete, however I soon discovered that my true passion lied in helping people more than just entertaining them.

I taught yoga and pilates full time through my personal business, in yoga studios and gyms all over Toronto, Canada. That career then lead me to the path of wanting to share my passion of teaching with the world. Thus Mark  (my husband) and I invested in some video gear and started to learn from scratch how to create beautiful class content for people to enjoy. 

What’s one thing you haven’t done yet that you’d love to accomplish, in terms of a career or lifestyle goal? What’s a big bucket list item?

I would love to one day open a Retreat Centre/Sanctuary. A place somewhere in a beautiful tropical location where people can come to heal and recharge themselves. A beautiful yoga centre that’s intertwined with nature, and on the other side would be an animal rescue/sanctuary where the same people that come to heal themselves can help animals also overcome their own pain and suffering of the past. 

Speaking of YouTube, who are some of your own favorite YouTubers? Have you had the opportunity to meet any of them? (Boho Beautiful Interview)

Mark and I live in this strange bubble where the two of us have just been travelling and working for the last 4 years, so unfortunately haven’t had the chance to meet any other Youtubers yet. However, some of our favourite channels are NU Meditations, LiveKindly, Mooji, Russell Brand, Joe Rogan, Wim Hoff, Mei-lan Maurits and I’m sure theres more I just can’t think of them at the top of my head. 

Do you consider yourself part of a scene? I mean, obviously, from the viewer perspective, if you watch some Boho Beautiful videos, your algorithms going to recommend channels like Yoga with Adriene and, for me, I watch a lot of Russell Brand videos so I think that’s sort of how you filtered into my stream. Do you actually associate with any of the people YouTube associates you with, or is it just sort of a trick of the algorithm?

No not really, I think Youtube has its own way of deciding who to suggest to who. Again we kinda live in our own bubble at the moment, however maybe one day doing a collaboration with someone would be fun!

Obviously most people know you from your Yoga videos, but all these beautiful locations are a big part of what makes the channel what it is, and I also really enjoyed your cooking videos. Have you given much thought to making more of those, or even straight-up travel vlogging? (Boho Beautiful Interview)

We love making extra content like that. We did a lot of travel blogging on our channel that we refer to as Boho Diaries which gives people a real look into our hearts and our journey through all of our travels and experiences. Those videos are very close to our heart and mean a lot to us.

Of course, most people come for the free classes which is what we’re here for to share and create but we really enjoy letting people into our lives in a deeper way….who ever is curious enough to enter. 

One of the things that really stands out about your channel is the production quality. Do you do that all in-house with you and Mark, or is there a team involved?

Awe thanks! It’s all Mark. He’s the brains and creative power behind the footage you see. We’ve had some editors help us with our digital yoga programs that are available through our website but everything else on YouTube is  Mark’s editing and video production. 

Did your videos start out with that high level of production quality or was it kind of an evolution? How much practice does it take to capture those kinds of killer aerial and drone shots? (Boho Beautiful Interview)

haha I laugh because it reminds me of our first videos that we started with. We started shooting with a white wall behind me. It was a journey. Those were the first days but slowly with time and a lot of hours put into learning and perfecting our craft the content evolved to what it is now. 

The drone shots are fun. That required some drone flying practice but after a few crashes and errors, we got some good shots! 😉

It seems like you’ve been living the digital nomad lifestyle for many years now. That’s something a lot of people aspire to. This is sort of personal to me, since I’m able to live on the income from my website now, so that lifestyle is suddenly an option. Once you get that online income stream, do you have any tips for how to actually live like that? The best way to fly, how to deal with things like health insurance and taxes, or any general tips on living that way?

The ‘digital nomad’ life is definitely a dream for many but the one thing that people need to know is that its not like you just get to travel and work in your bathing suit on a beach as you sip fresh coconuts. Well sometimes that can happen lol BUT most of the time it requires a lot of self discipline and determination to continue to evolve your business and brand.

So to continue to be able to have a steady income coming in to support a lifestyle of “freedom” you have to remember your goals and dreams that drove you to this lifestyle and never lose sight of it. Since we’ve embarked on this journey, we’ve never worked as hard as we do now.

And don’t get me wrong, we love what we do, its a blessing to be able to wake up each day and focus on your dreams but at the same time it’s important to realize that the work never stops and if you want to continue to live this life, you must always develop ways to grow yourself, your business, and your brand. It’s a constant evolution and its important to not loose sight of that. 

As for tips, well… travel light thats for sure. When we do our crazy long trips, we go with two backpacks. One backpack for both our clothes, the other all with gear and supplies. Use those discount airline sites like CheapOair, Cheapflights, Kiwi etc. Invest in some travel insurance for a peace of mind. Nomad Insurance is a great website that even has coverage on video gear. 

Don’t go where everyone goes. Do some online digging, and follow the path less traveled. Immerse yourself in the culture of the county you visit. Support local tourism and companies by staying away from the big corporations that drive the money out of local communities. 

As a sort of final thought, I want to ask you about your favorite things, like a sort of lightning round. What’s your favorite…

Movie? Dances With Wolves 
Band?  Sigur Ros
Food?  Vietnamese Veggie Pho Soup
Color? Turquoise 
Type of fruit? Mango
Animal? Horse

Thanks again for reaching out, was a pleasure to have this opportunity!

It was pretty fun to do an interview like this one with Juliana aka Boho Beautiful. So, if you’re a YouTuber that I’ve reviewed, feel free to reach out to me via email (I’m not sure where it is, but you can find it on my YouTube channel that I never use, at least) and we can set something up.

My site gets a fair amount of traffic, so we can get an interesting side of you out to a big audience of… basically gamers who like Joe Rogan, Russell Brand and Elon Musk, I think is the best way to describe my demo here.

Otherwise, and to everyone else, be sure to check out more YouTuber Reviews in the YouTubers Section of the site. Hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to do another interview like this one with Juliana aka Boho Beautiful in the near future.


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