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FULL Gully Best Equipment Guide – Battle Chasers Nightwar

If you’re playing Battle Chasers: Nightwar, you’re definitely going to want to get the best equipment for Gully, who’s definitely the best tank in the game.

This Gully Best Equipment guide for Battle Chasers Nightwar will tell you what all of the best-in-slot items are for Gully’s weapon, armor, accessories and trinket slots and how to get them.

battle chasers nightwar best equipment gully

Best Weapon: Dragonkind

Dragonkind, like all of the best weapons is an enormous boost in power that no other weapon can hope to come close to. Your Gully best equipment set in Battle Chasers Nightwar is not complete without the Dragonkind gauntlets.

It requires you to gather the recipe from the Pale Cathedral and then collect the four ingredients necessary to craft it: Aramus’s Legacy, Dragon Scales, Dragon Heart Phylactery and 40x Epic Parts.

Of the ultimate weapons, Gully’s is one of the easier ones to craft. Click here for a guide on finding all the characters’ ultimate weapon ingredients.

Best Armor: Guardian’s Embrace

Gully’s best armor, the Guardian’s Embrace is the highest level crafted armor, which you can also find randomly in the Mana Rifts and a chest in the Abandoned Waystation exploration area north of Harm’s Way once you get the Winking Ring from the Pale Cathedral.

In order to get a legendary quality version of this item, you need to craft it or receive it as a random drop from a mythic chest in the Mana Rifts on New Game+.

Alternatively, if you can find the broken down robot (a random event in the Mana Rifts), you can upgrade any epic quality armor to legendary by trading 10x Infused Crystal Shards.

Best Ring: Coldheart Ring

The Coldheart Ring is the best ring for defensive stats in the game and it’s only found as a random drop from enemies and chests in the Mana Rifts late in the game.

A mythical version of this ring is very difficult to obtain. I’ve only received it from high level treasure fiends in the Mana Rifts and mythical treasure caches earned by completing the Mana Rifts at the highest difficulty on New Game+.

Still, difficult to obtain or not, it is possible, and if you want a complete set of the Gully best equipment you’ll need to find one.

Best Necklace: Gargoyle Heart Pendant

There are really two competitors for this slot when it comes to the Gully best equipment in Battle Chasers Nightwar, the Gargoyle Heart Pendant and the Cold Iron Chain, but the Gargoyle Heart Pendant is better for Gully and I’ll tell you why.

The main difference between these two defense oriented accessories is that the Gargoyle Heart Pendant grants a large amount of armor and the Cold Iron Chain grants a large amount of health.

For Gully, who already has an immense amount of health (more than double the next closest character), additional health is not as useful as armor, especially because, with the right skills, Gully’s physical damage scales with her armor.

Nevertheless, this may be up to your preference. Unlike the other high-end accessories, Gargoyle Heart Pendant is craftable and requires some Living Stone Slabs along with other common ingredients.

Best Trinket: Fate Stone Coffer

The Fate Stone Coffer is found randomly in the Mana Rifts, mostly from chests.

However, I’ve had the most luck finding the epic and legendary (on New Game+) versions of this item via the Mythic Chest rewarded for completing the dungeon on the highest difficulty, and from the lore mirror event found randomly in the Mana Rifts.

Fate Stone Coffer seems to be the most common item that you get from both the chest and the event, so finding the highest quality one should not be too difficult.

Conclusion – Gully Best Equipment Battle Chasers Nightwar

Gully is an interesting character and is definitively the best tank in the game. Especially in later parts of the game and on New Game+, Gully becomes indispensable because of her ability to take hits and protect the team.

If you want to gear up your best option for a tank, you’ll want to acquire all of the Gully best equipment in Battle Chasers Nightwar. Luckily, most of her equipment is not terribly difficult to obtain. With this Gully Best Equipment Guide, you should be able to get your hands on every item.

That about covers it when it comes to the FULL Gully Best Equipment Guide for Battle Chasers Nightwar. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more articles like this and click here for more content related to Battle Chasers.


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