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Yakuza Like a Dragon Best Jobs for Every Character

This guide will tell you the Yakuza Like a Dragon best jobs for every character so you can know which Yakuza 7 jobs are worthwhile for your party members.

If you’re playing Yakuza Like a Dragon, at a certain points you’re going to be able to change all your characters into a variety of different jobs. You’ll most likely stick with whatever job you choose throughout most of the game. Then, once you reach level 99 in your main job, you’ll want to switch over to a new job to get new skills and stat bonuses.

This Yakuza Like a Dragon Best Jobs guide will teach you which jobs are the best jobs for each individual characters so you can plan out what your 1st, 2nd and 3rd job picks are going to be for every party member.

You’re going to see a fair amount of repeat jobs. This is mostly because some jobs are just hands down better than others. Enforcer, Breaker and Foreman, for example, have great skills and give desirable stat increases, whereas a job like Musician (apart from a great level 4 Character Skill) gives MP and Dexterity — mostly useless.

With the introduction out of the way, let’s go onto the Yakuza Like a Dragon Best Job for Every Character Guide.

Kasuga – Yakuza Like a Dragon Best Jobs

yakuza like a dragon best jobs kasuga

Kasuga’s Hero job is exceptional and you’re almost certainly going to want to keep him in it throughout the entirety of the main campaign. It learns healing skills, a party-wide attack buff, and a series of decently powerful single-target and area attacks, all while having above average growth in every stat.

You are, however, going to want to switch Kasuga to a Foreman briefly in order to learn the Exploration Ability: Demolish, which comes in handy in unlocking all the secret shops in Ijincho and all the side paths in the various dungeons throughout the game.

Once you reach level 99 in Kasuga’s Hero job, my recommendation for the next job would be Foreman. The incentive to keep leveling beyond 99 is the True Final Millennium Tower and you want Kasuga to be as tanky as possible, because him dying means game over for your party. Foreman is a great choice because it gets a ton of +HP bonuses. It also complements Kasuga really well with its +MP bonuses which help him freely cast his expensive Essence of Orbital Laser skill.

Foreman is a great class in its own right that deals massive single target damage as well as having two target-all extreme damage physical attacks.

Once you’ve mastered Foreman, Breaker is always a fantastic choice for physical characters thanks to its abundance of Attack and Agility bonuses.

Yakuza Like a Dragon Best Jobs for Kasuga: Hero, Foreman, Breaker

Nanba – Yakuza Like a Dragon Best Jobs

yakuza like a dragon best jobs nanba

Nanba is another character that you’re probably going to want to keep in his main job. Homeless Guy learns a variety of fantastic spells, including two powerful target-all magic spells and a Character Skill that lowers all enemies’ Attack and Defense. Homeless Guy is one of the best classes in the game and you’re not going to want to pass that up.

You are, however, going to want to take a detour around the middle of the game to pick up Ice Spreader from the Host job and Fulminating Forecast from the Fortuneteller job, just so you can round out Nanba’s arsenal with all the different elemental damage spells.

Once you’ve gotten Homeless Guy to level 99, I recommend switching over to the Host job. With Homeless Guy’s stat bonuses and Character Skills acquired, Host is, in my opinion, a better main job for Nanba for the final areas of the game. Its skillset and stats are almost identical to Homeless Guy’s, but it gets a stronger Ice elemental spell.

Once you’ve mastered Host, if you’re still leveling up, you have two choices. You can either master Chef for more magic power and agility, or you can master Enforcer to help shore up Nanba’s defenses. I recommend Enforcer purely because the True Final Millennium Tower has a nasty habit of one-shotting weaker characters like Nanba, but Chef is a solid choice as well.

Yakuza Like a Dragon Best Jobs for Nanba: Homeless Guy, Host, Enforcer

Adachi – Yakuza Like a Dragon Best Jobs

yakuza like a dragon best jobs adachi

Adachi is slow, but has a lot of HP and Defense. Your best bet with this character is really to lean into that rather than try to fight against it. Nevertheless, you’re going to want to swap from Detective to Enforcer as soon as job changing becomes available. Enforcer is an improvement over Detective in every conceivable way.

Enforcer is able to learn a powerful single target skill called Paralysis Prongs as early as level 6. I feel like this skill might have been put where it is by mistake, because it’s an endgame power skill and you unlock it super early. You should take advantage of that.

Additionally, Enforcer ends up learning two great target-all attacks. The first one is physical and the second one is lightning elemental magic that can inflict paralysis. They’re both great skills.

You might want to dip into Musician for a few levels to learn “Endless Desire” which casts Regeneration on your whole party and gives Adachi some additional support utility.

Once you’ve mastered Enforcer, you might as well return to the Detective class and take it up to level 99 to give Adachi all the HP and Defense bonuses it offers.

From there, you have a few choices. You can either keep beefing up Adachi’s defense by going Foreman for the HP bonuses, or you can work a little bit more on his offense and agility by going with Breaker or Bodyguard. I’d recommend Foreman, but it’s entirely up to you.

Yakuza Like a Dragon Best Jobs for Adachi: Enforcer, Detective, Foreman

Saeko – Yakuza Like a Dragon Best Jobs

yakuza like a dragon best jobs saeko

Saeko’s a tough nut to crack. As I mentioned in my character tier list, as much as I like her, I think she’s objectively the worst character in the game. Her Barmaid job gives a ton of +Magic bonuses, which would make her a good candidate to be a Hostess, but unfortunately Hostess is the only Magic-focused job available to females and its skills pale in comparison to what Hosts get. So magic is kind of a dead end. Most of the female classes lean towards physical damage, which Eri is extremely better equipped to excel at.

Since Saeko’s magic edge goes to waste, and she’s not as good as a physical damage dealer as Eri, it’s probably best to just turn her into an Idol and take her to level 99 in that job, then make her a Matriarch for the stat bonuses and finally a Night Queen for the extra HP, then ultimately turn her back into an Idol to be your endgame healbot.

Yakuza Like a Dragon Best Jobs for Saeko: Idol, Matriarch, Night Queen

Eri – Yakuza Like a Dragon Best Jobs

yakuza like a dragon best jobs eri

Eri is an excellent attacker, and her Clerk class is amazing. It’s roughly on par with Matriarch when it comes to being the best female physical damage class, and it’s really up to you whether you want to level Eri as a Clerk or a Matriarch first. They’re both exceptional attack classes with great abilities.

I’d recommend going with Clerk first purely because of the sheer amount of Attack and Agility bonuses it grants you. The argument for Matriarch would be that it gives better Character Skills, especially Bullet of Honor which is great for taking out the Invested Vagabonds in the Kamurocho Underground.

Once you’ve mastered both Clerk and Matriarch, in whichever order you chose, Night Queen is a great choice to grind out levels in so you can pick up those extra Attack and HP bonuses.

Yakuza Like a Dragon Best Jobs for Eri: Clerk, Matriarch, Night Queen

Joon-gi Han – Yakuza Like a Dragon Best Jobs

yakuza like a dragon best jobs joon-gi han

Joon-gi Han has the most flexibility of any character because he’s very well rounded. Personally, I don’t like him in the Hitman class much because, while it gives him all sorts of attack types, its damage is lacking. It gives him a lot of Agility and Dexterity, but very little actual power.

Now, because Joon-gi Han can be made into anything it’s really up to you. You could make him a Foreman and then an Enforcer to buff up his defense. You could make him a Breaker and then a Bodyguard to turn him into a poor man’s Zhao. My recommendation is to take him down a magic route and make him a Chef and then a Host, which will turn him into a faster, slightly weaker version of Nanba.

You definitely want to keep him as a Hitman long enough to learn Rapid Shot, though. Rapid Shot is probably the best skill in the game when it comes to slaughtering Invested Vagabonds.

Yakuza Like a Dragon Best Jobs for Joon-gi Han: Hitman, Chef, Host

Zhao – Yakuza Like a Dragon Best Jobs

yakuza like a dragon best jobs zhao

Zhao excels at speed and damage, and you’re going to want to double down on that. His Gangster class is exceptional, so it’s pretty likely you’re going to want to level that first. After that, turning him into a Breaker to get even more Attack and Agility is a no-brainer.

From there, you have a choice, similar to Nanba. You can make him a Bodyguard and max out his Attack completely, or you can make him an Enforcer to help him with his defenses. My opinion here is a little different, because Zhao is so fast and his defenses aren’t as horrible as Nanba’s. I’d suggest finishing him off as a Bodyguard to make him the biggest physical powerhouse he can be.

Once you’ve mastered all his Yakuza Like a Dragon best jobs, it’s always best to turn him back into a Gangster, since it has the best overall arsenal of abilities.

Yakuza Like a Dragon Best Jobs for Zhao: Gangster, Breaker, Bodyguard

That about covers it for the Yakuza Like a Dragon Best Jobs for Every Character Guide. Be sure to check the Yakuza Like a Dragon section for more Yakuza guides, check out the main page for more guides for a variety of games, and feel free to check out my Yakuza Like a Dragon review on YouTube.


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