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Best Octopath Traveler Grinding Locations

Toward the end of Octopath Traveler, you unlock 4 new classes and you’re going to want to finalize your builds on each character, so naturally you’ll be grinding for levels and JP. Here are the best places in Octopath Traveler for grinding.

Necessary Octopath Traveler Grinding Skills

First, before going to either of these locations, there are two skills you’re going to want. The first is Hard Worker, which significantly increases earned JP is the first Starseer skill. The second is Extra Experience, which is the first Warmaster skill. It should be obvious, but these two skills drastically speed up your grinding time.

Maw of the Ice Dragon

Maw of the Ice Dragon is a level 45 dungeon located just outside of Northreach. What makes this dungeon such a great grinding location is almost everything in this dungeon is weak to wind or fire. So, if you have a Sorcerer, you can end most fights with a single spell, especially if you have elemental boosting weapons. Additionally, you might want to bring H’aanit with you, because if you’ve beaten the Maw boss, you have a low chance to see it again as a rare encounter; it’s a powerful capture monster and you should try to capture more of them at every opportunity.

Grinding around in the Maw of the Ice Dragon, you should be able to get any underleveled character up to around level 50 in probably half an hour or so, and get some of your main characters to the mid-60s no problem.

Some people theorize that you have an increased chance to encounter Cait monsters in the Maw of the Ice Dragon, and that was my experience as well. Not only did I encounter several Caits, but they came in groups.

Everhold Tunnels

Your other option for grinding is Everhold Tunnels which, like Maw of the Ice Dragon, has a rare encounter boss who is a fantastic capture for H’aanit. Everhold Tunnels offers greater experience overall, and once you’re in the high 50s or above, with elemental weapons, you can clear every random encounter in a single spellcast.

Everhold Tunnels are located right outside Everhold. They’re a tiny bit hard to find, but basically, leave Everhold and head back along the trail. When you reach a bridge, go directly East instead of West across the bridge. Follow the little path down the hill and you’ll quickly find yourself at the entrance to the Everhold Tunnels.

Once you can clear encounters in a single cast, it’s really up to your personal preference which location you’d like to grind at or, more perhaps more importantly, which boss monster you’re trying to capture for H’aanit.

That about does it for the best Octopath Traveler grinding locations. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more articles like this.


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