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Persona 4 Golden Yukiko Skills & Best Build

This Persona 4 Golden Yukiko Build Guide will teach you which skills are worth keeping on Yukiko and which you should forget in Persona 4 Golden.

If you’re playing Persona 4 Golden, now available on Steam, you’re going to want to know which of Yukiko’s skills are worthwhile and which ones you can feel comfortable forgetting. You’re only allowed to keep 8 skills on any given character, so you’ll want to know which Persona 4 Golden Yukiko skills are really worthwhile.

This Persona 4 Golden Yukiko Build guide will teach you just that. It will also list all the possible skills the Yukiko is capable of learning so you have everything you need in order to customize it to your own liking.

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The Build – Persona 4 Golden Yukiko Skills

By the end of the game, the build you’re going to most likely want on Yukiko, out of all her normal leveling skills, her available social link skills and her optional bike skills, is this:

Burning PetalsFire Amp
Mind ChargeFire Boost
SalvationEvade Ice

This is a pretty standard build for Yukiko. You can replace either Agidyne or Fire Boost with Marakunda (and I’d recommend that you do) depending on what you’re going to do with her. If you plan to use a Kagatsuchi Vow (+50% fire damage) on her, you’ll have higher damage potential, but no reason to have Fire Boost, since bonus damage only stacks up to 100%.

As far as Agidyne vs Marakunda, ultimately you only really need Burning Petals. The only reason you’ll find that you ever use Agidyne once you have Burning Petals available to you is to conserve SP, but Yukiko’s SP pool is bigger than everyone else’s and running out of SP on her is very rare.

Because Marakunda is so useful, I would recommend that you pick one of those two skills and replace them. You could also replace Samarecarm which you’ll probably find you don’t get much use out of.

Leveling Skills – Persona 4 Golden Yukiko Skills

Here are the skills that Yukiko learns as she levels up:

NameLevel LearnedDescription
DiaDefaultMinor healing for one ally
AgiDefaultMinor fire damage to one enemy
Me PatraDefaultDispels Rage, Fear and Panic (Party)
MaragiDefaultMinor fire damage to all enemies
Media16Minor healing for all allies
Agilao21Medium fire damage to one enemy
Recarm26Revives an ally with half health
Fire Break30Reduces fire resistance for one enemy
Diarama33Medium healing for one ally
Maragion39Medium fire damage to all enemies
Mediarama43Medium healing for all allies
Fire Boost45+25% Fire Damage
Agidyne51Heavy fire damage to one enemy
Diarahan55Fully heals one ally
Samarecarm59Revives an ally with full health
Mediarahan65Fully heals all allies
Maragidyne68Heavy fire damage to all enemies
Salvation74Fully heals all allies and cures all ailments
Fire Amp76+50% Fire Damage

Social Link Skills – Persona 4 Golden Yukiko Skills

These are the skills that Yukiko can learn as she increases her social link (Priestess).

NameSocial Link RankDescription
Mudo2Low chance of instant death for one enemy (Dark)
Divine Grace4+50% healing
Amrita6Cures all ailments (Party)
Mudoon8Medium chance of instant death for one enemy (Dark)
Evade Ice10Triple evasion chance against ice attacks

Bike Skills – Persona 4 Golden Yukiko Skills

These are the Bike Skills available to Yukiko in Persona 4 Golden. For more information on Bike Skills, check the Persona 4 Golden Bike Skills Guide.

NameBike RidesDescription
Valiant Dance1Low chance of inflicting Rage on all enemies
Marakunda2Lowers defense for all enemies
Red Wall3Increases fire resistance for one ally
Spirit Drain4Drains 30 SP from an enemy
Mind Charge5Next spell deals 2.5x damage

In Persona 4 Golden Yukiko has a few decent skills out of her Bike Skill options. First of all, you’re definitely going to want to take Yukiko on 5 bike rides in order to unlock Mind Charge. Mind Charge is a tremendous upgrade to Yukiko’s damage output no matter where you are in the game. You should get it as soon as possible.

There’s also a case to be made for keeping Marakunda. Because Yukiko doesn’t have that much competition in her skillset, it’s not hard to find a slot to fit in Marakunda, and it’s always nice to have this skill available to you in order to increase your entire team’s damage potential against bosses. If you don’t have this skill on another party member that you regularly use, you’d be smart to pick it up on Yukiko.

Unique Skill – Persona 4 Golden Yukiko Skills

Each character’s unique skill is earned when they receive their 3rd Tier Persona. This happens in January when you spend an afternoon hanging out with a party member that has already achieved its 2nd Tier Persona by reaching their level 10 Social Link.

Yukiko’s unique skill is Burning Petals, which deals severe fire damage to all enemies. It’s a direct upgrade to her Maragidyne spell, and there’s no reason not to replace Maragidyne with it. It’s one of the reasons Yukiko is far and away the best mage in Persona 4 Golden.

That about covers it when it comes to the Persona 4 Golden Yukiko Build Guide. Be sure to check out the Games Section and the Main Page for more game guides, and click here for more content related to Persona 4 Golden.


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