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Finding Rune Factory 5 Tree Seeds EASY

This Rune Factory 5 Tree Seeds guide will teach players where to find Rune Factory 5 Tree Seeds easily.

If you’re playing Rune Factory 5, you’re probably going to want to start locating Rune Factory 5 Tree Seeds as early as possible because trees take a long time to grow.

You can’t buy trees in shops until you’ve already collected the Rune Factory 5 tree seeds in the wild and grown a tree to full maturity. This is because tree seeds unlock from quests that involve harvesting a fully grown tree of the same type.

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This brief Rune Factory 5 tree seeds guide will teach you everything you need to know in order to find Rune Factory 5 Tree Seeds EASILY.

Rune Factory 5 Tree Seeds Locations

There are two spots out in the world where you can find Rune Factory 5 tree seeds lying on the ground. Before I tell you where, let me tell you something upfront that a lot of guides leave out: you need to either bring a party member with you or use the Foresight Crest or there won’t be anything in either of these locations.

Party Members & The Foresight Seal

Both party members and the Foresight Crest allow you to see hidden treasures.

If you have a party member, when you approach an invisible treasure, a little treasure chest icon will appear next to your party member’s health bar and you’ll be able to grab the invisible treasure. I believe this works with any party member, regardless of if they’re human or monster.

rune factory 5 tree seeds party member treasure indicator

As for the Foresight Crest, you’ll unlock it as your Seed rank increases. In order to increase your Seed rank, you need to complete the Wanted Monster side quests that you get from Livia. After completing your first 3-star Wanted Monster quest, you’ll get access to the Foresight Crest.

rune factory 5 tree seeds locations foresight crest

That out of the way, let’s talk about the Rune Factory 5 Tree Seeds locations themselves.

Phoros Woodlands

The first is in the Phoros Woodlands, in the area pictured below.

rune factory 5 tree seeds locations phoros woodlands map

Go straight from the entrance to the area and take the second right. Pass (or defeat) the Cluckadoodles, then climb up the hill to your left. The seed will be sitting on the North side of the stump in the center of the clearing.

You’re most likely to find Twinkle Seeds and Orange Tree Seeds here. Slightly more rare, you’ll find Grape Tree Seeds. If you’re really lucky you’ll find an Apple Tree Seed. Apple Tree Seeds are the rarest of the tree seeds, so every time you get one, be sure to take care of it.

rune factory 5 tree seeds locations phoros woodlands

If you’re wondering, Twinkle Trees are mostly used for chopping wood. You grow them to full maturity and hit them with your axe to get lumber. When they get low on health, you toss some Withered Grass, some Corn, or a 4-Leaf Clover on them and hit it with your Hoe to heal it back to full health.

Orange Trees, Apple Trees and Grape Trees produce Oranges, Apples and Grapes obviously. By the time you get them, Oranges and Apples are somewhat useless because only low level cooking recipes use them, but at least they offer a steady income. Grapes are a little more useful because they’re used in level ~30 cooking recipes.

Volcano Area

For the Rune Factory 5 Tree Seeds location in the Kelve Volcanic Region, teleport to the Atohl’s End Entrance, and turn left (East). Run towards the small lake and you’ll see a Monster Gate next to a tree. The location is here on the map:

rune factory 5 tree seeds locations kelve volcanic region map

The Tree Seed spawns directly to the right of the Monster Gate, in front of the nearby tree.

rune factory 5 tree seeds locations kelve volcanic region

This location is mostly Grape Tree Seeds and Twinkle Seeds. Occasionally you’ll find an Orange Tree Seed. Again, very rarely you’ll find an Apple Tree Seed.

Unlocking Rune Factory 5 Tree Seeds in Shops

Even though you can find tree seeds in the wild, if you want higher level tree seeds or more reliable choices, you’re still going to want to unlock them in shops.

In order to unlock Rune Factory 5 Tree Seeds in shops, you need to complete the associated quest for each tree seed.

rune factory 5 tree seeds apple tree request

These quests will appear late in the game after you’ve completed most of the mid-tier quests.

For Orange, Apple and Grape Trees, the quest will be to harvest 50 of the corresponding fruit. So, you need to harvest 50 Oranges to unlock Orange Tree Seeds, 50 Apples to unlock Apple Tree Seeds and 50 Grapes to unlock Grape Tree Seeds.

For Twinkle Tree Seeds, the quest will be to ‘Chop down a Twinkle Tree’. You don’t actually need to destroy a tree. You need to wait until a Twinkle Tree has finished growing completely to full size and then hit it one time with your axe, and that’ll complete the quest.

That about covers it when it comes to finding Rune Factory 5 Tree Seeds. I hope this information helps you. For more Rune Factory 5 guides, click here. For more RPG game guides, visit the main page for a full list of the 50+ RPGs I’ve written guides for. I’ve been writing guides for RPGs since 2005, when I started writing guides on in my free time.

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