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Persona 4 Golden Teddie Skills & Best Build

This Persona 4 Golden Teddie Build Guide will teach you which skills are worth keeping on Teddie and which you should forget in Persona 4 Golden.

If you’re playing Persona 4 Golden, now available on Steam, you’re going to want to know which of Teddie’s skills are worthwhile and which ones you can feel comfortable forgetting. You’re only allowed to keep 8 skills on any given character, so you’ll want to know which Persona 4 Golden Teddie skills are really worthwhile.

This Persona 4 Golden Teddie Build guide will teach you just that. It will also list all the possible skills the Teddie is capable of learning so you have everything you need in order to customize it to your own liking.

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The Build – Persona 4 Golden Teddie Skills

By the end of the game, the build you’re going to most likely want on Teddie, out of all his normal leveling skills, his available social link skills and his optional bike skills, is this:

MabufudyneIce Boost
MediarahanIce Amp
MatarukajaEvade Elec

It’s nice to have Matarukaja and Marakunda on one character to maximize your party’s damage on bosses. It’s not strictly necessary to have both Bufudyne and Mabufudyne, so you could replace one of those with Evade Physical if you wanted, though I’m not sure it’s worth it.

This is a pretty standard build for Teddie. He does have some skills you might want to find a spot for, like Samarecarm and the aforementioned Evade Physical, but it’s hard to make a case that those skills are better than any of the skills listed above except possibly getting rid of one of Teddie’s ice spells.

What you could also do, if you planned on having Teddie wear an accessory that boosts Ice Damage, is get rid of Ice Boost and put Samarecarm there.

Leveling Skills – Persona 4 Golden Teddie Skills

Here are the skills that Teddie learns as he levels up:

NameLevel LearnedDescription
MediaramaDefaultMedium healing for all allies
BufulaDefaultMedium ice damage to one enemy
Energy ShowerDefaultCures Exhaustion and Enervation (Party)
Traesto36Escapes the current dungeon
Mabufula38Medium ice damage to all enemies
Ice Boost40+25% Ice Damage
Matarukaja42Increases Attack for all allies
Ice Break44Reduces ice resistance for one enemy
Diarahan49Fully heals one ally
Bufudyne54Heavy ice damage to one enemy
Marakukaja58Increases Defense for all allies
Amrita61Cures all ailments for all allies
Gigantic Fist63Heavy physical damage to one enemy
Mabufudyne67Heavy ice damage to all enemies
Mediarahan70Fully heals all allies
Ice Amp72+50% Ice Damage

Social Link Skills – Persona 4 Golden Teddie Skills

These are the skills that Teddie can learn as he increases his social link (Star).

NameSocial Link RankDescription
Auto-Rakukaja2Begins battles with increased Defense
Recarm4Revives an ally with half health
Marakunda6Lowers Defense for one enemy
Samarecarm8Revives and ally with full health
Evade Elec10Triple evasion chance against electric attacks

Bike Skills – Persona 4 Golden Teddie Skills

These are the Bike Skills available to Teddie in Persona 4 Golden. For more information on Bike Skills, check the Persona 4 Golden Bike Skills Guide.

NameBike RidesDescription
Dekunda1Removes stat downs from all allies
Life Drain2Drains 30 health from an enemy
Mustard Bomb3Medium physical damage to all enemies with a chance of inflicting Enervation
White Wall4Increases ice resistance for one ally
Evade Physical5Triple evasion chance against physical attacks

Like many other party members, Teddie doesn’t get great options from his bike skills. The only one really worth mentioning is Evade Physical, which is a decent enough skill, although it’s arguable whether it’s worth wasting 5 afternoons to get.

Life Drain is, perhaps, the worst skill in the entire game. It steal a flat 30 HP which is never a significant amount of damage or healing at any point during the game, let alone later in the game when bike skills become available.

Unique Skill – Persona 4 Golden Teddie Skills

Each character’s unique skill is earned when they receive their 3rd Tier Persona. This happens in January when you spend an afternoon hanging out with a party member that has already achieved its 2nd Tier Persona by reaching their level 10 Social Link.

Teddie’s unique skill is Kamui Miracle, which you absolutely should not take. It randomly does one of 4 things to either all enemies or all allies:

  • Fully heals HP/SP
  • Downs all allies/enemies
  • Inflicts a random status ailment
  • No Effect

You might notice that fully healing all enemies is bad. Downing all allies is bad. And inflicting a random status ailment on all allies is also bad. This skill has a very high chance of doing something bad. Don’t take it. It’s a waste of a slot.

That about covers it when it comes to the Persona 4 Golden Teddie Build Guide. Be sure to check out the Games Section and the Main Page for more game guides, and click here for more content related to Persona 4 Golden.


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