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Chrono Trigger Magus Best Equipment & Techs

This Chrono Trigger Magus Guide will teach you all about Magus’s best equipment and his available techs in Chrono Trigger.

If you’re playing Chrono Trigger, there’s a good chance you’re going to want to use Magus in your party. If you do, you’re absolutely going to want to maximize Magus’s potential by collecting all of his best weapons and armor throughout the game. This Chrono Trigger Magus Best Equipment Guide will help you do just that.

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Overview – Chrono Trigger Magus

chrono trigger magus

Magus is a powerful mage that becomes available to your party in Chrono Trigger during the back half of the game. At a certain point, you can either choose to kill him or recruit him to your party. Killing him grants you nothing and recruiting him gets you a powerful new party member, so it’s really not much of a choice.

Magus is capable of casting spells in every element and also has access to the most powerful spells of the Dark element. It’s hard to make an argument that he’s the best character to put in your party, but he’s a decent party member with powerful magic and lots of elemental variety.

Best Equipment – Chrono Trigger Magus

When it comes to tracking down the best equipment for Magus in Chrono Trigger Magus is one of the easiest characters to outfit. Most of his best equipment is readily accessible and he doesn’t require any major side quests to get his best gear.

Like with most other characters, when it comes to the best equipment, you’re looking for 4 things:

  • The best weapon
  • Innate status immunity
  • Auto-Haste
  • Damage bonus

Knowing that, the best equipment you’re going to find for Magus will be this:

chrono trigger magus best equipment
  • Best Weapon: Dreamreaper
  • Best Helmet: Haste Helm
  • Best Armor: Nova Armor
  • Best Accessory: Dragon’s Tear

Although Magus has a bunch of character specific weapons and armor, Haste Helm + Nova Armor is the best armor combination on every male character and Magus is no exception. One of his unique helmets does give status immunity, but his unique armor has nothing to offer, so might as well get the status immunity from that so you can free up the helmet slot for Auto-Haste.

Unlike most characters, who get more value out of the Prism Spectacles than any other accessory, Magus’s best choice is the Dragon’s Tear since it takes advantage of his best weapon’s nice perk of 4x critical hit damage.

Best Equipment Locations – Chrono Trigger Magus

Dreamreaper – Chrono Trigger Magus Best Weapon

The Dreamreaper, like most of the ultimate post-game weapons, is found in a Dimension Vortex. In this case it’s the 1000 A.D. Vortex. Once you reach the lava area, on the first screen that’s full of lava, in the southeast area, there’s a hidden cave that opens up into an area similar to the Mountain of Woe. The Dreamreaper is located in that room.

Haste Helm – Chrono Trigger Magus Best Helmet

Two Haste Helms can be acquired in the Black Omen. One from a chest and the other from Charming the Lavos Spawn towards the end.

In the DS version and all the later versions of the game, another can be acquired by Charming the Alabaster Shade in the Antiquity Vortex.

Nova Armor – Chrono Trigger Magus Best Armor

There are lots of places to find Nova Armors. The first time you encounter one is from the black chest in the Hero’s Tomb in the Middle Ages. There’s another one in a chest in the Black Omen. You can Charm Fangbeasts in the second room of the Black Omen for an infinite supply.

Dragon’s Tear – Chrono Trigger Magus Best Best Accessory

The Dragon’s Tear is obtained by defeating all the monsters in the forest area of the Lost Sanctum in the Prehistoric Area. It’s the very first Lost Sanctum reward, given by a grateful reptite.

Single Techs – Chrono Trigger Magus

Lightning II8N/AAttack all enemies with lightning. (Light)
Ice II8N/AAttack all enemies with ice. (Ice)
Fire II8N/AAttack all enemies with fire. (Fire)
Dark Bomb8400Bomb enemies within a circle. (Shadow)
Barrier8400Boost ally’s Magic Defense.
Dark Mist10400Attack all enemies with darkness. (Shadow)
Black Hole15900Attempt to banish enemies within a circle.
Dark Matter20900Attack all enemies with darkness. (Shadow)

Double Techs – Chrono Trigger Magus

Unlike all the other characters in the game, Magus doesn’t have access to any Double Techs.

Triple Techs – Chrono Trigger Magus

TechCharactersTechs (MP Cost)
Eternal DarkessMagus
Dark Matter (20), Ice II (8), Fire II (8)
Omega FlareMagus
Flare (20), Laser Spin (3), Dark Bomb (8)

That about covers it when it comes to the Chrono Trigger Magus Best Equipment & Techs Guide. Be sure to check out the Games Section or the Main Page for more game guides like this, and click here for more content related to Chrono Trigger.


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