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XCOM Chimera Squad Godmother Abilities Guide

This article will show you all of the XCOM Chimera Squad Godmother Abilities.

If you’re playing XCOM Chimera Squad, you’re going to want to know what skills Godmother can learn when she levels up so you can make an informed decision about whether or not you want to have her in your active squad or keep her on the bench to go on Spec Ops or speed up the Assembly.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the skills Godmother gains in XCOM Chimera Squad.

XCOM: Chimera Squad Agent Ability Guides:

Godmother Overview – XCOM Chimera Squad

xcom chimera squad godmother

Godmother is your resident midrange shotgun specialist. She’s a classic soldier archetype who does decent damage and also has decent defense. Her main skill is Scattershot, which deals shotgun damage in a cone.

Like all other characters in XCOM Chimera Squad Godmother can rank up 5 times, and gets a permanent talent choice at ranks 2 and 4 and additional training options at ranks 3 and 5.

Rank 1: Deputy Agent – XCOM Chimera Squad Godmother

Alpha Strike

Description: Godmother fires her shotgun during the breach and will take her turn earlier on the Timeline. Godmother also gains 1 bonus action on her first turn. One use per mission.

This move is pretty forgettable. Unless you have the weapon mod that allows you to fire your gun without automatically ending your turn, “1 bonus action” just means you can move an extra time, which is probably a great way to get Godmother killed. The bonus action is also only available on the first turn. I never used this move. It’s just such a minor, minor bonus.

Rank 2: Field Agent – XCOM Chimera Squad Godmother

Last Stand

Description: If Godmother is impaired and takes enough damage to begin Bleeding Out, she is instead reduced to 1 HP and is given a turn immediately after the current turn. One use per mission.

This actually comes in handy, because there are a fair amount of cheap shot kills in this game and because of the way medkits automatically restock after each mission and upgrade to be fairly potent, Last Stand gives Godmother an easy way to get back in the game if she goes down.


Description: Godmother takes a shot at the enemy, forcing them to reposition. The shot does no damage. 1 turn cooldown.

This move is fairly useless. I would recommend going for Last Stand. Cover doesn’t provide enemies with a huge amount of defense and is often destroyed when you shoot through it. A shot that deals no damage is not very worthwhile as a mean of eliminating cover defenses.

Rank 3: Special Agent – XCOM Chimera Squad Godmother


Description: Godmother fires a shotgun blast that is guaranteed to hit and destroy the target’s cover. Costs 3 ammo. 3 turn cooldown.

Since you automatically get Ventilate, why would you ever take Flush? Anyway, I never used this move either. Godmother has severe ammo problems to begin with since she uses a shotgun, and emptying out your clip to destroy cover doesn’t really help. I used this move a few times to see it work and never used it again.

Rank 4: Senior Agent – XCOM Chimera Squad Godmother

Close Combat Specialist

Description: Godmother takes a reaction shot at enemies that get too close. Requires ammo.

This move is very strong. It basically gives Godmother a passive Overwatch bonus at all times, and since the game has a significant number of melee enemies, you’ll see it go off constantly as long as you keep Godmother’s ammo up. Because Godmother is decently strong, especially when equipped with Talon Rounds, or a similar damage booster, she often kills melee enemies who run up to her before they have a chance to get their attack off. One of the better skills Godmother has access to.


Description: If Godmother downs an enemy during her turn, the next attack against her will miss.

This move is pretty useless. Compared to Close Combat Specialist, which can amount to huge bonus damage over the course of a mission, Untouchable is 3-4 free dodges max. It’s not like healing is a big issue in this game. It’s not an exciting skill thematically and the bonus it gives isn’t very useful in practicality.

Rank 5: Principal Agent – XCOM Chimera Squad Godmother


Description: Godmother immediately gains bonus Crit and Dodge, and takes an additional turn in 3 turns. Bonuses last until the end of the extra turn. Free action. One use per mission.

As far as ultimate abilities go in XCOM Chimera Squad, the one Godmother gets access to is just okay. It’s an on-demand double turn once per mission. So, basically, a single extra turn once per mission. It’s not bad. An extra turn is always good, but it’s not that impactful overall.

Training Bonuses – XCOM Chimera Squad Godmother

Unlock Potential (Rank 3): Mobility increased by 1, Dodge increased by 15.

Step Up (Rank 5): Scoring one or more kills grants the Agent a free reload action.

That about covers it when it comes to XCOM Chimera Squad Godmother Abilities. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more content like this, and click here for more content related to XCOM Chimera Squad.


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