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Best Dragon Quest 11 Veronica Build & Equipment

This Dragon Quest 11 Veronica Build & Equipment Guide will teach you how to maximize Veronica’s potential in Dragon Quest 11 so you can dominate the game.

If you’re playing Dragon Quest 11 you’re going to want to know what Veronica’s best skills are and also where to find all her best equipment. This Dragon Quest 11 Veronica Build & Equipment Guide will teach you just that. I’ll tell you what skills are best to invest in from beginning to end as well as how to get all of Veronica’s best equipment.

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Skills – Dragon Quest 11 Veronica

In Dragon Quest 11 Veronica has 3 main skill trees: Vim, Heavy Wands, and Whips. Of these, only Vim and Heavy Wands are really worthwhile to invest into.

Whips are a novelty at best. Veronica has low attack power and her whip skills are weaker than her spells, less mana efficient, and hit a smaller AoE all in exchange for a low chance of inflicting some of the less useful status effects.

So, unless you want your Veronica to be different for whatever reason, avoid whips, and invest in Vim and Heavy Wands.

When you first get Veronica, she has very limited options for where to invest her skill points. You’re going to want to go into the Vim tree first in order to unlock Channel Anger, which is the locked node. Channel Anger increases Veronica’s spell damage substantially and is well worth casting.

Aside from that, for the rest of Act 1, you’ll just want to fill out her Heavy Wands branch. There aren’t particularly useful skills in either tree until they expand, so just grab the MP and Magical Might bonuses and whatever else you have points for.

Once Veronica’s skill trees expand, you’re going to want to grab the Magical Might nodes on the bottom right of her Heavy Wands tree and then invest the rest into Vim, prioritizing the right side first for Enchanting Echo and Kafrizzle, then heading over to the left for Kaboomle

Finish off the Vim tree and then head back into Heavy Wands to get Zing Stick and the MP bonuses at the top and finish that tree off as well.

From there, you’ll start having leftover points to put into whips, which you probably won’t get any use out of, but unfortunately Veronica just doesn’t have that many nodes that are attractive for placing points into. Once you’ve gotten her Magical Might nodes and Channel Anger/Kafrizzle/Kaboomle/Enchanting Echo, you’re pretty much done with her grid.

Best Equipment – Dragon Quest 11 Veronica

Equipment Setup

  • Weapon: Staff of Eternity +3
  • Helmet: Crown of Eternity +3
  • Armor: Gown of Eternity +3
  • Accessory 1: Monarchic Mark +3
  • Accessory 2: Monarchic Mark +3

Note: Aurora Staff has slightly higher Magical Might than Staff of Eternity, but Staff of Eternity grants 3% spell crit. It’s up to you. If you hit the Magical Might cap, use Warlocks for Veronica’s Dragon Quest 11 best equipment instead of Monarchic Marks.

Locations – Dragon Quest 11 Veronica Equipment

  • Staff of Eternity: Crafted via Big Hitters of the Battlefield which is found in a chest in the Luminary’s Trial
  • Aurora Staff: Upgrade the evolutionary weapon Bright Staff which is the reward for beating the 3rd Wheel of Harma Trial in 15 moves
  • Crown of Eternity: Crafted via Eternal Elegance which is found in a chest in Sage’s Trial – Hoarder’s Keep
  • Gown of Eternity: Crafted via Eternal Elegance which is found in a chest in Sage’s Trial – Hoarder’s Keep
  • Monarchic Mark: Crafted via Badges of Honor which is found in Sniflheim Castle using the Ultimate Key
  • Warlock: Reward for the Quest “My Secret Saint” in Lonalulu in Act 1. To get 2 you need to have one equipped at the end of Act 1 to receive a copy in Act 3.

That about covers it for the Dragon Quest 11 Veronica Build & Equipment Guide. Be sure to check out the Game Guides section for more content like this, and click here for more content related to Dragon Quest 11.


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