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XCOM Chimera Squad Claymore Abilities Guide

This article will show you all of the XCOM Chimera Squad Claymore Abilities.

If you’re playing XCOM Chimera Squad, you’re going to want to know what skills Claymore can learn when he levels up so you can make an informed decision about whether or not you want to have him in your active squad or keep him on the bench to go on Spec Ops or speed up the Assembly.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the skills Claymore gains in XCOM Chimera Squad.

XCOM: Chimera Squad Agent Ability Guides:

Claymore Overview – XCOM Chimera Squad

xcom chimera squad claymore

Claymore is the squad’s resident demolitions expert. He uses a high damage shotgun and his unique skill is Shrapnel Bomb, which lobs a grenade that deals roughly 4 damage to surrounding enemies after a short delay. Shrapnel bomb doesn’t end the turn and can be used as a first action before firing a weapon or using another ability.

Like all other characters in XCOM Chimera Squad Claymore can rank up 5 times, and gets a permanent talent choice at ranks 2 and 4 and additional training options at ranks 3 and 5.

Rank 1: Deputy Agent – XCOM Chimera Squad Claymore

Concussive Charge

Description: Claymore detonates a powerful charge, Rupturing all enemies near the breach point. Usable on Wall breach points. One use per mission.

Wall breach points are few and far between and only very, very rarely are enemies standing close enough to them to be affected by Concussive Charge. Not only that, Rupture is one of the many status effects in this game that doesn’t seem to do anything significant. Not very useful overall.

Rank 2: Field Agent – XCOM Chimera Squad Claymore


Description: Claymore is immune to the effects of all grenades and environmental hazards.

This is an alright skill. The problem with it, as with a lot of “alright” skills, is that the skill it’s competing against in this tier is ridiculous. When push comes to shove, you’re very, very rarely going to see Claymore in range of a grenade that he can’t avoid by simply moving on his next turn. As far as environmental hazards go, those are annoying and being immune to them is a cool bonus, but the competitor for this skill, Improvised Explosives, is way too good to pass up.

Improvised Explosives

Description: Claymore regenerates a charge for carried grenades at the end of each encounter.

With this skill, you can equip Claymore with the best possible grenade you have access to (i.e. Plasma Grenade), and he can use it once per encounter. Using a utility item is a free action, so with this skill, Claymore can start off every encounter by throwing his free action grenade, his Shrapnel Bomb, and the Sticky Grenade he learns at rank 3, dealings a whopping 15 damage in an AoE. Claymore can kill off half the enemies on his first turn in almost every encounter if they’re clumped close enough together. This skill is wacky. Definitely get it.

Rank 3: Special Agent – XCOM Chimera Squad Claymore

Sticky Grenade

Description: Claymore throws a grenade that adheres to an enemy, causing them to fall back to a new location. When the unit stops running, the grenade explodes. 4 turn cooldown. Ends the turn.

This is a pretty decent move. What the description doesn’t make clear is that “fall back to a new location” means “run directly at the nearest enemy and explode on them”. This move almost always damages at least two enemies. It deals 5 damage. Strong move. Cooldown is kind of long.

Rank 4: Senior Agent – XCOM Chimera Squad Claymore

Heavy Shrapnel

Description: Upgrades Shrapnel Bomb to deal damage through cover.

Basically it just makes Shrapnel Bomb do its damage more reliably. Instead of some random amount of damage between 2 and 4, you get 4 damage to everything in its radius, every time, full stop. I found it to be a pretty powerful upgrade.

Impending Doom

Description: Upgrades Shrapnel Bomb to immediately Rupture targets within its blast radius upon landing.

Once again, I’m not 100% sure what Rupture does. I afflicted enemies with it, enemies afflicted me with it, and I never noticed it make any impact whatsoever on units’ survivability or effectiveness. It’s supposed to make enemies take additional damage from attacks, so basically lowers defense. I don’t know. I didn’t notice much, if any difference. Your mileage may vary.

Rank 5: Principal Agent – XCOM Chimera Squad Claymore


Description: Shrapnel Bomb and Sticky Grenade do +1 Damage and do not automatically end the turn. Shrapnel Bomb can now be used more than once a turn.

Barrage is a decent ultimate. It just increases Claymore’s overall effectiveness in general. He can throw out two Shrapnel Bombs on a turn and they deal a little more damage. That means every turn, Claymore pumps out 10 guaranteed damage in a huge AoE. Claymore in general is kind of OP, but this move just seals the deal.

Training Bonuses – XCOM Chimera Squad Claymore

Unlock Potential (Rank 3): Armor increased by 1.

Heavy Ordinance (Rank 5): Grenade items gain a bonus use. Affects support grenades, not just offensive ones.

That about covers it when it comes to XCOM Chimera Squad Claymore Abilities. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more content like this, and click here for more content related to XCOM Chimera Squad.


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