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Final Fantasy Tactics Ninja Guide & Review

Ninja is one of the classes in Final Fantasy Tactics (FFT). There are a ton of classes in FFT and it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which is the right one. Which skills and abilities are good? Which classes are good? This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the Final Fantasy Tactics Ninja class.

Final Fantasy Tactics (FFT)

final fantasy tactics ninja guide

Final Fantasy Tactics Ninja Quick FAQ

How do you unlock the Ninja class in FFT WotL?

Ninja requires Archer level 4, Thief level 5 and Geomancer level 2 to unlock.

What skills can the Ninja class learn in FFT WotL?

The Ninja class learns how to throw shurikens and weapons, abilities to increase dodge rates, and the iconic Dual Wield skill

How much total JP is required to master the Ninja class in FFT WotL?

It takes 4,020 total JP to fully master the Ninja class

What are the Ninja class’s stat growth like in FFT?

The Ninja class provides top tier speed, great attack and average HP growth.

Stat Growths

(Lower is better)
HP: 12 MP: 13 SPD: 80 PA: 43 MA: 50

In Final Fantasy Tactics Ninja gets the best speed growth out of any class and great PA growth — 2nd best PA growth after the 3-way tie for the best PA growth between Knight, Dragoon and Dark Knight.

Moveset: Throw

Ability NameJP Cost
Ninja Blade100
Knight Sword100

Ninja’s moveset, throw, is a decent long-range option if you’re actually using the Final Fantasy Tactics Ninja class itself. As a secondary ability, it’s somewhat lackluster and it pales in comparison to other secondary long-range options like Geomancy and Martial Arts.

Shurikens do a fairly decent amount of damage, and throwing powerful weapons can pump out some respectable damage. If you want to get the most out of this, you’ll probably want to just stock up with the highest attack damage weapon you can buy in a shop and throw exclusively that weapon. No need to learn every skill on the list, although they are relatively cheap.

Reaction Abilities

Ability NameJP Cost

Vanish is a relatively useless skill. Because invisibility goes away when you do any action, it basically means if you get hit, you won’t get hit again until your next turn. Not bad, but pretty mediocre overall. It’s odd that it costs so much when Reflexes, its competition in this category, is a much better reaction ability and is less than half the JP cost.

Reflexes doubles your evasion stats, so if you combine it with a mantle accessory and/or a shield, both your physical and magical evasion will be through the roof. Reflexes is not the best reaction ability, but it’s definitely top tier.

Support Abilities

Ability NameJP Cost
Dual Wield1000

Ninja only has one support ability and that’s fine, because it’s arguably the best support ability in the game. Not only does it double your physical damage output, weapons often have powerful passive effects and stat bonuses which you can stack by using the dual wield skill.

Wizards, for instance, can dual wield two Wizard Rods for a staggering +4 MA. Knight Sword users can get insane passives from Dual Wielding Knight Swords (for instance, Haste from Excalibur and Protect/Shell from Save the Queen/Ragnarok).

So many classes get utility from equipping the Dual Wield skill that it’s hard to understate.

Movement Abilities

Ability NameJP Cost

Well, they can’t all be winners. Waterwalking lets you walk on water. Compared to Teleport, Move +3, Move +2, or anything else competing for a movement ability slot, it’s hard to make an argument for Waterwalking. Skip it.

Final Fantasy Tactics Ninja Overall Assessment

In Final Fantasy Tactics Ninja is a must for almost any physically oriented character. Not only does it have two top tier skills (Dual Wield and Reflexes), it has the best overall stat growths for any physical character.

You can’t go wrong with leveling a physical character in the Final Fantasy Tactics Ninja class. You’ll end up with insane speed (which makes a huge impact in FFT), and very high physical attack.

As a class, it’s not ideal to finalize your character as a Ninja, because the Throw skillset isn’t top tier; it’s best to train in the Ninja class, get it’s best abilities, and then switch to a class that can make use of those stats an abilities like Monk or a unique character’s base class.

That about covers it for the Final Fantasy Tactics Ninja Class. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more content like this and click here for more game guides related to FFT.

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