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The BEST Valdis Story Vladyn Build

This Valdis Story Vladyn Build Guide will teach players the best build for Vladyn in Valdis Story Abyssal City.

If you’re playing Valdis Story on Steam, you’re going to want to know the best Vladyn build. Since Vladyn is the only character with a gun and a ranged attack, you might be tempted to do a gun build with Vladyn.

That’s not an awful idea. But, having played through the game multiple times on each character, gotten all the golden weapons and cleared almost all the game’s achievements, I’m pretty confident that what I’m about to suggest is the absolute, most broken possible thing you could do with Vladyn.


You’re going to want to go melee, and go totally unarmed. Why? Because Vladyn’s jump attack with his 100 demon arm is ridiculous. He does a multi-hit spin move, like the Screw Attack from Metroid.

Your basic strategy is to build around how silly this attack is, maximize its damage potential, and then spin jump at everything in the game. You will wreck the game. Everything will die. You will lay waste to your enemies and they will fear you.


Like most unarmed builds in Valdis Story, the best Vladyn build revolves around using the Fighter’s Bandages and the Monk’s Robes. Those are your two key pieces of equipment, so get them and upgrade them as soon as you are able.

valdis story vladyn build


From there, you want to pump all your stats into luck. Every single one. Push nothing but luck. Why? Because luck gives insane HP bonuses and, thanks to your Fighter’s Bandages, those HP bonuses translate directly into damage.

Your attack power using this build will be higher than if you went full strength, trust me. You may notice in the image above, you’re also sitting on an 87% crit rate and a pretty ridiculous amount of Armor Ruin and Spell Ruin. That’s because this build is filthy.


As far as your skill points for the best Valdis Story Vladyn build, go full 100 Demon Arm, go down the middle of the Sentry tree, and put one point in Marksman for the crit bonus. That’s it.

valdis story vladyn build

As far as how to apply this Valdis Story Vladyn build in the game, it’s simple. Summon your demon friends, and then spin jump at every enemy you encounter. You will be a whirling death machine. This is the best possible Vladyn build in Valdis Story. It’s super broken, and I highly recommend you try it.

Conclusion – Best Valdis Story Vladyn Build

I’ve gone through the game three times with Vladyn, with a gun-luck build, an agility build, and then this build, and let me tell you: this build is nuts compared to what I was pulling off on my other Vladyn playthroughs, and it’s comparable to other gamebreaking top tier builds like Wyatt’s Int spell build and Reina’s unarmed build.

I highly recommend this Valdis Story Vladyn build. It’s a great build in a great game that I really enjoyed and played through dozens of times.

If you haven’t played Valdis Story, do yourself a favor and pick it up on Steam and give it a go. In my opinion, it’s one of the best Metroidvanias and it deserves more attention than it got.

That about covers it for the best Valdis Story Vladyn build. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more content like this, and click here for more game guides for Valdis Story.


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