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XCOM Chimera Squad Zephyr Abilities Guide

This article will show you all of the XCOM Chimera Squad Zephyr Abilities.

If you’re playing XCOM Chimera Squad, you’re going to want to know what skills Zephyr can learn when she levels up so you can make an informed decision about whether or not you want to have her in your active squad or keep her on the bench to go on Spec Ops or speed up the Assembly.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the skills Zephyr gains in XCOM Chimera Squad.

XCOM: Chimera Squad Agent Ability Guides:

Zephyr Overview – XCOM Chimera Squad

xcom chimera squad zephyr

Zephyr is the bruiser of the group. She has high mobility and deals a large amount of melee damage, while also having a high chance of adding a status effect. Her unique skill is Crippling Blow, which deals melee damage while also inflicting Disarm, Disorient, Stun or Root. After using this skill, Zephyr gains Momentum, which allows her to perform another movement action.

Like all other characters in XCOM Chimera Squad Zephyr can rank up 5 times, and gets a permanent talent choice at ranks 2 and 4 and additional training options at ranks 3 and 5.

Rank 1: Deputy Agent – XCOM Chimera Squad Zephyr


Description: The extra action from Momentum can be spent to prevent damage from the next attack instead of moving.

Compared to the rank 1 move every other character gets, this move is insane. It lets Zephyr absorb 1 attack every round. It basically gives her Kinetic Shield automatically every turn. This makes Zephyr incredibly tanky and, if you’re using Terminal, you can use her cooperation skill to let Zephyr refresh her parry every time it’s available. It’s probably the best rank 1 ability in the game.

Rank 2: Field Agent – XCOM Chimera Squad Zephyr


Description: Zephyr attacks any enemy that enters or attacks from melee range.

Zephyr hits hard and this skill procs a lot more often than you would expect. It’s a very strong option. Having this skill unlocked and tossing Zephyr into the fray with her high mobility basically ensures all the melee attacks on the opposing team either run up to hit her or try to run past her. Either way, they get punched in the face. It’s really good.

Pressure Point

Description: Melee attacks that would deal lethal damage will instead render enemies unconscious. Melee attacks do +1 damage. Replaces subdue.

This move is also great. +1 damage for every melee attack is pretty significant, especially considering the AoE Zephyr gets at rank 3 is a melee attack, and at rank 4, melee attacks ignore armor. It’s a tough decision between this and Lockdown, but I think Pressure Point adds up to a bigger damage bonus in the end because it’s not situational.

Rank 3: Special Agent – XCOM Chimera Squad Zephyr

Crowd Control

Description: Zephyr quickly darts around and attacks every nearby enemy before returning to her original position. 2 turn cooldown.

This is probably the best AoE skill in the game. It does significant damage, it adds potentially severe status effects (stun/root/etc), and it only has a 2 turn cooldown. For comparison. Axiom gets a similar AoE as his ultimate skill which deals less damage, has a smaller AoE and can only be used once per mission. So, Crowd Control is very strong.

Rank 4: Senior Agent – XCOM Chimera Squad Zephyr

Moving Target

Description: Momentum is also triggered by Subdue and Crowd Control, and Zephyr does not trigger Overwatch or reaction fire.

This is a pretty useless skill. I would recommend skipping it. If you took Pressure Point, you don’t even have Subdue, and Crowd Control is on a 2 turn cooldown. It’s not hugely terrible, but compared to the other option at this tier, there’s just absolutely no contest.

Vital Strike

Description: Melee attacks will ignore armor.

This is a huge damage buff, especially in the later stages of the game where it’s not uncommon for enemies to have 3, sometimes even 4 armor. Vital Strike makes sure Zephyr always hits hard, and every enemy feels squishy to her. Definitely pick this up over Moving Target.

Rank 5: Principal Agent – XCOM Chimera Squad Zephyr


Description: Zephyr enters Reaper Mode. With Reaper active, downing enemies with melee attacks grants an extra action. Each subsequent melee attack has reduced damage. 4 turn cooldown.

As far as ultimate abilities go in XCOM Chimera Squad, Reaper is top tier. For one thing, it has a cooldown instead of being limited to once per mission. That alone puts it in the top of the pack. Aside from that, the effect is quite powerful and it measures up to several of the most powerful ultimates, like Blueblood’s Faceoff. If you’re softened up the enemies a little bit, it’s not hard to get 3-5 bonus turns out of Reaper. Keep in mind Crowd Control counts as a melee attack. So you can activate Reaper, Crowd Control some group that ensures a kill, and then use Crippling Blow to finish off everything that survived.

Training Bonuses – XCOM Chimera Squad Zephyr

High Impact (Rank 5): Crowd Control will apply a random debuff to each target. Potential outcomes include Disarmed, Rooted and Disoriented.

That about covers it when it comes to XCOM Chimera Squad Zephyr Abilities. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more content like this, and click here for more content related to XCOM Chimera Squad.


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