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Trials of Mana Duran Best Class TIER LIST

This Trials of Mana Duran Best Class Tier List will give you a solid, informed rundown of each of the Trials of Mana Duran classes so that you can pick which one’s right for you. (Hint: 9 times out of 10, it’s Edelfrei)

If you’re playing the Trials of Mana Remake and you’re thinking about using Duran in your party, you’re going to want to know the general consensus on which class is his best, which classes are just OK, and which are the worst.

I’ve just finished my 3rd playthrough of this game, and I’ve tried out all of Duran’s classes extensively, so let me give you a rundown on which ones are HOT and which ones are NOT. … … Ugh, God. That was bad. Anyway, onto the Trials of Mana Remake Duran Best Class Tier List.

Trials of Mana Remake Best Class Tier Lists
Duran Angela Riesz Hawkeye Kevin Charlotte

Keep in mind we’re talking about the four 3rd tier endgame class options, not the 2nd class or the 4th class. 2nd class you choose because you’re headed toward the 3rd class and 4th class is what you get based on what you chose for the 3rd class – it’s sort of just a bonus power upgrade.

S Tier

Duran isn’t really an S-Tier kind of character, so we’re going to start his class list off at A-Tier where it belongs.

A Tier


trials of mana best duran class edelfrei

Swordmaster was Duran’s most popular class in the original Trials of Mana/Seiken Densetsu 3 and the remake has only reinforced it, now called Edelfrei (for some reason), as the best class.

It gets way more utility than all of Duran’s other classes, with its ability to cast party-wide elemental sabers, as well as access to Moon and Leaf Saber.

Not only that, it’s somewhat counter-intuitively among the best healers in the game since it requires you to allocate so many stat points into Spirit, which makes Edelfrei a very effective Poto Oil user.

If you don’t know, once you get to Beiser early on in the game, you can buy an item called Poto Oils, which casts Heal Light on the party, no different than if you learned the skill in your class. Edelfrei doesn’t get any passive skills or chain skills that support healing, but his Poto Oil heals are more than enough for Trials of Mana Remake.

The passive and chain skills Edelfrei does get access to, however, are extremely impactful. He gets Attack Saber II, which increases the damage bonus of saber buffs by 25%, making his buffs much more potent than you could achieve through items, in addition to the convenience of multitargeting.

He gets Weak Point and Weak Point All to further increase the damage done by saber augmented attacks, as well as providing synergy with Angela/Hawkeye. And he gets 25% increased crit chance (40% in the 4th class), which pairs well with his Broken Lines skill, which gives his crits a chance to proc Defense Down on monsters.

Edelfrei is a powerhouse for sure, and for Duran it’s clear cut. If you’re trying to figure out the Trials of Mana Duran best class, Edelfrei is far and away his best class.

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B Tier

There’s a huge gap in usefulness between Duran’s Edelfrei class and his remaining classes. Edelfrei deserves a spot in almost any conceivable party that relies on melee damage at all.

The rest of his classes struggle almost universally to find a useful spot on any team that isn’t overshadowed by what another character would be capable of in the same role.

When it comes to the Trials of Mana Duran Best Class, it’s Edelfrei and then all the rest.

C Tier


trials of mana best duran class liege

Liege is probably the second best healer in the game after… all of Charlotte’s classes, but Liege also provides utility in the form of tanking through provoke. If you’re going for a magic heavy team, like Duran/Angela/Hawkeye, Liege may be a good option because he can soak up damage on behalf of the team and heal them when necessary.

When upgraded to Divine Hero (the 4th class), Liege becomes capable of overhealing party members and giving them a solid buffer for damage even beyond their max HP.

That’s an awesome skill for any healer to have, but in this game, which is, overall, extremely easy, it’s hard to say that it’s worth specializing a character for, especially when you can usually get by just fine having Edelfrei chucking Poto Oils every once in a while.

Liege also gets some decent passive aura-esque buffs to party attack, defense and magic. The Paladin ends up receiving those as well when it upgrades to Divine Hero, but it’s not capable of stacking level 2 and level 3 auras on top of each other.

In terms of the Trials of Mana Duran best class options, Liege is a great option if you’re looking for a healer and you don’t want to use Charlotte.

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D Tier


trials of mana best duran class paladin

The utility gap between Liege and Paladin really isn’t that wide, but Paladin is definitely the less popular choice.

The reason? Paladin gets a lot more survivability, but less team utility, and the problem there is, just like Liege’s overhealing, nothing in the game really challenges the Liege’s survivability, let alone necessitates specializing in the additional survivability that the Paladin gets.

Trials of Mana heavily, heavily favors attack focused builds so you can get through encounters quickly. Enemies, in general, are not a very big threat, even on hard mode. Thus, all that survivability that the Paladin gets access to goes to waste.

That said, it does what a tank is supposed to do. It regenerates its own HP, it redirects damage from party members to itself, it’s really hard to take down. It even gets some utility in the form of Holy Saber.

The problem there is that, without the Attack Saber passive, Paladin’s Holy Saber buff is no different than just using the item you can purchase from the Black Market that casts Holy Saber with any character. Edelfrei is better at casting Holy Saber, which is sort of the only unique thing Paladin was bringing to the table. Oops.

If this game was really challenging and actually required sword and board kind of tanking, Paladin would be a great class. Unfortunately, the actual adventure you’re taking him on doesn’t lend itself well to its abilities.

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F Tier


trials of mana duran best class

The problem with Duelist isn’t that it sucks, the problem with Duelist is why would you ever pick Duelist? While Edelfrei gets all those goodies I talked about, all those saber spells and passive buffs and team synergy, Duelist gets… Dark Saber.

It’s not even noticeably stronger than Edelfrei or anything, especially once Edelfrei’s buffs are applied. So you’re giving up all this good stuff to get a single-target Dark Saber, which is not only the most worthless elemental sword buff (barely a handful of monsters in the game are weak to dark magic, and only 1 boss), but it’s also easily replaced by an item from the Black Market, which is better used by Edelfrei.

The passive skills Duelist gets are also not very compelling. Anything remotely good that the Duelist gets (which is basically only Rage), Berserker gets a better version of, which means Edelfrei gets it too.

The game poses two questions to you in terms of picking classes: Dark Side or Light Side. For Duran, Dark Side is the way to go, but you could certainly go Light Side if you have a need for tanking and healing in your party comp. Then, it poses its second question: Edelfrei or Duelist. You would never pick Duelist ever. That’s why Duelist is his worst class.

It does look cool, though. I like his skull hat. Unfortunately, that does give him Trials of Mana Duran Best Class status.

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Conclusion – Trials of Mana Duran Best Class

When it comes to the Trials of Mana Duran best class, Edelfrei or Liege are your best options.

Edelfrei is overall better, and one of the best classes available out of all the characters, and Liege is great if you want a healer in your party who’s not Charlotte.

Welp, that about does it for the Trials of Mana Duran Best Class Tier List. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more articles like this and click here for more Trials of Mana Remake content.


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