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Final Fantasy Tactics: How to Beat Wiegraf at Riovanes EASILY

This Final Fantasy Tactics Wiegraf guide will teach players how to beat Wiegraf at Riovanes Castle easily.

In Final Fantasy Tactics (FFT), at the end of the 3rd Chapter, you’ll have a one on one battle with Wiegraf at Riovanes which is notorious for ending playthroughs. A lot of new players don’t expect this battle and end up saving right before, so there’s no way to back out of the castle and train; you just have to figure out how to beat it with what you have.

So, with this guide, let me tell you some foolproof ways to defeat Wiegraf at Riovanes Castle.

final fantasy tactics wiegraf

Create a Backup Save

If you’re not sure that you’ll be able to win, make sure you create a backup save before you enter Riovanes Castle so that you can back out and utilize one of the below strategies. Basically, there are three strategies people use to commonly win this fight.

Wiegraf Strategy #1: Auto-Potion

Auto-Potion is a 400 JP Reaction Skill in the Chemist class and, if you don’t know, automatically uses the weakest potion in your inventory every time you’re attacked. So if you throw out all your Potions and Hi-Potions, leaving only X-Potions, you’ll get a free 150 HP heal every time you receive damage.

That’s perfect, because Wiegraf’s skills do roughly 140 damage each turn. With 97 Brave and Auto-Potion, you’ll get healed to full every time Wiegraf makes a move and, as long as your potion stock stays full, he’ll never be able to defeat you.

Wiegraf Strategy #2: Tailwind/Yell

This one is nice, because it’s available on almost every Ramza universally, so if you got into this fight, didn’t know what you were getting into, and were caught totally unprepared, in all likelihood you’ll be able to utilize this strategy to win.

You want to make use of Ramza’s Squire class skill “Tailwind” (in WotL) or “Yell” (in the original FFT). This gives Ramza +1 speed. The whole idea here is to just run away from Wiegraf the entire battle, spamming Tailwind, until you’re getting 4-5 turns for Wiegraf’s 1.

Ideally, you’ll want to be a class that can survive ~2 hits from Wiegraf (so 280+ HP) and be able to heal yourself, just in case. So I’d recommend Ramza’s Squire Class with Item subskill (you probably have access to at least Hi-Potions), or, better yet, Ramza as a Monk with the Chakra skill.

You’ll have to take at least one hit during the start of the battle while you’re first speeding up. The basic idea is to go up and down the sides of the battlefield and, as Wiegraf is getting to the side you’re on, use 2 turns in a row to move to the other side, and repeat.

Then, when you’re fast enough, just run up to him and take him out over the course for 4 turns. You can also take some time to use the Squire’s Focus skill to get enough PA to one-shot him with a normal physical attack.

Your stat bonuses persist in the second half of the fight, so Belias should be no problem.

Wiegraf Strategy #3: Ninja with Brawler

This one is my personal favorite because it’s the fastest. If you’ve trained Ramza up to have access to the Ninja class, typically, all you have to do is make him a Ninja with the Brawler support skill (from Monk). You’ll get your first turn before Wiegraf, so just run up to him and punch him in the face on your very first turn and he should go in one hit.

Belias will be more difficult if you do it this way (as I’m sure he was intended to be), but you’ll have your team with you to help. The Ninja strategy has the added benefit of also being effective in the Elmdore fight that follows the Wiegraf fight — just do the exact same thing, run up to one of the two assassins (Celia or Lettie/Lede) on the very first turn and one-shot them.

That about does it for how to defeat Wiegraf at Riovanes Castle in Final Fantasy Tactics (FFT). Be sure to check out the Games Section for more content like this, and check out the Final Fantasy Tactics section for more game guides related to FFT.


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