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#1 BEST Aegislash Moveset – Pokemon Sword & Shield

If you’re planning to use Aegislash in Pokemon Sword & Shield, you’re going to want to know the best Aegislash moveset.

Aegislash is an incredible pokemon both defensively and offensively with ridiculous defensive stats, a typing that grants a ton of resistances, and a unique mechanic that allows its offensive stats to become massive.

pokemon sword and shield best aegislash moveset build


The best nature for Aegislash is Quiet (+Special Attack, -Speed).

The reason is, unlike most pokemon, Aegislash doesn’t particularly want speed and it’s not going to outspeed most things anyway.

Because of the nature of Aegislash’s Stance Change ability, it’s preferable for Aegislash to move last, especially on the first round.


There is no choice to make here. Aegislash only has access to one ability, Stance Change, and even if it did have other abilities there would be no reason to pick them, as Stance Change is incredible.

Stance Change flips Aegislash’s offensive and defensive stats depending on whether it’s using an offensive move or its signature move, King’s Shield.

Since Aegislash has top tier defensive stats, this ability makes Aegislash a very dangerous tank and damage dealer.

Held Item

The item you’re going to want for this Aegislash moveset is the Weakness Policy, which powers up Aegislash’s attack and special attack if it’s ever hit with a weakness.

Aegislash is only weak to Dark, Ghost and Fire, and resistant to pretty much everything else, and Weakness Policy doubles down on its bulk by basically punishing opponents for attacking its weaknesses.

It forces them to focus on abilities that are neutral to Aegislash, which are only Electric and Water.

Aegislash Build Moveset

The Aegislash moveset is interesting because both its offensive stats are so high that is can safely pick a mixed sweeper set regardless of its nature. Nevertheless, the recommended Aegislash build is this:

  • Substitute
  • King’s Shield
  • Shadow Ball
  • Close Combat

By alternating between King’s Shield and Substitute, Aegislash can go a very long time without giving opponents any opportunity to damage it at all. This can be great for stalling out a Dynamax form or letting poison from Toxic Spikes slowly melt an opposing pokemon.

Shadow Ball and Close Combat provide incredible type coverage. Fighting is super effective against a ton of pokemon types and the two major types that resist it (Ghost and Psychic) are covered by Shadow Ball.

The reverse is also true; Close Combat is super effective against any Fairy or Normal pokemon that may resist Ghost.

Aegislash Moveset Conclusion

Aegislash was an incredibly broken pokemon in the previous generation and it did receive some nerfs, but nothing too extreme. It remains a powerhouse and if you’re looking for a pokemon to put in your team, it’s difficult to argue that Aegislash doesn’t deserve to be considered for a spot.

In addition to having unique and interesting mechanics, Aegislash boasts a fun and rare typing in Ghost/Steel. Not only is it a powerful pokemon, it’s also thematically unique and stands out because of its originality.

Aegislash is a phenomenal addition to any pokemon squad, and with this Pokemon Sword & Shield Aegislash moveset, you’re sure to get the most out of any Aegislash you raise and put out into battle.

That about covers it when it comes to the best Aegislash moveset in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more articles like this and click here for more game guides for Pokemon Sword and Shield.


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