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Trials of Mana Best Characters TIER LIST

If you’re playing Trials of Mana Remake, you’ll want to know who the Trials of Mana best characters are because the very first decision in the game has you deciding who your permanent party is going to be for your entire playthrough.

In addition to having played the original Trials of Mana/Seiken Densetsu 3 over a dozen times, I’ve completed 3 playthroughs of this remake and experimented with all the different classes, so I feel very confident that I can guide you well in terms of each character’s overall effectiveness. This is the Trials of Mana Best Characters Tier List.

S Tier – Trials of Mana Best Characters


trials of mana best characters angela

Angela is an incredibly potent damage dealer throughout the game and you can almost do no wrong with her. Starting from her very first class, she gets the MP regeneration to cast her spells pretty much endlessly, and she only gets stronger from there.

There’s some debate about whether her Grand Diviner class is her strongest, or her Magus class, but no matter which class you pick for her, she’s going to add an enormous amount of damage to your team.

In terms of the Trials of Mana best characters tier list, no one comes close to Angela.

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A Tier – Trials of Mana Best Characters


trials of mana best characters duran

Duran a very strong melee attacker who, in his Edelfrei class, is capable of buffing a physical party to near superhuman levels with his saber magic. He also has arguably the best attack animations of all the physical attackers, often hitting multiple enemies at once in a very wide arc.

Duran’s effectiveness is a little lower on a fully magic focused team, but if you have even two physical attackers, Duran pulls his own weight and then some. Even on a magically focused team, you can still get a fair amount of utility out of him by making him into a tank to distract enemies from your squishier party members.

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trials of mana best characters kevin

Kevin is just an extremely powerful physical attacker. There’s really not much more to him, but he plows through enemies with ease and if he’s partnered up with some strong support characters, his damage potential can match Angela’s.

The reason Kevin is below Angela and Duran is that Angela may benefit from some support, but she really doesn’t need it; she can pump out insane damage on her own. And as far as Duran, Duran is exactly the character Kevin needs to reach his full potential.

Easily among the Trials of Mana best characters.

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B Tier – Trials of Mana Best Characters


trials of mana best characters reisz

Reisz is an extremely solid support character who’s capable of buffing the entire team while also contributing a moderate amount of physical and spell damage.

Alternatively, she’s able to spread stat downs easily among all enemies, which is a bit less popular, but still a decent option. What makes Reisz so good how balanced she is as a party member while still being able to quickly boost the effectiveness of your whole team, whether it has a magical focus or a physical one.

In terms of the Trials of Mana best characters tier list, she’s solidly at B Tier.

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Hawkeye is a bit hit or miss. He’s best used as a mage who has a decent physical attack stat to fall back on for finishing off weakened enemies as necessary.

In his Rogue class, he’s a capable nuker who’s able to really pump out high damage numbers. In his Ninja Master class, he’s a great debuffer who’s able to quickly whittle down enemy health bars with his fast spells. He… also has two other classes.

Compared to the other characters on the Trials of Mana best characters tier list, he’s pretty good, but not the best.

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C Tier – Trials of Mana Best Characters



Charlotte is the healer of the bunch, and the main issue with that is that Trials of Mana is an easy game with tons of plentiful healing items, which means you absolutely 100% do not need a dedicated healer.

Since her main specialty isn’t strictly necessary, she ends up being a sort of less good version of various other characters. You can choose between a less useful Duran, a less useful Angela, or a less useful Dark Side Hawkeye/Reisz. Still, her healing spells are fairly convenient and she adds to the overall effectiveness of a party.

On the Trials of Mana best characters tier list, Charlotte tends to fall a little short, but altogether she’s decent, not unusable.

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When thinking about this, you have to keep in mind also that characters have a lot of potential synergy with one another. So, for example, while Hawkeye is just B-Tier here, there are parties where Hawkeye would be your best possible option based on what he brings to the table that other party members can take advantage of. Ninja Master can inflict Magic Defense Down, which Angela can take advantage of, for instance. Try to pick 3 party members who work well together, not just the best party members. That’s part of the fun of the game.

That said… Duran/Kevin/Angela is an extremely solid party.

That about does it for the Trials of Mana Best Characters Tier List. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more articles like this and click here for more Trials of Mana Remake content.


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