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Octopath Traveler – Who to Subclass Advanced Jobs

At the end of Octopath Traveler, you’ll unlock 4 totally new, secret subclasses and you’ll want to know which characters are the best candidates to subclass with advanced jobs. Obviously, as a single-player jRPG, it’s not too hard so you’re welcome to customize your characters however suits you, but there are significant advantages for particular characters when it comes to subclassing the advanced jobs.

Runelord – Octopath Traveler Advanced Jobs

This is a no-brainer. You want Tressa as a Runelord. Runelord gets a skill called Rune Transfer, which turns self-target skills into party-target skills. Tressa and Olberic are the only two characters who have self-target skills in their kit, and Tressa’s are significantly more useful.

Both Merchant’s Rest and, more importantly, Sidestep, can be made full-party skills with Rune Transfer, which means full party 100% physical avoidance and full party heal/SP recovery.

Not only that, Tressa has overall higher elemental attack than Olberic and can equip elemental weapons in every weapon slot she has, including a double elemental boost for Wind damage. Runelord Tressa will dumpster pretty much any enemy in the game in short order.

Sorcerer – Octopath Traveler Advanced Jobs

There is a little more leeway here, but in terms of endgame (when you are likely to unlock the Sorcerer class), there are really only 4 options. Because elemental attack usually maxes out (or nearly maxes out) naturally on every character, elemental attack is not too much of a consideration.

What you should care about is A) how many elemental boosting weapons a character can equip and B) speed. Therion wins in both those categories. He can double boost Fire with the Fire boosting sword and dagger, and he’s the faster character. With Sorcerer Therion, your Sorcerer goes first in almost every trash encounter and wins the fight before it starts. Plus, Therion can naturally restore his SP with Steal SP, and he has a few debuffs for good measure.

Your other options for double boosting elements are Alfyn (Ice), H’aanit (Ice), and Tressa (Wind). Since Tressa is going to be a Runelord most likely, that leaves Alfyn and H’aanit. Alfyn lends himself more to being a support character, and H’aanit is probably your best bet for a Warmaster which we will talk about… right now.

Warmaster – Octopath Traveler Advanced Jobs

It comes down to H’aanit and Olberic, since what you’re looking for in a Warmaster is multihit breaks and putting up big numbers with physical attacks. Other characters don’t really come close here and, in my opinion, Olberic doesn’t come close to H’aanit. H’aanit is just far and away a better character.

Why? A few reasons. H’aanit’s Accuracy is naturally higher than Olberic’s, and with those multihit breaks (Arrowstorm, Guardian Liondog, Thousand Spears), accuracy suffers a huge penalty. H’aanit’s damage output potential is leagues higher purely because she hits more often with those multihit attacks. Secondly, Beast Lore is miles better than what Olberic gets in terms of a unique skill. Finally, Hunter is overall a better option for multihit breaks (Arrowstorm is better than Thousand Spears) and utility (Leghold Trap is better than the mediocre self-buff tanking skills Warrior gets).


Starseer has a lot more flexibility. Unlike the other three, it’s not a top tier damage class, and it’s not leagues better than other options for support classes. A lot of people like to put Starseer on Ophilia. Alfyn is another option. Many people like to put it on Cyrus to give him a niche since he gets outclassed by Sorcerer in every conceivable way in the endgame (you should not make Cyrus your Sorcerer). In general, you want to put it on whoever you like to use as a dedicated support character. Personally I think Ophilia is probably the best choice overall and creates the most optimal support character, but it’s hard to go wrong with this one.

That about does it for who to give each advanced jobs subclass to in Octopath Traveler. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more content like this.


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