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Top 5 BROKEN Bravely Default 2 Job Combos

This Bravely Default 2 job combos guide will teach you about 5 powerful, amazing, broken OP job combos in Bravely Default 2.

If you’re playing Bravely Default 2, you’re going to want to experiment with different jobs, as they all offer unique skills and abilities. To make really powerful characters, you’re going to want experiment with different Bravely Default 2 job combos. Some Bravely Default 2 job combos are better than others, and some are downright broken. This Bravely Default 2 Job Combos Guide will teach you several powerful strategies to make your characters a force to be reckoned with.

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While these Bravely Default 2 job combos are certainly powerful and, in many cases, overpowered, there are more Bravely Default 2 job combos to try and I encourage you to continue experimenting in-game to develop your own strategies.

Without further ado, let’s get into the Top 5 Broken Bravely Default 2 Job Combos.

5. Freelancer/Red Mage – Best Bravely Default 2 Job Combos

Kicking off the list of Bravely Default 2 job combos is a powerful magic build. This build is about dishing out immense amounts of magic damage by taking advantage of Freelancer’s monster stats and Red Mage’s Chainspell ability. This is not the most broken build on this list, but it is extremely powerful.

Freelancer/Red Mage is capable of Chainspell casting Quake or Tornado 8 times in a round for 20,000-45,000+ damage per hit against an element-neutral monster. That’s 160,000-360,000 damage every time it acts. Not too shabby. Very few threats in the game are capable of surviving more than one or two rounds of that kind of onslaught.

best bravely default 2 job combos freelancer/red mage

For a weapon, you’re going to want to equip the Arcanist’s Crescent Cane, which boasts the highest magic attack on a staff and passively grants MP Regen and Magic Amp. You’ll want a Sunshine Staff, which grants Staff Lore. You’ll also want a Hellhat, a Hellplate, a Soul of Thamasa and a Sands of Time. That will maximize your magical attack power while still keeping you under the level 99 Freelancer weight limit. Between that and the Freelancer stat bonus, you should be rocking around 850 Magical Attack (not counting booster buns).

best bravely default 2 job combos freelancer/red mage

For passive abilities, you’ll have Magic Amp, MP Regen, Staff Lore and Sub-Job Specialty 1 covered from your equipment, so you can focus on even more magic boosting passives. You’re going to need Sub-Job Specialty 2 to activate Chainspell. That’s a must-have. You’re also going to need Surpassing Power and Magic Critical, so those are your three must-haves. Adding in Dual Wield will max out your Magic Attack power. For your last slot, I think Critical Amp is the best choice to maximize your damage output.

With this build you should easily hit 999 Magical Attack and be able to take out almost any boss in the game in just 1-2 rounds, making it one of the best Bravely Default 2 job combos around.

4. Shieldmaster/Bravebearer – Best Bravely Default 2 Job Combos

Next up on the best Bravely Default 2 job combos list is the Shieldmaster/Bravebearer. Bravebearer is in general a pretty broken job, and you can really mix it with any job. I find that Shieldmaster makes a particularly good combo because it pairs well with any kind of support skillset, while Bravebearer also gives Shieldmaster a good offensive option to spend its extra BP on in the form of Gigagravity.

What makes Bravebearer so good as a support skillset is mainly one thing: Equaliser, which heals a BP for anyone who’s at negative BP, including the caster. This might be a little confusing, but that means whoever has Equaliser can take an action every round, cast Equaliser 3 times, and end the round with 0 BP. That means that your entire party can blow all of its BP every round and have their BP replenished to 0 as soon as the Bravebearer gets a turn.

best bravely default 2 job combos shieldmaster/bravebearer

What makes Bravebearer and Shieldmaster so good in terms of Bravely Default 2 job combos is that Shieldmaster is constantly getting free BP and MP as long as it’s protecting allies. This means there’s no risk of your Shieldbearer every being unable to cast Equaliser on its turn. Or, if it doesn’t need to cast Equaliser, it can use its huge HP pool to deal some good damage with Gigagravity.

Now, there are other options besides Bravebearer. Shieldmaster works great with any support skillset, since it’s absolutely swimming in BP and MP. You could use Bastion, Pictomancer, Bard, whatever you want. Swordmaster is also a fantastic option since Fluid Stance works so well when combined with the Shieldmaster’s protection abilities. Still, my personal opinion is that Bravebearer is the best of the support skillsets in general, mainly because Equaliser is ridiculous.

best bravely default 2 job combos shieldmaster/bravebearer

Equipment-wise, there really isn’t anything special to look for since the only stats this character cares about are defense, HP and speed. So just equip whatever equipment you have available that increases those attributes. The endgame passive ability weapons don’t help much either because the abilities you’ll want on this character are pretty spread out. The Bullhead shield is nice because it lets you cast Enrage, but it’s not strictly necessary.

You’ll want Defensive Offence (Vanguard), and you’ll want Counter (Swordmaster) in order to help keep Defensive Offence active. You’ll want Maximise HP (Monk), you’ll want Unshakeable Will (Berserker), and you might want Revenge (Red Mage). If you want to main Bravebearer instead of Shieldmaster to get higher overall stats, you’ll need Sub-Job Specialty 1 and Sub-Job Specialty 2 (or the Sword of Light).

If you’re looking for a reliable tank, Shieldmaster/Bravebearer is certainly one of the best Bravely Default 2 job combos.

3. Spiritmaster/White Mage – Best Bravely Default 2 Job Combos

Up third when it comes to the best Bravely Default 2 job combos is Spiritmaster/White Mage. Spiritmaster/White Mage is pretty much the ultimate support character, and there’s really not much you need to do to make it shine aside from gearing it up to succeed with as much Restorative Power and HP/defense as possible. At max job level, Spiritmaster will passively heal the entire party, revive all party members, give everyone a free BP, and heal almost all status effects every other round or so.

The downside is that it purges your buffs, which is pretty lame, but since buffs don’t seem to be able to boost your stats over the cap and there are plenty of ways to achieve max damage, they only worthwhile buffs you’re really losing out on are Reraise, Hastega and Rampart (although Rampart doesn’t tend to last long enough to get purged anyway). The other catch is you can’t let this character end a turn with more than 1 BP or their passive spirits will go away.

Now, White Magic is not strictly necessary. You could use Freelancer (or Beastmaster if you’ve captured enough monsters) for the stat boost. You could use Salve-Maker. You could even go Bravebearer (in that case, go Bravebearer/Spiritmaster because Bravebearer has better stats). I just think White Magic works because you’re still going to be wanting to stack up Restorative Power, and all the other abilities you’ll equip on this character also benefit White Magic quite a bit.

best bravely default 2 job combos spiritmaster/white mage

If you choose to go with Freelancer instead of White Mage of Salve-Maker, you won’t be able to cast Curaga or Arise on demand, but on the other hand, your Restorative Power will be so high that the passive Healthbringer spirit will probably fully heal the entire party. Bravebearer is nice because in addition to the support skills of Bravebearer, this character can still output good damage with Gigagravity and will be generating so much BP that it can constantly keep doing actions beyond just healing.

Equipment-wise, I’ve found that the Maidenhair Staff is best for a healer. It has the highest Restorative Power and also gives all the White Mage abilities, which means the ability to overheal as well as Solar Powered. After that, I think your best options are a Blessing Shield, a Ribbon, a White Robe, a Life Ring and Magic Armlets.

Ability-wise, the only real must-have outside of the White Mage passives is Epic Group-Cast (Bard), which will dramatically increase the power of Healthbringer and make any White Magic equally effective when cast party-wide as when cast on a single character. After that, there are two ways to go: MP Regen or defense. I like to use MP Regen (Arcanist) and then go full defense. Maximise HP (Monk), Defensive Offense (Vanguard) and Shield Lore (Bastion).

best bravely default 2 job combos spiritmaster/white mage

I like Defensive Offense because sometimes this character just needs to dump some BP on physical attacks to stay under the 1 BP limit, and you get a nice defense boost from doing that with Defensive Offense. Auto Guard could be another good option, as well as MP Saver (though between Solar Powered, MP Regen and Spiritbringer, you shouldn’t be having too many MP issues).

When it comes to Bravely Default 2 job combos, if you’re looking for a support character, it’s hard to beat a Spiritmaster/White Mage. Definitely one of the best Bravely Default 2 job combos.

2. Swordmaster/Freelancer – Best Bravely Default 2 Job Combos

Next up on the best Bravely Default 2 job combos list is Swordmaster/Freelancer. Swordmaster/Freelancer (or Swordmaster/Beastmaster if you’ve farmed enough captures) is both the ultimate farming character and the strongest physical attacker. By combining Solid Stance with every physical attack modifying ability you can, you’ll be able to use physical attacks to kill, steal from, and attempt to capture every monster on the field, ending random encounters almost instantly while still getting the rewards you’d give up by using Obliterate.

Swordmaster/Freelancer is also a boss murdering machine, either through the use of Solid Stance and Indiscriminate Rage to attack all bosses, or by melting through single targets with Ninefold Strike.

best bravely default 2 job combos swordmaster/freelancer

While Swordmasters obviously have a natural S ranking for Swords, I suggest you use daggers just because of the sheer amount of useful passive skills you get by dual wielding the Thief and Phantom endgame daggers. With the Freelancer stat boosts, you shouldn’t have much problem maxing out Attack, so you’re going to want to focus on crit chance with your other equipment. I suggest two Thief’s Gloves to increase crit damage and maximize your odds of stealing items, as well as a Duelling Mask and a Brave Suit.

For abilities, you’re already getting all the useful Thief and Phantom abilities through equipment. You also don’t need Sub-Job Specialty 2, because Swordmaster’s second specialty unlocks it. You’re going to want Critical Flow (Bastion), Indiscriminate Rage (Berserker) and Surpassing Power (Hellblade). You’ll also want Full Force (Dragoon), as it applies to regular attacks affected by Indiscriminate Rage.

best bravely default 2 job combos swordmaster/freelancer

For your last slot, you really don’t have any other options to increase attack power. Raw Power and Brute Force don’t seem to have any added benefit at 999 Attack. Maximise HP is always a good option. Counter-Savvy might be useful. If you’re going to go capture monsters, Beast Whisperer would be the right choice. Personally, I think Revenge (Red Mage) is the best option when you’re not capturing monsters.

Surpassing power isn’t strictly necessary because this build relies on large amounts of smaller hits, but it is useful because you will be breaking the 9999 damage limit against anything weak to daggers.

With this build you’ll have 999 Attack, 98% crit chance, and hit every enemy on the field 8 times per round for around 10k damage per hit while also stealing and (if you’re using Beast Whisperer) capturing. Against bosses you use Ninefold Strike to hit for about 40,000-50,000 damage per use, so around 200,000 damage on full brave.

This is definitely one of my favorite Bravely Default 2 job combos. Not only is it super powerful, it’s almost completely idiot proof. It requires no complicated setups, no MP, no managing HP, nothing. Just equip the right stuff and have at it.

1. Hellblade/Salve-Maker – Best Bravely Default 2 Job Combos

Finally, last but certainly not least on the best Bravely Default 2 job combos list is Hellblade/Salve-Maker. The objective of this build is to repeatedly use Ultima Sword at full power in combination with HP/MP Converter. HP/MP Converter uses HP instead of MP to cast spells at a cost of 10 times the MP and… guess what? It makes Ultima Sword 10 times more powerful. If you cast Ultima Sword with 9999 HP with HP/MP Converter, you hit for 99,999 damage even without a critical hit.

Now, this isn’t quite as powerful as it seems, because using 4 BP you have to heal in between each Ultima Sword (that’s where Salve-Maker comes in), which means you’re only doing 200,000 per round. You’ll notice that’s less than the Swordmaster/Freelancer and Freelancer/Red Mage are capable of doing, even when they’re not hitting weaknesses.

However, you can equip Across the Board (Bravebearer) to make Ultima Sword able to be performed on all enemies. 200,000 per round to all enemies is more than other Bravely Default 2 job combos can accomplish, so if you want to wipe whole teams of bosses at once, this is the build to use.

best bravely default 2 job combos hellblade/salve-maker

Equipment-wise, what I suggest is dual wielding the Sword of Light (passive Bravebearer abilities) and the Darksoul Sword (passive Hellblade abilities), which gives you all the abilities you need for this build to work except for HP/MP Converter. After that, I like to use a Maximillian (to max HP), a Ribbon and the best speed-boosting equipment I have, since Hellblade is slow and you don’t need any more stats.

Aside from that, you’ll want Dual Wield to take advantage of both your weapons, and then you can kind of equip whatever you want. Abilities that boost damage are pointless, since you’ll already be hitting the damage cap, so you might want to focus on powering up the healing utility of the Salve-Maker job or your character’s speed. I like Healing Item Amp and Fast Hands. You can equip whatever you want, though. Maximise HP is always a good option.

best bravely default 2 job combos hellblade/salve-maker

When in battle, the idea is to go full brave, cast Ultima Sword, cast an Elixir on yourself with advanced compounding (X Potion + 2x Magic Herbs) or a Gigapotion, cast Ultima Sword again, and then another full-heal. This will end pretty much every fight in the game except the secret boss fight and a handful of rare encounters with HP over 300k in a single turn. Truly a devastating option when it comes to Bravely Default 2 job combos.

That about covers it when it comes to the Bravely Default 2 Best Job Combos. Be sure to check out the Main Page for more game guides, the Bravely Default 2 section for more guides for this game and the Quizzes section for fun quizzes related to RPGs and pop culture.

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