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#1 Best Obstagoon Moveset in Pokemon Sword & Shield

If you’re playing Pokemon Sword and Shield you might have stumbled upon a Zigzagoon, which evolves into the increasingly popular Obstagoon, and wondered what the best Obstagoon moveset and build might be. This guide has you covered. Here you can learn all about the best Obstagoon build/Obstagoon moveset in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

pokemon sword shield best obstagoon moveset build

Nature – Best Obstagoon Moveset

The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure you catch a Zigzagoon with an optimal nature. The nature you’re going to want for your Obstagoon is Adamant, which increases Attack and decreases Special Attack. Your other option is Jolly, which increases Speed at the expense of Special Attack, but Obstagoon is already decently fast.

Ability – Best Obstagoon Moveset

This is very important: you want an Obstagoon with the Ability Guts and not the alternative, which is Reckless. Since Obstagoon’s abilities change over the course of its evolution, when you catch a Zigzagoon what you’re looking for is Gluttony, which will switch over to Guts when it evolves into Obstagoon in Pokemon Sword or Shield.

Held Item – Best Obstagoon Moveset

Obstagoon relies on its Held Item a lot more than other pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield, so it’s important to find the item it needs as soon as possible. What Obstagoon wants is a Flame Orb, which is a random reward for beating the tournament after beating the game. The Flame Orb burns the user every round which… sounds bad, but for Obstagoon it’s actually very beneficial. For one thing, if he has the Guts ability, as he should, his attack is increased by 1.5x whenever he has the burn.

Moves – Best Obstagoon Moveset

The four moves you’re going to want on your Obstagoon in Pokemon Sword and Shield are these:

  • Facade
  • Knock Off
  • Close Combat
  • Obstruct

Facade is your bread and butter move. It synergizes incredibly well with Guts & the Flame Orb. Facade’s power doubles from 70 to 140 if the user is burned, paralyzed or poisoned. Then, additionally, Obstagoon’s attack is increased by 1.5x by the burn due to Guts, and Facade is a STAB move for Obstagoon which increases its damage even more.

Knock Off provides some Dark STAB coverage and also the ability to get rid of any pesky items an opposing pokemon may be carrying.

Close Combat increases Obstagoon’s coverage even more by providing a powerful fighting type move to bust through Rock and Steel type pokemon

Obstruct is Obstagoon’s signature move and it’s great against beefy pokemon who are trying to sweep through your team. Not only does it protect the user from damage for that round, but if it’s activated, it sharply lowers the attacker’s defense, leaving them open to get one-hit killed by a nasty Facade. Furthermore, it synergizes with the Flame Orb by giving you a free turn at the start of a battle to let the Burn from the Flame Orb activate so you can follow up with a devasting Facade.

Obstagoon Moveset Conclusion

Obstagoon is a powerful pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield. He’s well worth picking up during any playthrough, and even remains useful in the post-game tournaments and the competitive pokemon scene. The massive amount that Facade can be powered up by the Guts Ability and the Flame Orb are what truly take him to the next level despite stats that are just slightly above average in most areas.

That about covers it when it comes to the best Obstagoon build in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more articles like this and click here for more game guides for Pokemon Sword and Shield.


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