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Borderlands 3 Blast Master Farm & Location Guide

If you’re playing Borderlands 3, you may have heard of the Blast Master, widely considered to be Moze’s best legendary class mod. This guide will tell you all you need to know about what the Blast Master is capable of and where to farm it.

Borderlands 3 Blast Master Traits

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Blast Master is generally considered to be Moze’s best mod in Borderlands 3, although unlike most other characters, Moze has a few viable legendary mods instead of just one that’s far and away better than all others. Still, Blast Master is typically considered to be her best mod by a decent margin. It only has one special effect, but it’s a potent one.

The Blast Master increases Moze’s splash damage by up to 100% the longer she goes without reloading. Since Moze tends to get most of her damage via splash damage (if you’re not using a splash damage weapon, you’re really gimping Moze’s damage), so this is a huge bonus. Also, since Moze has several skills that regenerate ammo, it’s easy to get the double damage from the mod because reloading on Moze is exceedingly rare.


Like most of the vanilla legendary mods, it drops off one of the Eridian Trials bosses. In the case of the Blast Master, the Trial you’re going to want to farm through is the Trial of Discipline. In order to unlock it, you need to swing by Meridian Metroplex towards the end of the game.

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Once you’ve picked up the quest, do as it says and fly Sanctuary over to Precipice Anchor. There, you’ll continue the quest and have to fight your way through a short map until you face off against the Arbalest of Discipline.

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The Arbalest of Discipline, which basically looks like a Gundam, is your target. That’s the guy that drops the Blast Master. Unfortunately, there’s no way to farm just the boss over and over again. You have to go through the whole quest every time you want a shot as a Blast Master. Fortunately, it’s not as bad as trying to farm the Slaughterhouse dedicated drops, as the Trials go by pretty quick.

Anyway, that about does it for how to get the Blast Master legendary class mod in Borderlands 3. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more content like this and also check out the Borderlands 3 Section for game guides for Borderlands including builds, tips, best guns, character reviews and more.


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