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Chrono Trigger Lucca Best Equipment & Techs

This Chrono Trigger Lucca Guide will teach you all about Lucca’s best equipment and her available techs in Chrono Trigger.

If you’re playing Chrono Trigger, there’s a good chance you’re going to try using Lucca in your party. If you do, you’re absolutely going to want to maximize Lucca’s potential by collecting all of her best weapons and armor throughout the game. This Chrono Trigger Lucca Best Equipment Guide will help you do just that.

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Overview – Chrono Trigger Lucca

chrono trigger lucca

In Chrono Trigger Lucca is not generally considered to be a top tier character. She has fairly powerful magic, but lacks the elemental diversity of Magus, and she’s incapable of doing anything else.

Lucca’s weapons have fairly random damage, she can’t heal and doesn’t provide any particularly useful buffs or utility. Still, her magic is decently potent and Chrono Trigger is a fairly easy game, so if you happen to like Lucca, it won’t make your playthrough too much more difficult.

Best Equipment – Chrono Trigger Lucca

In Chrono Trigger Lucca uses most of the same equipment as the other female characters use for her best gear.

The problem with that is, unlike male helmets and armor, which are fairly plentiful, you can only get 1 copy of the best female helmet and the best female armor in each playthrough, so you either have to limit your party to one girl at a time or have your 2nd or 3rd female character use a lower tier of equipment.

Like with most other characters, when it comes to the best equipment, you’re looking for 4 things:

  • The best weapon
  • Innate status immunity
  • Auto-Haste
  • Damage bonus

Knowing that, the best equipment you’re going to find for Lucca will be this:

chrono trigger lucca best equipment
  • Best Weapon: Wondershot
  • Best Helmet: Angel’s Tiara
  • Best Armor: Regal Crown
  • Best Accessory: Prism Spectacles

Lucca actually gets an upgrade from the Wondershot in the post-game, called the Spellslinger. The Spellslinger does deal more consistent damage, but it also requires you to avoid spellcasting entirely because its damage relies on maintaining 99 MP (or rather, any amount of MP that ends in 9 — 99 is just the easiest).

Since spamming Flare is basically the only reason to ever use Lucca, Spellslinger’s mechanics are at odds with Lucca’s role as a spellcaster. The Wondershot is also capable of inflicting higher damage than the Spellslinger from time to time, with its extreme damage variance.

Best Equipment Locations – Chrono Trigger Lucca

Wondershot – Chrono Trigger Lucca Best Weapon

Wondershot is obtained through the Sun Stone side quest. It’s a very easy side quest. All you need to do is go to 2300 A.D. and visit the Sun Palace in the southwest. Pick up the Sun Stone, take it to the Prehistoric Era, place it in the Sun Shrine in the northeast, pick it up from Porre in 1000 A.D. after giving beef jerky to the mayor of Porre in 600 A.D., and then pick the charged Sun Stone up in 2300 A.D.

Angel’s Tiara – Chrono Trigger Lucca Best Helmet

Angel’s Tiara, which provides Auto-Haste and Status Immunity, is found in the Dimensional Vortex in Antiquity. It’s inside one of the random rooms during the first portion of the dungeon, so you might have to run through the vortex multiple times before you see it. It’s located in the random room that’s modeled after the Lost Sanctum, which is a Prehistoric theme with a bunch of pink and blue imps.

Regal Gown – Chrono Trigger Lucca Best Armor

Regal Gown is also found in a chest in the Antiquity Dimensional Vortex, although it’s much easier to find since it’s guaranteed to be there. Once you’ve completed the first portion and you’re in the ice area, it’s in a chest in the large room full of blue Heckrans.

Prism Spectacles – Chrono Trigger Lucca Best Accessory

There are normally two places to find Prism Specs. The first is obtained at the same time you get the Rainbow after completing both the Rainbow Shell and Sun Stone quests.

The second is Charmed from the Steel Shade in the 1000 AD Vortex.

However, in the DS version of the game, you can get an infinite amount because it’s a random prize in the 6th Tier battles in the Arena of Ages.

Single Techs – Chrono Trigger Lucca

Flamethrower110Burn enemies along a direct line. (Fire)
Hypnowave160Put all enemies to sleep.
Fire2N/AAttack an enemy with fire. (Fire)
Napalm4150Bomb enemies within a circle. (Fire)
Protect6250Boost an ally’s Defense.
Fire II8400Attack all enemies with fire. (Fire)
Megaton Bomb15600Blast enemies within a circle. (Fire)
Flare20900Attack all enemies with intense fire. (Fire)

Double Techs – Chrono Trigger Lucca

TechCharactersTechs (MP Cost)
Fire WhirlCrono/LuccaCyclone (2), Flamethrower (1)
Fire SwordCrono/LuccaCleave (4), Fire (2)
Fire Sword IICrono/LuccaFrenzy (12), Fire II (8)
Antipode BombMarle/LuccaIce (2), Fire (2)
Antipode Bomb IIMarle/LuccaIce II (8), Fire II (8)
Antipode Bomb IIIMarle/LuccaIce II (8), Flare (20)
Fire PunchLucca/RoboFire (2), Rocket Punch (1)
Fire TackleLucca/RoboFire II (8), Robo Tackle (4)
Double BombLucca/RoboMegaton Bomb (15), Proximity Bomb (14)
Red NeedleLucca/FrogFire (2), Aerial Strike (4)
Line BombLucca/FrogMegaton Bomb (15), Aerial Strike (4)
Frog FlareLucca/FrogFlare (20), Frog Squash (15)
Flame KickLucca/AylaFire (2), Roundillo Kick (2)
InfernoLucca/AylaFire II (8), Tail Spin (10)
Blaze KickLucca/AylaFire II (8), Triple Kick (20)

Triple Techs – Chrono Trigger Lucca

TechCharactersTechs (MP Cost)
Ring of FireCrono
Cleave (4), Fire II (8), Laser Spin (3)
Delta ForceCrono
Lightning II (8), Ice II (8), Fire II (8)
Delta StormCrono
Lightning II (8), Fire II (8), Water II (8)
Gatling KickCrono
Lightning II (8), Fire II (8), Triple Kick (20)
Eternal DarknessMagus
Dark Matter (20), Ice II (8), Fire II (8)
Poyozo DanceAyla
Allure (1), Hypnowave (1), Triple Kick (20)
Omega FlareMagus
Flare (20), Laser Spin (3), Dark Bomb (8)

That about covers it when it comes to the Chrono Trigger Lucca Best Equipment & Techs Guide. Be sure to check out the Games Section or the Main Page for more game guides like this, and click here for more content related to Chrono Trigger.


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