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Kelly Stamps: Hilarious, Talented, Weird

Kelly Stamps is a midsized YouTuber with a growing platform. Her videos cater to a variety of topics including New York vs LA, fashion, YouTuber advice and more, but they all have one thing in common. Kelly herself is hilarious and is a fantastic personality. Kelly has a comedic and relatable delivery and editing style that’s hard to match. Gorgeous and hilarious? Where do I sign! As I’m writing this, I just watched her type a phone number into a shoe and then break out into a funny but shockingly competent club dance routine. It’s really something else.

Kelly is really, absolutely, undeniably talented in a variety of different disciplines and it shows in her videos. I’m not sure why she hasn’t blown up even more than she has, but I will say it’s difficult to truly describe what her channel is because… Kelly is the channel. Most channels rely on a topic, or a shtick or a niche, like fashion, or gaming, or sketches, or whatever, but Kelly represents a true personality YouTuber who is her own draw; you’re not coming to watch her videos because it’s fashion. You’re coming to watch her videos because it’s Kelly Stamps.

Is Kelly a talented dancer for some reason? Yes. Is Kelly very attractive? Also yes. Is Kelly funny and capable of lowkey slapstick, deadpan wit and sheer absurdity? Extremely. Are her videos low budget and extremely weird? That’s the best part of all. She also likes sushi and has dope glasses. Always a plus.

In addition to what’s already been said above, Kelly gives surprisingly good advice about starting a YouTube channel and is very open and authentic about how much money she makes, the amount of time she puts into her videos, and other subjects along those lines. She’s like her own behind the scenes commentator.

That’s it for my review of Kelly Stamps. It really is difficult to capture just what exactly the hell her channel is without watching it for yourself. I suggest you start here.

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