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Star Ocean 2 Best Weapons Early on Disc 1

This Star Ocean 2 best weapons on disc 1 guide will teach players how to get several of the very best weapons in the game extremely early on disc 1.

Getting several of the Star Ocean 2 best weapons on disc 1 is not that difficult. It’s just a bit time consuming, requires some planning, and you have to know how to do it ahead of time. The main skill required to accomplish this is patience, because you’ll be resetting the game multiple times.

With a little patience, you can obtain several characters’ Star Ocean 2 best weapons on Disc 1. Or, for people who are playing later variants of the game, super early.

Here are the Star Ocean 2 best weapons you can get roughly as soon as you get to the Lacquer Kingdom:

Claude’s Eternal Sphere (Aeterna)
Ashton’s Melufa (Mephistofar)
Opera’s Pulse Box (Pulse Clip)
Dias’s Crimson Diablos (Crimson Devil)
Precis’s SDUGA Punch (SDUGA Puncher)

In addition to Star Ocean 2 best weapons, I’m also going to teach you how to make Berserk Rings, which are pretty overpowered.

Getting Started

There are some things you’re going to need to do for pretty much all the Star Ocean 2 best weapons on disc 1.

First, before you start the game, restart the game over and over again until your main character starts out with the Nimble Fingers/Dexterity talent, which makes pickpocketing have a chance for success.

You need to be able to pickpocket two key items in order to have any chance of obtaining these weapons. Beyond that, everything involves finding rare items and using the customize skill.

Next, as soon as you can, go to Cross and get the skills packs there, then head to the first major port town (Herlie) and pick up, at the very least, Sensibility 2. Don’t spend any skill points until you do that.

Now that you’ve got Sensibility 2, you’re going to want to dump all of the skill points you have into Perseverance. With ten points in Perseverance, you may as well level anything that requires only 1 skill point until everything costs more. The reason you want to do this is we’re going to spend some time getting even more skill points for free.

Every character has a list of talents, and most characters can unlock talents by performing skills they’re not good at. What you want to do is find a skill the character has no talent for, like say, Sense of Taste for Claude, and then have that character do the skill they suck at (Cooking in our Claude example), until they unlock the talent.

Beware that not every character can learn every talent. Here’s what to watch out for: Ashton will never learn Design Sense (Metalwork), Opera will never learn Love of Animals or Sixth Sense, and Rina will never learn Sixth Sense. No one can learn Blessing of Mana, mages all get it automatically, and no one else can learn it.

Every time you unlock a talent, you get 100 SP. We’re going to use that to our advantage. Since no one uses Celine, because Celine sucks, after she learns Perseverance/Effort, have her dump all her points into Playfulness, which just gives you a ton of money. If you get Playfulness to 10, you’ll be super rich. Might as well do that.

Now, assuming Claude is your main character, you need to max out Poker Face and Courage to get Pickpocket to 10. After that, and for everyone else, you need to start working toward maxing out Craft (Technique 2),

Pickpocketing Rare Items

There are 3 items you need to pickpocket early in the game to get the Star Ocean 2 best weapons on disc 1. And I mean early. So make sure you do that stuff above like, right after you exit Cross the first time. The first one is in Mars/Marze, and it’s held by an old man in the Eastern side of the town. It’s called the Goodie Box/Treasure Chest. Anyway, get that thing.

Don’t open it yet, you don’t know what you’re looking for. If you’re Claude, you’d going to want to also do a PA in this town and Pickpocket the Fountain Card from Rena.

Next, since you’ve done all this, you might as well make sure to Pickpocket the Mischief item from Filia in Clik, because it’s the only place in the game you can get it. It’s mostly useless, but I mean… might as well, I guess.

Now, as for what you’re trying to get out of the Treasure Chest, that depends on who you have in your party.

  • If you have Ashton, you want a Scyther/Luminous Slicers. This is the ingredient required for his ultimate weapon, Melufa (Mephistofar).
  • If you have Precis, you want to get the SD Punch.
  • If you want to use Bowman, you’re looking for a Rune Full Moon.
  • Don’t bother trying to get anything for Rena (you get her best weapon automatically and weapons are useless for her anyway).
  • Opera’s best weapon doesn’t come from here.
  • If you’re using Dias, you’re going to want the Marvel Sword/Sword of Marvels.

Between the Treasure Chest and the Fountain Card, you only get four, and you’re going to drive yourself insane with resets, so pick and choose which one you want.

I would suggest you go for the Scyther/Luminous Slicers, Rune Full Moon (if Bowman)/SD Puncher (if Precis) and Marvel Sword. It would take you thousands of resets to get this perfect draw, so if you get two out of three of the Star Ocean 2 best weapons ingredients, take it and be happy.

The Luminous Slicers and the Rune Full Moon are the only things that can only be obtained from this box on Disc 1, so prioritize those.

For Claude’s Eternal Sphere (Aeterna):

Once you get to Lacquer, you’ll be entered in a tournament. You have to get to the last round of the tournament and lose to Dias (he is unbeatable). Once you’ve done that, head over to the far lefthand side of the city and talk to the old man, Gamgee, who made Dias’s weapon. He’ll give you the Sharp Edge (or in later versions I believe it’s called “Sharpness”).

Next, make sure you pick up Sensibility 3 from Lacour. That gives the Radar skill. Save, then pick a character and level Radar up to 10. Check your inventory. If you didn’t get 2 mithril, reset. Keep doing this until you get 2 mithril.

Get Claude’s Customization skill to 10 (this requires Functionality, Craft and Metal Casting, which you’ll have access to if you pick up the skills in all the towns in the second continent). From there, customize the Sharpness sword with a Mithril until you get a Minus Sword (Blade of Minos). Take the Blade of Minos and customize that with a Mithril until you get the Eternal Sphere (Aeterna).

Congrats, now you have one of the Star Ocean 2 best weapons and will cakewalk through the rest of the game. But if you don’t want to stop there, here’s the rest of the characters.

Of all the Star Ocean 2 bet weapons on disc 1, Claude’s is the one to get. It’s the most game-changing.

Ashton’s Melufa (Mephistofar)

If you got the Scyther (Luminous Slicers) from the Treasure Box, all you need now is a Damascus, which you can find in the mountain dungeon that’s part of Ashton’s quest. Have Ashton customize the Scyther with the Damascus and boom, Mephistofar.

Mephistofar is Ashton’s strongest weapon, but it’s not nearly as gamebreaking as the Aeterna when it comes to Star Ocean 2 best weapons on disc 1.

Dias’s Crimson Diabolos (Crimson Devil)

For this one of the Star Ocean 2 best weapons on disc 1… I’m not quite sure if it’s worth it. The Crimson Devil is a marginal upgrade over the Marvel Sword. There are two ways to get it.

The first is to customize the Marvel Sword itself, but you can’t do that until early Disc 2. That’s what I’d suggest. Marvel Sword + Star Ruby = Soul Slayer. Soul Slayer + Philosopher’s Stone = Crimson Devil.

The second is a little convoluted. You need a “Hope of the Breeze” sword, which you get from random invalid combinations that Dias has through customization. So basically just keep customizing random weapons until you get that. Once you get a Hope of the Breeze, combine it with a Rainbow Diamond to make a Hard Cleaver. Hard Cleaver + Damascus = Crimson Devil.

Precis’s SDUGA Puncher

If you got the SD Puncher from the Treasure Chest, that will save you some time. Otherwise, like Dias’s Hope of the Breeze, SD Puncher is an invalid customization combination, so you just have to keep combining things until you get it.

From there, SD Puncher + Damascus = UGA Puncher. UGA Puncher + Meteorite = SDUGA Puncher.

Opera’s Pulse Box (Pulse Clip)

When it comes to Opera’s Star Ocean 2 best weapons, it’s a very similar process to Precis. You need to make a Gamma Box with invalid Customization combos, and then combine it with an Orichalcum, which you can pickpocket from a dog in Cross.

Berserk Rings

Until you can get the tri-Emblem and Slayer’s Rings at the very, very end of the game, Berserk Rings are pretty much the best accessory, since they double your attack power with no drawbacks. Claude can make them through Metalwork with a Ruby. Combined with a Meteor Ring, which Claude can make out of a Star Ruby, this is probably the best possible accessory combo you can hope to achieve.

I hesitate to mention the Meteor Ring, because I’ve heard you can no longer metalwork those in later versions, and even in the original version you could only reliably get Star Rubies from the Trickster item, which isn’t available until the last dungeon in Disc 1.

Conclusion – Star Ocean 2 Best Weapons on Disc 1

With a little bit of save scumming and a little bit of elbow grease, you can set yourself up with Star Ocean 2 best weapons for almost every character as early as disc 1.

Not all of the Star Ocean 2 best weapons are worth the effort to get this early, but getting at least some of the best weapons for the core characters you plan to use is a big help. When it comes to the Star Ocean 2 best weapons on disc 1, at the very least, I’d highly recommend getting Claud’s Aeterna sword.

Hope this guide helped you get ridiculously overpowered with all the Star Ocean 2 best weapons. Check out the Games section for more game guides like this.


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