How to Beat Frostpunk Fall of Winterhome

Ending the First Task

Keep up 24 hour shifts on research at every opportunity. Your biggest priorities are: steam coal mining (but you can’t build a second steam coal mine until your eastern scout returns with more steam cores), and completing the steel and food gathering trees.

You’ll probably want to grab advanced heaters, steam war drills and the perk for faster healing at the medical center (don’t both with infirmaries, you don’t have time and they take steam cores you can’t spare. That’s why you need to focus on preventing illness by building houses and making sure the work spots are heated). You will need a factory later on. Try to squeeze that in when you have time.

As you start running out of ruins, you’ll start needing wood. Build a war drill on the northwest side of the map. You might feel a squeeze for wood during the mid game, but you’ll stop needing wood almost entirely at some point. A steam war drill and one non-upgraded sawmill will do just fine for the entirety of Frostpunk Winterhome.

Make sure your research facility, steelworks, coal mines and war drills are all running on extended shifts.

Once your Eastern scout returns with all the steam cores he found, get yourself two steam coal mines, and switch the outpost team you have to collecting iron from the deposit to the west.

Law-wise, after you have temples and extended shifts, you should go down the line for prosthetics. You need prosthetics at the end and by the time you find out you need it, you won’t have enough time to go through this whole tree. Get it ahead of time. After that get the rest of the faith stuff, especially shrines to boost the efficiency of your steelworks.

Use the temple skills at every opportunity. Once you’ve gone through all three skills 2-3 times, that should be it for raising hope to 50%. Which will bring you to the next phase.

Repairing the Frostpunk Winterhome Generator

First you have to research the ability to repair the generator, then build the repair device. Easy stuff. After that, I hope you did a good job of staying ahead of the illnesses (I had zero sick people at this point), because you need to take all your engineers out of the medical centers and put them on the generator repair building for ~8 hours.

Once the engineers do their thing, you have to build an evacuation center and send 25 of your engineers away. Then you get the real task: send a ton of stuff to the dreadnaught so you can escape.

You need to send: 5000 coal, something to the tune of 10000 steel, 5000 food, and every steam core you have.

Here’s how you accomplish this: make sure to send 50 people each time, starting with the kids. (You get a task to send the kids first anyway). You need to be building prosthetics during this time, because you can’t send an amputee. It should cost a grand total of just ~500 iron to take care of it, but it takes time. Set the factory to an overtime shift and knock it out.

At first it doesn’t matter what you send, because you’re limited to sending 2500 resources and 50 people with each trip. Just try to make sure it’s fully loaded before it leaves, maybe focus on sending things that are near their resource capacity.

You’ll want to knock out food first, because once you run out of kids to send, you need to start sending workers. If you’re full on food, you probably have more than enough left over to sustain your dwindling population forever. The majority of your workers are working in the food industry, so dismantle your hunters’ hangars and send the workers. This also gives you a fair amount of extra steel.

Don’t worry too much about steam cores. You’ll need to send all of them, but that means dismantling all the buildings that are using them. You can save that for last, when you no longer need those buildings. Most notably you’ll have to dismantle your coal mines, which should be the absolute last thing you do before sending the final shipment.

As your population shrinks, start dismantling all your houses and any other building you don’t need anymore for the steel.

If you rushed the western engineers with your scout like I told you to, you should get an option around day 25 to send them to New London.

That’s it, from there you should be able to save all the kids and launch the fully loaded Dreadnought.

Best of luck.

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