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Complete Valdis Story Golden Weapons Guide

This Valdis Story Golden Weapons Guide will teach you everything you need to know about the secret golden weapons for each character in Valdis Story.

If you’re playing Valdis Story, you may have heard that each of the characters has a secret Golden Weapon. Even after you’ve unlocked the 4 weapons available for each character, there’s an empty slot on the weapon screen.

So how do you get these elusive golden weapons, what are they, and are they any good? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. I’ll explain everything you need to know about the Golden Weapons in Valdis Story in this handy guide.

What are the Golden Weapons?

The Golden Weapons are a secret 5th weapon for each character in Valdis Story that often come with unique mechanics that change how the character is played.

Where do you find the Golden Weapons?

The Golden Weapons are available to buy from Slaegga at the end of the game after defeating the hidden boss Leilodin in the Halls of the Fallen. You can access the Halls of the Fallen by returning to the Mana Crystal Mine via The Pit after receiving the Divine Key.

How do you buy the Golden Weapons?

Each of the Golden Weapons in Valdis Story costs 10 Tamahagane, which is all the Tamahagane in the game, meaning that you can’t upgrade any weapon past level 2 on a playthrough where you’re trying to get a Golden Weapon.

How do you beat Leilodin with low-level weapons?

Generally, the answer to this is to either go with unarmed builds or magic builds. I have builds you can use for each character that don’t rely very much on weapons available here: Wyatt, Reina, Vladyn, Gilda.

What is Wyatt’s Golden Weapon?

Wyatt gets the Golden Shell, which is a sword and shield combo. Most people generally agree that it’s one of Wyatt’s weakest weapon options.valdis story wyatt golden weapon

What is Reina’s Golden Weapon?

Reina gets the Golden Talons, which produce attacks similar to her unarmed attacks, but with longer range and faster attack speed. They power up with each critical hit you land. They’re generally thought to be on par with Reina’s other weapons.valdis story reina golden weapon

What is Vladyn’s Golden Weapon?

Vladyn gains access to the Golden Kris, which is a dagger with high attack speed that focuses on backstab damage. This weapon is generally agreed to be a very powerful option for Vladyn.valdis story vladyn golden weapon

What is Gilda’s Golden Weapon?

Gilda gets the Golden Relic, which increases all of her stats by 6 and has increased range compared to most of her other weapons. It’s generally thought to be a modest improvement over her other weapons for a magic build due to the stat bonuses.valdis story gilda golden weapon

Are the Golden Weapons the best weapons in Valdis Story?

For the most part, no. Not a single character’s most powerful build makes use of one of the golden weapons except Gilda’s (for the stat bonus). Typically, they’re balanced with the other weapons, so they really just grant another option in terms of playstyle, although a case can be made for Vladyn’s Golden Kris being his best weapon.

Generally the Valdis Story Golden Weapons are considered more to be a fun bonus than a powerful upgrade. The Valdis Story Golden Weapons have inventive mechanics that affect the character’s playstyle, but they’re balanced against the other weapons.

That about covers it for the Valdis Story Golden Weapons Guide. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more content like this, and click here for more game guides for Valdis Story.


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