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Top 10 BEST Persona 4 Golden Personas

This Persona 4 Golden Persona Guide will teach you what the top 10 BEST Persona 4 Golden Personas are so you can create the ultimate team.

If you’re playing Persona 4 Golden, now available on Steam, you’re going to want to know what the best Persona 4 Golden Personas are so you know which Personas are really worth pursuing. With so many Personas available in the game, figuring out which ones are really worth your time can be overwhelming. Luckily, this Top 10 Best Persona 4 Golden Personas Guide is here to help.

When it comes to Persona 4 Golden Personas, the system in Persona 4 Golden is really flexible, allowing you to max the stats of any Persona of your choosing through Shuffle Time. Thus, stat differences really aren’t that big of a deal in Persona 4 Golden. Similarly, because Skill Cards are so easily accessible, most Personas’ natural skills are only convenient.

What really separates Persona 4 Golden Personas from the pack are natural resistances and unique skills. Everything else can be customized. Given that, these are the top 10 very best Personas in Persona 4 Golden.

10. Loki – Best Persona 4 Golden Personas

best persona 4 golden personas loki

The first four Personas on this list are special because they all have the strongest elemental spell in the game for their associated element. These spells are unique. They’re single target elemental spells that deal “Severe” damage. They have no associated skill cards and only these four specific Personas are ever able to learn these spells.

Loki is your go-to Ice Persona. It learns the Niflheim spell, which is the most powerful spell of the Ice Element. When you’re building your ultimate Loki, the build you’re going to want to go for is this:

NiflheimIce Amp
MabufulaNull Fire
Mind ChargeNull Light
Ice BoostAbsorb Physical

It should be noted that you can replace Mind Charge with another elemental resistance if you have a support Persona capable of casting Mind Charge for you. Which you should. The reason I suggest Null Fire instead of Absorb Fire is because Loki learns it naturally.

Loki is the ultimate Persona from the Fool Arcana, which means you can’t create him until the Fool social link maxes out naturally on 12/3.

9. Thor – Best Persona 4 Golden Personas

best persona 4 golden personas thor

Thor is the next of the Persona 4 Golden top tier elemental Personas and, as you might expect from Norse Mythology and the various Marvel movies, Thor is your friendly neighborhood Electric Persona. His signature skill is Thunder Reign, which deals severe electric damage to a single target.

The build you’re going to want to shoot for with your Thor is this:

Thunder ReignElec Amp
MaziodyneNull Physical
Mind ChargeAbsorb Wind
Elec BoostRepel Light

As I mentioned with Loki, if you have a support Persona that you can use to cast Mind Charge, you can free up that slot for another resistance skill. In this case what you’d want to replace it with is Repel Dark. Instant Death is never fun. The reason I suggest Null Physical instead of Repel Dark to begin with is because Thor learns it naturally.

8. Surt – Best Persona 4 Golden Personas

best persona 4 golden personas surt

Surt is the 3rd of the top tier elemental Persona 4 Golden Personas. His element, as you might imagine from his gigantic flaming sword, is fire. The signature move that he learns is Ragnarok, which, continuing the pattern, deals severe fire damage to a single target.

The build you’re going to want to shoot for with your Surt is this:

RagnarokFire Amp
MaragidyneNull Ice
Mind ChargeRepel Light
Fire BoostRepel Dark

As always, with these elemental Personas, you’re free to put another elemental resistance in place of Mind Charge if you’re rolling with another support Persona that can cast it.

7. Odin – Best Persona 4 Golden Personas

best persona 4 golden personas odin

The last of the four top tier elemental Personas is Odin who, somewhat unexpectedly, specializes in Wind magic. The special spell that he learns is Panta Rhei, which deals severe wind damage to one enemy.

The build you’re going to want for your Odin is this:

Panta RheiWind Amp
MagarudyneAbsorb Fire
Mind ChargeRepel Light
Wind BoostRepel Dark

Once again, Mind Charge is optional. You only need it on one Persona.

Odin is the ultimate Persona of the Emperor Arcana, which means in order to fuse one you need to max out the Emperor social link with Kanji.

6. Daisoujou – Best Persona 4 Golden Personas

best persona 4 golden personas daisoujou

The next two Personas have access to the best Light and Dark skills in the game, which have an exceptionally high success rate. Against enemies weak to Light/Dark, with the appropriate Hama/Mudo Boost skill, it’s practically a guaranteed instant kill (95-99%). Against other enemies they’re extremely reliable as well (~75%+ chance).

Because these Personas only require two skills to be effective, you can fill them to the brim with elemental resistance to make them invincible, or use a few slots to carry useful support skills like Salvation, Dekaja, Debilitate, etc. Because I recommend that you carry a dedicated support Persona (two, actually), the build I’d suggest for Daisoujou is this:

SamsaraNull Ice
Hama BoostNull Elec
SalvationNull Wind
Absorb PhysicalNull Dark

5. Alice – Best Persona 4 Golden Personas

best persona 4 golden personas alice

Alice is the second top tier Light/Dark Persona, specializing in Dark. The reason Daisoujou and Alice are higher on this list than the 4 main elemental Personas is that, in practice, Samsara and Die for Me! kill more enemies faster than the powerful elemental spells. They just absolutely wreck random encounters.

Alice’s signature skill is Die for Me! which instantly kills enemies who don’t resist Darkness with an incredible success rate. As with Daisoujou, only two skills are absolutely necessary. Everything else is optional. The build I’d recommend is:

Die for Me!Absorb Fire
Mudo BoostAbsorb Ice
Absorb PhysicalAbsorb Elec
Repel LightAbsorb Wind

Alice is the ultimate Persona for the Death Arcana, so in order to create her, you need to complete the Death social link with Hisano.

4. Beelzebub – Best Persona 4 Golden Personas

best persona 4 golden personas beelzebub

Beelzebub is an interesting Persona because he’s tied with Trumpeter for the most natural elemental immunities. It only requires three skill slots to make him fully immune to all damage except Almighty, which gives him a lot of flexibility to be used as a dedicated support Persona.

Beelzebub is very flexible. You could give him multiple elemental spells and make him an elemental variety Persona. You could make him a full support Persona. It’s really up to you. For the most part, he’s quite potent with just his normal skillset, so that’s what I’m going to recommend for the most part:

Primal ForceMudo Boost
MegidolaonAbsorb Wind
Mind ChargeAbsorb Physical
MamudoonRepel Light

Beelzebub is the ultimate Persona from the Devil Arcana, which means to create one you need to complete the Devil social link with Sayoko at the hospital.

3. Helel – Best Persona 4 Golden Personas

best persona 4 golden personas helel

Helel is the ultimate Persona in a variety of ways. It has a fantastic move pool that’s full of top tier abilities, 3 natural immunities, and access to the unique Almighty skill Morning Star, which deals severe Almighty damage to all enemies. This is the most powerful spell in the game.

The build I’d recommend for Helel is this:

Morning StarAbsorb Physical
SalvationAbsorb Ice
Mind ChargeAbsorb Elec
Insta-HealAbsorb Wind

As always, Mind Charge isn’t strictly necessary. Because Helel also learns both God’s Hand and Arms Master, you might want to replace Mind Charge and Insta-Heal with God’s Hand and Arms Master, but I think that’s a weaker build overall.

Helel is the ultimate Persona of the Star Arcana, so in order to create one you need to wait until 12/5 when the Star social link (Teddie) naturally maxes out.

2. Trumpeter – Best Persona 4 Golden Personas

best persona 4 golden personas trumpeter

Trumpeter is generally considered to be the best support Persona in the game, due to its natural skillset, which is full of all the best support skills, and its insane amount of resistances.

Frankly, though, when it comes to support skills, Debilitate and Dekaja are all you really need. Unless you’re soloing through dungeons, Heat Riser is less useful than Matarukaja or Chie’s Dragon Hustle, so I usually find that it’s not worth a spot.

The build I’d recommend for Trumpeter is similar to the build in the image above:

DekajaAbsorb Ice
Auto-MataruAbsorb Fire
Auto-MarakuAbsorb Physical

That said, there’s a lot of lee-way here. Like Beelzebub, you can build Trumpeter multiple different ways and end up with a strong and useful support Persona.

1. Yoshitsune – Best Persona 4 Golden Personas

best persona 4 golden personas yoshitsune

Yoshitsune is hands down the best Persona in Persona 4, just like he is in Persona 5. Hassou Tobi is ridiculously powerful. It’s miles ahead of any other skill in the game in terms of damage. On top of that, Yoshitsune boasts an impressive array of elemental resistances.

To be perfectly honest with you, once you’ve fused a Yoshitsune with Hassou Tobi and Power Charge, you’ve pretty much won the game already. Nevertheless, you’re probably going to want to spend a little extra time with your Yoshitsune build to make plowing through all the remaining challenges of the game that much easier.

Here’s the Yoshitsune build I’d recommend:

Hassou TobiAbsorb Fire
Power ChargeAbsorb Ice
Arms MasterAbsorb Wind
Auto-MataruRepel Dark

The reason I suggest Auto-Mataru even though I already listed all the auto buff skills for Trumpeter is because with Yoshitsune you’re probably just going to start every fight, cast Hassou Tobi once to OHKO everything and repeat. Constantly switching Personas back to Trumpeter becomes kind of a hassle. If that doesn’t bother you, though, I’d recommend Apt Pupil for that slot.

That about covers it when it comes to the Top 10 Best Persona 4 Golden Personas. Be sure to check out the Games Section and the Main Page for more game guides, and click here for more content related to Persona 4 Golden.


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