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Best Dragon Quest 11 Sylvando Build & Equipment

This Dragon Quest 11 Sylvando Build & Equipment Guide will teach you how to maximize Sylvando’s potential in Dragon Quest 11 so you can dominate the game.

If you’re playing Dragon Quest 11 you’re going to want to know what Sylvando’s best skills are and also where to find all his best equipment. This Dragon Quest 11 Sylvando Build & Equipment Guide will teach you just that. I’ll tell you what skills are best to invest in from beginning to end as well as how to get all of Sylvando’s best equipment.

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dragon quest 11 sylvando

Skills – Dragon Quest 11 Sylvando

When Sylvando joins your party, he has 5 skill trees available: Knives, Swords, Whips, Litheness, and Showmanship. Swords is terrible, so forget about that one immediately. Whips are also not terribly useful. It’s much better for Sylvando to use a dagger and shield and focus on Showmanship skills.

What you’re going to want to do right off the bat is spend a handful of points in Litheness to unlock Fuddle Dance, the first skill in the Showmanship tree. After that, go to a church or a save statue and get your Litheness points refunded.

Sylvando’s Showmanship skills are his best skills overall. You’ll want to pick up Hustle Dance ASAP, because it’s the best healing skill from the moment you get it until around the beginning of Act 3. From there, snag Charm +40, Kiss Me Deadly, That’s Amore and Pink Pirouette.

Then, head into Knives and grab everything. That should take you to the end of Act 2 or so. You could potentially go Knives directly after getting Hustle Dance if you want to increase Sylvando’s synergy with Erik, but keep in mind Kiss Me Deadly and That’s Amore also add status effects that Erik can capitalize on.

From there, dip into Litheness by way of Knives in order to grab the stat bonuses (you’re aiming for that Charm +30), as well as Have a Ball. Wrap around to the bottom and pick up Gold Rush.

When Sylvando’s 6th tree gets unlocked in Act 3, stop whatever you’re doing and grab Ladies First immediately. Ladies First allows Sylvando to swap his turn with any female party member. If you’re not specifically using one of Sylvando’s support skills, transferring to Veronica or Jade is certain to produce a more powerful attack than anything Sylvando is capable of.

By now you’re probably getting toward the end of the game and have all of Sylvando’s best skills. The only other thing worth grabbing is Finger of Justice, which is Sylvando’s strongest single target attack (though not as strong and swapping turns with Jade or Veronica…).

After that, just spend all the excess points you get filling out the rest of Sylvando’s tree, though you’re unlikely to ever use any of those other skills.

Best Equipment – Dragon Quest 11 Sylvando

Equipment Setup – Dragon Quest 11 Sylvando

  • Weapon: El Stupendo +3
  • Shield: Metal King Shield +3
  • Helmet: Tiara Tremendisima +3
  • Armor: Gladder Rags +3
  • Accessory 1: Suave Scarf +3
  • Accessory 2: Suave Scarf +3

Locations – Dragon Quest 11 Sylvando

  • El Stupendo: Crafted via Big Hitters of the Battlefield which is found in a chest in the Luminary’s Trial
  • Metal King Shield: Crafted via Making Things with Metal Kings, which is the 110 mini medal reward
  • Tiara Tremendisima: Crafted via Gladder Gear for Goer-Getterers which is the 90 mini medal stamp reward
  • Gladder Rags: Crafted via Gladder Gear for Goer-Getterers which is the 90 mini medal stamp reward
  • Suave Scarf: Receive from the Golden Boy in Octagonia after the post-game event

That about covers it for the Dragon Quest 11 Sylvando Build & Equipment Guide. Be sure to check out the Game Guides section for more content like this, and click here for more content related to Dragon Quest 11.


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